Monday, 17 August 2015

For lover

This is a true story of my friends that happened after our +2 exams.They both were childhood friends.But they were in love at that age itself.Many of them used to say that is not love it is just infactuation.One day S told R that he wants her to be bald.He is a hair fetish.R was shocked.R told him that she will not shave her buttock length hair.He got angry and he went to his house.they both didnt talk for 10 days.then our results came.S's motther had a wow in palani that if he scores goods marks in +2 she will get his head tonsured in palani.since S,R and myself were family friends,R's family and my family also acompanied them to palani.On a sunday we went to palani from Madurai.We went to hotel and took rest for some time.Then we all of us went to the tonsure father bought 7 tokens-4 gents(3 of our fathers and s) and 2 ladies(S & R's mother).Then S thought another token was for me.First all the gents sat for the headshave.Myself and R were looking at how S's headshave was done.The barber poured some water on his head and massaged fore some time.then he took a st.razor and inserted a new blade into it.He bent S's head and started to shave and within few minutes he completed the shave.S asked him to shave once again as his scalp was rough.the barber again poured some water and shaved it smooth.S got up.He was feeling very happy.Then S's mother sat for the headshave.She told him not to remove the ponytail.He straightly poured water on her head and massaged the head.After changing the blade in the razor he told her to sit in the opposite direction and started to shave from the from the front side of the head.Slowly her scalp started to appear and within few minutes he completed the shave.Then R's mother head was completely shaved.S was excited that i am going to get shaved.For his surprise R sat for the headshave.The barber did the same what he had done for the other ladies.He did not remove the ponytail and the flowers.When he  was shaving she was almost crying.But her mother consoled her that she was sacrificing her hair for the lord.S was shocked.R smiled at him.After the headshave she got up and told him that she did this for his happiness.After going to the room they all took bath and applied sandal on their heads to avoid burning sensation and we all went to the hill temple by walking and had a good darshan and returned to our place.


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