Wednesday, 26 August 2015


This was not a story it was just experience of mine . when I was at 7th class my uncle married a women her name is chandana. she
is very fair and she have very long hair. Every time I dream to see her in headshave. when I was at the age of 16 she deliver a baby
boy.she named him as rakesh.before she going delivery a uncle if she give birth to a baby girl I will shave my head.and then
chandana's mother tell if she deliver a baby boy then she will shave her head.she also tell OK.Then I feel soo happy that she was
getting her headshave . I pray to the god.then she deliver a baby boy.on rakesh first headshave i also went there because my aunty
chandana also shaving her head. but it was totally disappointed thing.on that day rakesh and my uncle got there headshave. at last
my dream of her headshave not happen. when I went to recent summer holidays she grow her hair super long but I can't do
anything.rakesh also grow to the age of 6. He always play with her day chandana set on the bed and combing her hair then
rakesh came and playing with her she got irritated and scold him she tell him you are not playing with my hair you are pulling forcely
due this my hair start falling. I am thinking that if I shave my head then there will be no irritation and pain. He felt sad due to
this.then I take him with me to ground floor to play with me. While playing a barber was going. He has a barber shop at the end of
the street.he is the barber who cut rakesh hair. Then rakesh called the barber and ask him whether he can do headshave.then barber
tell YES.then barber ask rakesh to come to barber shop. Then rakesh tell headshave is not to me to my mother. Then barber ask why
she wants to shave her head. Then rakesh tell to the barber that she got irritated with her hair so she wants to shave her head i was
totally silent on his words. Then rakesh took the barber to there house . calling bell was ringing chandana open the door. she saw
the rakesh then she asked him to come inside at that barber has came. Then rakesh tell to her mother you got very irritation with
your hair so I bring the barber to shave your head. Then chandana got shocked.then she tell I just joking you think it was real.then
barber ask chandana that she want any headshave or not.then she tell I don't want any headshave you can go. Then she was start
thinking if I do headshave it will soo free from the hot summer and have peace full mind. Then chandana stop the barber and ask him
to come inside. He ask again that she want any headshave or not. she tell YES.then I felt very happy . she ask me to spend the
papers on the floor. I do that fastly he asked me to bring some water in a bowl. I bring some water in a bowl. Then barber ask her to
set. she felt so nervous that she never shave her head.she sit on the floor. Then barber open the box and take a razor from the box
and put on the side. Then barber ask my aunty to open her hair bun. she slowly open her hair bun. her slowly falls on the floor. Then
barber take some water and start massage he pore all water on her head and do a massage for 2mins. Then he complete to wet her
hair. now he the razor and insert a new half blade in his razor.he took her hair and made in to two pony tails and put a clip. Then he
take a razor and bent her head and start shaving her hair. He start to shave left pony tail.she feel that her headshave was start. He
left side pony tail was slowly got superated. Then rakesh took that ponytail and start playing with that. Then barber start to shave
her right side. slowly her ponytail got loosed and fall down. Then barber shave reversly. Then barber tell to chandana that her
headshave is finished. she stand up and give him 30rupees he went away.then she went into the bathroom and take a
night my uncle came and ask why she shave her head then she tell the whole story. my uncle laughed at this my dream to
see her headshave was fullfilled.
when I completed my btech and went to her house . She doesn't have any long hair she got irritated with long hair now her hair was
grow up to her shoulder. I stay there for one one day chandana's sravani with her mother . I observe her she also have long aunty interested her to me she was 3years bigger than me.on the same day every one in the house are eagerly waiting for
rakesh 10th class results.then her sravani ask rakesh who many marks do you get. Then rakesh tell her he can score 90 percent.if
you don't get 90 percent then I make you to shave your head . Then rakesh tell if I scored 90 percent I will shave your head . Then
she tell OK.then results are released in net . rakesh got 92 percent.then rakesh got very happy.then he tell sravani let's go to the
barber shop for your head shave.then sravani tell I was just joking.then every one in the house force her to shave her head . I and
rakesh take her to the barber shop . Then the barber ask rakesh what he want.he tell I scored good mark in exams.then barber ask
him whether you came here to headshave. Then he tell YES.then barber ask rakesh to sit on the chair. Then rakesh tell sravani to sit
on the chair.then barber ask rakesh headshave is to sravani . rakesh tell YES.barber make her to sit and he opened her braid and
sprayed water on her hair and wet it.then rakesh tell to the barber to shave her head in loose hair. Then barber insert a blade in razor
and made a centre parted and start shaving her hair.slowly a white patch was formed on her head. she was feeling cool breeze.he
shaved her front part he started to shave her sides her hair was soo thick so it makes barber to feel tough to shave her head. Then
he complete to shave her side. now she is looking like a priest. Then he spay some water and start shaving her back. slowly her
back part is completely shaved now she was bald. barbershop was filled with her hair. Then rakesh and I took her to home every one
in the house laughed at this my dream to see long hair women headshave was FULLFILLED . AT LAST RAKESH WAS


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