Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Cash For Shave

I am from Southern Part of India. I have strong hair fetish. I love to watch the head shave videos & in person. I
wanted to do head shave on other girls with long hair. How the opportunity arrives and how I did is what is the
story presented to you.
It was on the month of May, when my wife was at her parents house. I am an office goer. On the evening the
servant maid attends my house needs. She was doing her work as ususal. I invited her for discussion. She is a
widow and she works and her income she runs her life. I am bold by virtue and so opened the topic straight.
Her name is Geetha. The conversation is as below.
I called “ Geetha , can you please come here ? I need to speak with you. “
She replied “ yes sir. “
“ After finishing all your work you need to meet me before you go home. “
“ Definitely sir “
She comes after 45 Minutes. I asked her to sit down. She initially refused and said later she sat down. I was
prepared on the agenda with her.
“I will propose you one. It may be treated as a help you offer me. I will be happy if accept my proposal. I will
not compel you. But still if you accept I will reward you “
She got puzzled. She looked in me in wonder as what was that all about.
“ I have a strong desire to shave a women with long hair. I want you to find girl for me or you allow me to do it on
you. I will reward you with one thousand rupee cash. I will maintain confidentiality on the same. If you wish you can
say ok. Else I will not compul you “
She did not reply for few minutes. She than asked few queries why I am interested in shaving others. I Just
invited for the deal and made her to believe me that the process will be secure and confidentially maintained. Then I
again re stated my proposal.
To my surprise she said “ I will accept assuming that you will honor the promised. “
My happiness knew no bounds. I could see that my dream comes true.
I invited her to the bathroom. I gave the night dress that my wife wears. While she changes her costume I got
the shaving knife, Shaving kit, Spray bottle, blades & stool made ready.
I was waiting for her readiness. I asked her to sit on the floor of the bathroom and I placed the stool close to
her. This gives me good and complete access to her head. I love the way to be shaved as in Tirupati Temple of
southern India. This is a world-renowned temple in which devotees need to wait for even a day in queue to meet the
deity of the temple. There is always crowd of people to get their head tonsured on all days of the year. The devotees
get their head shave thru a straight knife like razor. The head is made wet with ample amount of water. The barber
then executes his art of shaving the head to smooth bald within few minutes. Onecan refer internet for more
information. Daily few hundreds of devotee gets their head tonsured.
My intention is to shave the head of the maid as in Tirupati temple. I initially poured ample amount of water
on her head. The hair got completely wet. I need to adjust the flow of water to all parts of the head. If required I
need to pour water on those areas again that was not got drenched. I told her to be patient as the excess water
flows over her face. The water should run to the inner mass of hair i.e near the roots of the hair. Now I had ensured
that the entire hair got wet.
The secret behind in drenching the hair with water is as below. We can achieve closer head shave on the first
stoke. While drenching her hair with water, she had bent her back and kept her face facing the floor. This is the best
posture for the head shave & the preparation process as described earlier.
As I use the barber’s knife for the shaving process, I told her to not to shake her head on her own. I loaded
the half of a blade on the barber’s knife. This took approx 30 seconds time. Then the long desired process is about
to begin. It was like dream come true for me. I could hardly believe what’s happening.
Yes. This moment I want to live and recollect again the current in future. I got an idea. I told her to wait in the same
posture. I hurried and brought the camera & towel. I switched on the video mode and kept on the stand in the
bathroom focusing her head. I had covered the camera with towels, so that she doesn’t know about this filming.
I parted her hair in two sections. Left & right. I had put on a rubber band on each section. I Tried in such a
way that it holds tight. But I am not sure how far I am successful in doing so. I managed to put rubber band to hold
the mass of hair on each side.
Now all set to shave her head. I took the barber’s knife and started scratching on the top / centre of the head.
The direction of the scratch is towards the face. I repeated the process slowly & with more force so that I put efforts
to achieve close shave. I enjoyed thoroughly in doing so. As I repeated a small lane / path like white area was visible
on her head. After scraping down with the knife upto forehead, I asked her to lift her head and face me. Then I
shaved the remnant on the end of the path up to the forehead.
Then I kept my hand over the head and made her to bow down. Now she faces the floor. By the left side of the
path , I started to re do the process. Then to the right of the path. I had my focus meticulously
in doing so. Now she looked like a bald man whose top of the head is hair free. Now her top of the head is shaved
completely. I had asked her to change her posture. Told her to turn at 90 degree. Now her right side of her head is
towards me. The right half of the head is ready for the head shave. The shaving was done to the right part of the
front head. Similarly the left side of the front head is done with shaving. The parts of the hair by the side of the ears
were also shaved. Normally for girls they don’t shave on the face by the side of the ear. But I did. Now what is
pending to be shaved was the entire backside of the head. I told her to turn so that the back of her head is towards
me. I took some in doing so. Now the hair bunch was hanging on the back of the head. The hair was wet. But still I
splashed little water on her head. The excess again wetted the cloth she wore. This revealed her body to some
extent. I did not care on this regard. I again started scratching with the knife on her backside of the head. The sound,
smell from the wet hair, loneliness, the live moment dreamed earlier made me enjoy the moment. Finally it was over,
the bunch of hair got separated from the head as the final strand is shaved.
I took the soap, made wet, lathered on her backside of the head. I re did the shaving process with the knife on
her back, & front side of the head. Now I could see a smooth shinning baldhead. I was satisfied with what I had did
to her. I just packed up the things and left her in the bathroom. I told her to clean the place. She took bath. I too
had tipped as promised earlier. I understand she too has some constraint in disclosing the incident. I am sure that
the things are kept between us.
These incidents are in sweet memories.


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