Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The fate of jaipur 3

the two started their journey to south.they split their plans so that they can easily collect the hair and save the country.
after a long and dreadful journey,keerthi reached the the outskirt of kingdom vedpur .little hair had grown on her head but she looked beautiful.she was covering her head with a cloth.when she entered the kingdom all started looking her surprising on seeing a bald beautiful young lady.soon she reached the queen nandini's palace.she went and and asked a job of beautician to her.she was puzzled at keerthi's request and she decided to test her skills.
Nandini called her maid and ordered her to sit cross legged on the floor before her.the maid followed the queens order and sat cross legged.nadhini told keerthi to style her hair.
Keerthi asked the queen what style she want to try on her maid.she told her to style the maid hair into neck length bob with fringes in front and ear visible. (On those days, only a well trained professional will do bob).keerthi accepted her challenge.but the maid was shocked and started sobbing.the maid had a hip length shiny black hair, which she tied in bun.keerthi freed the hair and removed the tangles and sprayed some water and combed the hair.
Then she placed the scissors on the hair at  neck level and started cutting.nandini was excited on seeing this.
Snip snip snip, the sound of scissors ecohed in the chamber, soon she finished the the maids hair was on neck length.keerthi started reducing the length and started to make fringes.soon she finished the job.the maid looked beautiful than before.nandini was impressed by keerthis skill and made keerthi as her personal beautician.soon keerthi became thick friends and loyal to nandini so nandini made keerthi as her personal assiatent.
Two months passed, the keerthis hair has grown few inches and she was boycut look.
At the same time , keerthi was waiting for a time to get the queens hair .
The day finally day queen told her that she is going for hunting tomorrow .keerthi was excited so that it was the apt time to get the queens hair.keerthi went and met her loyal followers who was soldiers of jaipur.they were staying in the forest waiting for keerthis return.she went and told them to disguise as robbers and wait for her and queen.they disguished themselves and waited for two beauties.
Next day, queen and keerthi accompanied by few soldiers entered the forest for hunting.keerthi cleverly separated the queen from soldiers and took her to the place where her soldiers were hiding as thieves.on seeing the both the queen and keerthi , they surrounded them and threatened them to give all they had, since they were going for hunting, they didnt have any they told the thieves they had nothing to give.
The thieves saw the queens slender and thick shiny knee length hair and asked to give it.queen was shocked and started crying.the thieves took keerthi and nandini to their place.
As per keerthi's plan, the thieves tied both of them in ropes and told them, soon keerthi and nandini will be shaved.
They made keerthis head wet and shaved her with a razor.
Then was the climax, nandini was shivering on seeing razor shaving keerthi's head.they pulled nandini and made her to sit cross legged.and started wetting her hair.(on the day of hunting she was wearing a high pony tail).suddenly the advice of wizard striked in their mind that keerthi should cut or shave the hair from they signalled keerthi about the wiz advice.keerthi remembered it.the disguished soldiers (thief) ordered keerthi to shave the queens head.initially she acted as if she was not going to do.finally she accepted, queen was weeping.since her hair was already keerthi placed the razor on queens head and moved schh schh schh, slowly the patch appeared, then she shaved the left half, it took more time since her hair was so thick.then she wetted the other side and started his shaving soon she shaved the right side.
Now the queen was bald.the disguished soldiers gave the queen some sedative and made her faint.
Then keerthi collected the hair and started her journey to jaipur.
At the same time , devaki was in the kingdom of sripura
To be continued

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