Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Shobby Teacher

Hi I am siva and I am 19 years old and I am doing my second year of engineering.i am a hair fetish, I do no when the hair fetish arised in me.its a true incident happened in my life.when I was studying ninth I used to go to tution to a miss called shobana.she was unmarried young women with her shiny and curly black hair below her shoulders.she was a fair women aged 25 years.
About 6 students studied in her house.she lived along with her mother.i was the first one to go to tution daily to her day, when I reached her house , I saw her mother was sitting in the cornor of varanda and she was covered by a cloth and shobana was cutting her hair upto her shoulder.her mother had a mid back length jaw opened on seeing and my penis got enlarged but I controlled.
Then I started dreaming of cutting shobby hair.i waited for a day to come.
One day her mother went to her home town for a funeral and she will return only after few days. shobby was staying along in her house since she had some work.
I planned to excute my idea of cutting her hair since she was alone.i went to my friends medical shop and bought some sedative and as usual I went to her house.
No one was there except her .I rang the door bell she opened.i greeted her and sat on the tution room and pretended as if I was studying.
She was sitting before me and observing me.i saw it wa sa right time to execute my trap.i asked her permission to drink water.she allowed me.i went to the her kitchen and added the sedative in the curry she made for her dinner and I returned back to the tution room.
(We usually drink water in her kitchen room,)
Soon other student came and soon the tution was finished at 8 pm
All went home including 9pm I started from my house to her 5 min I reached her house.she was eating.i rang the bell, she opened , she called me , I went and gave her the sweet box and told her that my mom had given to her.she was happy on seeing it.we talked for 5 min and I pretended to be a nice boy .soon the sedative started its work.her eyes started sripping, she started to faint.iwas watching this but she managed to keep her normal.i told good bye to her and pretended to go out of her house.she said ok.due to faintiness, she was sitting on a chair and try go control.she told me to close the door when I go out.i closed the door and hid me in another room.she was not able to see me since ahe was in her room.she thought I had gone.she slowly moved to the door and locked it.she then went to her room and started sleeping due to intake of sedative.she was sleeping like a hell.i slowly moved to her room and saw her through the door knob.she was asleep.i slowly opened the door and I went inside (luckily she didnt lock her room).
Then I slowly touched her hair.
It was so soft.on that day she was wearing a pony tail.i removed the clip.the hair started falling.on seeing this my penis got enlarged and I went to her bathroom and started masterpuating.
After sometime, I cleaned the gums and came to her bed and again touched her hair.
Then I went to the kitchen and took the scissors and returned to her room.i made her to sit in the chair and I holded her head with one hand and took the scissors on other
I placed the scissors on the chin level and I slowly started cuttimg her hair.since it was thick it took time schh schh schhs chh.after 5 min, she had irregular chin length bob.
But I was not satisfied so I started my work of cutting, this time I reduced back fully, she was in boy cut.
I was excited on seeing her hair style and I wished to reduce it furthur, I started cutting on the top of her head ans removed all her hair.she was in summer cut now.
I was satisfied with my work.
I took some of the hair and escaped from her house.
Next day, when I went to tution I was shocked to see her look
She was in mottai, I asked why she shaved, she told it was a vow so she shaved .
I was laughing on hearing this
Since I know the truth
On that day night I masterpuated heavily
Finally I made my shobby teacher to mottai

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