Thursday, 27 August 2015

mom! you got my hair buzzed

I knocked at the door a middle age lady opened the door. I said, “I am looking for Mrs. S Singh” she replied, “you knocked at wrong door, that’s the opposite door. I replied hurriedly, “yeah I know, but she is not there, it’s locked, I was asking if she left any message” she replied arrogantly, “no, if you have any message you can leave it here” I replied back, “no, just tell Mrs. Singh Raju came, but she missed the appointment” the lady replied back, “okay, by the way, how do you know Mrs. Singh” I replied back, “well I am a barber and provides haircut service at home” “ok so you are a hairstylist” I corrected, “ am a barber and…” “Oh! Whatever, can you do haircut in our house?” I replied back, “I do only with appointment but, I am already at loss so haircut for you, add to it discounts” she replied, “great, come in then” I tried to tell her, “but madam a barber” but she ignored it.
I entered their house and was escorted to a bedroom. She went away. I could hear sounds conversation between her and I think her daughter. The old lady said, “you need a haircut, the hairdresser is here, please come” the other woman, whose name I gathered is Nikki didn’t wanted to cut it. She resisted, “it’s just reached my nipples. Please let it grow” but the older lady was stern, “no it’s long, it has to be shorten” she requested, “please mom” but was suppressed by a loud order from her mom.
I then heard footsteps, and the older lady and the other woman wearing a tank top entered the room. I acted as I don’t know anything. I asked, “so whose first” the older lady replied, “no, no it just her” “oh good, so what are we doing today?” she replied not allowing Nikki to reply, “Something short, I don’t want loose ends” she protested, “mom!!” but the lady continued, “her 12th boards are coming in two months” I asked, “should I give my customer’s most popular haircut, in the haircut the back…” she again cut me short, “is it short?” I said yes. “No hanging loose ends?” I replied, “No” she said do it, and went away.
I told her to sit in the chair present at the room. She picked the chair and started moving it to mirror. I asked, “Would you mind, if I do it without mirror” she hesitated, “okay, no problem you can have mirror” she said in good manners, “no it’s okay, where should I sit?” I pointed at a place so that her back is in front of mirror. She placed the chair and sit on it.
I took out a cape, and draped it over her saying, “it is required” she replied back, “yeah no trim, but a cut” I opened her pony, and combed it. All good hair, thick, black as well as silky. Well maintained in one word. I took the scissor and asked “nervous?” she didn’t reply.
I inserted the blades of scissor at her neck level at right side and kach……….chhchchh. The first lock fell. She replied, “You are cutting too much, I think” I told, “your mom’s instructions” I again inserted scissor, this time at back, as more of her locks slide to floor. I jerk her chopped ends. The left hair which she usually kept in front, I moved it to front and placed it in between blades of scissor, and then kac…ch..chchch. Her tresses fell on her lap. I jolted her new ends.
I then took out the clippers. She was horrified, her face was saying that. I went back, put on it the number 2 guard. I switched it on. It terrified her more, as she became stiff hearing the sound hmmmmm. I bend her head forward, and touched the clipper at the centre top portion of head.
She jolted head suddenly, as a mass of her hair fell on her lap. I moved it away. She touched her head, where clipper touched and said in loud voice, “what are you doing?” I replied, “Clipping your hair” hearing her voice, her mother too came, and was shocked and said, “Oh my god! What did you did with my daughter’s hair? Oh! You are shaving her?” I replied, “I told you, its customer’s favorite” Nikki bent down and picked up the huge clipped chunk. I will complain to your manager, you never told that is so short” I hit back, “you were not ready to listen, I tried to tell and for your information I am the owner” the lady continued, “but this you should tell, it’s too short. It is popular among your customer?” I replied, “Yes number 2 special buzz cut, in demand due to arriving summer” “hey that a barbershop haircut” Nikki said. I sighed and said, “I am a barber, I told your mom” but the lady continued, “Wait, Mrs. Singh get haircut from you?” I replied, “Oh! No, never had”she said, “but, you were…” I replied, “There is a misunderstanding, Mrs. Singh booked appointment for her husband.
I lady was surprised and shocked. She checked her daughter head, touched it and then said politely, “okay, there is a mistake, but…complete her number 2 buzz cut” Nikki retaliate, “no mom, this is too short” I said, “but, it is already cut, if you hadn’t jerked your head suddenly then, I could have tried to minimize the damage, but now I have to take all off”
Nikki sat with a thump on the chair. I adjusted the cape a little. Then went back to her buzz cut. I attacked at the spot where it was already buzzed, and ran it towards front, raining hair on her lap. I then bent her head, and buzzed her back side. She now looked odd, with hair at both sides only. Her left side was done first then the right. The mother has a horrible look on her face. I then removed guard, again bent her head, and placed it at back, near the top, and ran it, clearing the back area, with no hair. I went to her right, then left when her mom observed it, “are you shaving my daughter’s hair off?” I replied in negative. She didn’t question me back. I buzzed her sides and back, very short.
Nikki sighed as I switched off the clippers. I then took out a brush and dusted her and opened the cape. She leaped up touched her head and went to look at mirror. Nikki was sad and unsatisfied from look of her face. The lady who was observing her suddenly sat on the chair and said, “I want the same” I confirmed, “you sure?” she nodded. I draped the same cape on her, and secured it at back, as she holds her hair above her head. Nikki was mournful.
The lady’s hair was longer than Nikki, but was thin. I combed her hair, which has lots of knots, and then picked scissor when Nikki said, “stop it” I halted. She continued, “Mom you don’t need to do it” she answered, “but your hair…” Nikki said, “You don’t need to lose your hair, now” the lady remained silent.
I asked, “Should I?” the lady said, “No leave it, I don’t want it cut” I nodded, and then put her hair in a bun, and opened her cape. She got up, to touch her bun.
I left after getting my requisite fees.
Two weeks later I observed the same daughter-mother pair in the market, Nikki’s hair has grown into a mass, her back and sides are now appearing blackish due to hair growth. But her mother, she looks different. She sports a cap with salwar, a very odd fashion. Then I observed carefully to see that, there is no hair on her head. No bun, no hair hanging at back. Her back is very clean. She shaved her head.


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