Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Indian Wife's Forced Boycut (Haircut During Sleep!)

‘No, no that’s all I am not going to get any haircut’
These are the finals words of my wife, when I told her to cut her hair. It has been a long time since her last haircut; it now
reached below her hips. Few days ago I politely told her to cut her hair, she replied it would be waste of money, I told," I could
cut your hair" then she said the line, “No, no that’s all I am not going to get any haircut". I have planned to request her again.
Two days later,
I came to her, with scissor and comb in her hand when she was combing her hair and showed her with a smiling face. She just
took the scissors from me and shouted at me, “I will not cut my hair you understand". I politely told, “You just wait and see, who
comes running to me for a haircut" and left the room.
Later that night I woke at around 0045hrs. as I assumed she was in deep sleep at that moment, and quickly took out pair of
scissor from the drawers and started snipping some bits of her hair, which she left open and didn’t tied that night (lucky for
me). I just made the ends uneven and snipped a few long locks from her beautiful mane. My objective was not to cut all her hair,
but to make her long mane a little uneven and untidy so that she comes to me for repairing it. After the operation, I just kept the
scissor in the drawer and went to sleep. Later at 0600hrs she woke up with a scream. I was so terrorized that I jumped off the
bed. She told me in a hysterical manner that somebody cut her hair, I pretend as I don’t know anything asked why anybody
should cut your mane. But she kept on saying that her envious neighbor must have done this. I asked her to first clean the mess
in bed and see how much damage has been done to your locks. She ignored my first order and straight went bathroom to check
her in the mirror. I utilized the opportunity and collected her hair. Then I took out the polythene bag in which her trimmed hair
are kept secretly by me (I last trimmed her hair about three months ago, I accidently chopped more than 2 feet). I put the
collected hair in that polythene bag and went to show her how much damage has been done. When I knocked at the bathroom
door, she came out with a happy face and said the damage is minute; the enemy has damaged only the ends, which would be
removed with the trim this week. I just showed her the polythene bag and said," are you mad as well as blind? See how much of
your hair has been cut, & you are saying it is minute damage." I showed her some long strand and then said, “See how long
these strands are, and these are definitely not cut from tip of your hair, but from neck area only." Her face became pale. I told
her to give me permission to examine her mane. She agreed. I made her seat in a stool in the living room, and covered the floor
with newspaper. She asked the need of newspaper, I told her, repairing is also to be done. I started drama of examining her
hair, then pretend to see a large chunk cut out in the middle, shouted," oh!! My god," she started shivering, I continued, “alas!
Such a large chunk has been cut, right in the nape region". She started crying on learning this. I continued, “ the only way left is
to cut your hair, to make it look even" she become thoughtful for a moment then said, “ I have to make an appointment with the
salon." I intercepted her & told her, “You yourself told few days back, that getting haircut in salon would be waste of money" she
replied, “ so what shall I do? Continue with this messy hairstyle?" I replied," I will cut your hair properly" she laughed, just then I
hold her by her mane and reached out for the scissor in the table, and blackmailed her to cut her long mane off if she moves.
Then I took out a camera from the drawer nearby while holding her by her mane, and took some photos of her disastrous
hairstyle, and started blackmailing her to get her haircut or to be prepared to see photos of her hair in internet.
She agreed for a haircut. I made her sit in the stool and then started combing her hair. Then took the scissor and then
ssccrruunnchh, I sniped her mane to the ear. A river of tear came out, I warned her if she continues to cry, I will just make her
bald. Snip, snip, snip, snip I continued to reduce her length in backs and sides. After chopping her hair, I bought a clipper and
removed hair from neck, to make the nape visible. At last I ended in an improper boy cut. I told her to stand up and dust
herself. I gave her the camera and told her to dispose the film. She finally asked me," It is you, who chopped my hair during
sleep." I said, “Who else have the guts to do that?" she smiled and said, “My time will also come". I just nodded and said," I
will be ready"
She was going to leave the room when I stopped her and said," Darling did I tell you that the chopped messes I have shown you
also contain the hair of your last trim". She become red hot with anger and shouted at me, “Get lost"

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