Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Indian Haircut Show

it was a indian major makeover
Shreya was a new victim of the show
Lets bring out shreya who just moved back in with her mom and sister after a messy divorce. Why do you think your mom and
sis brought you on our show today? I don't know, says shreya, maybe they are jealous of my good looks. Do you think it could
have anything to do with your bad attitude? Lets bring them out and our own fashion consultant monica. Each of you have had a
chance to go through shreya's wardrobe and discard anything you did not like. Lets start with you mom. I am embarrassed that
my own daughter brought these lice infested clothes into my house. Now lets hear from your sister sheela. She looks like trailer
trash. Pretty harsh, now lets hear from our own Monica. Its no wonder she could not keep a man dressed like a two bit hoar.
Now it is time for each of you to go shopping. You each get 10000 rupees to replace the clothes you threw out. How do you feel now
Shreya? Like shit. How do you do you think I feel.
Now lets see what each collection looks like including hair and make up. The category is Well Kept Housewife.
Collection #1 Red plaid skirt, green wool sweater with green turtleneck, green cable knit knee socks and brown penny loafers.
Hair and make up: Hair colored bleach blond with flat top haircut with bright red lipstick and pink blush.
Collection 2: Black lace Vampire dress, black fishnet stockings, and black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. Hair and make up:
Shaved head with black lipstick and dark eye make up and white powder.
Collection 3: Gray floral dress, with gray wool cable knit tights, and black penny loafers. Hair and make up: Hair colored red
with tight curly perm with light brown lipstick and pencil thin eyebrows.
Well shreya what do you think? I think I just want to go home (sobbing). Well you did sign an agreement with us shreya so you have to
pick one collection.
Breach of agreement that you signed will cost you 500000 rupees. But I don't have that much money. Then you
must pick a collection. But they are all horrible. Lets hurry it up shreya we don't have all day.
Okay I pick the third collection at
least Ill be left with some hair. Okay off you go for your makeover.
Sit down now shreya in the stylist chair to begin your makeover. Shreya sits (still sobbing). Lets get rid of the bulk of that waist
length straight black silky hair.
Snip, Snip, Snip. Good now its 3 inches all around. Lets apply this bright red hair dye. How does that
feel? It burns.
Oh that's just the beginning my dear. Let me set a timer for 30 minutes. Here read a book if you know how to read.
Ding. Great now lets wash that out now. Wow that's bright. Okay lets start the perm. My assistant will help me roll it all up onto
these small curlers. Great now lets add the perm solution. How does that smell? We will be done here in about 3 hours. Lets wax
your eyebrows while you wait.
OK now the moment you have all been waiting for. We've turned this trailer trash hoar into a Well Kept Housewife. So does she
look ok?
Finish the end

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