Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Headshave of wife by mil (punishment at home)

suresh is a software employee and he loves our country very much.And suresh's parents are trying

to match him and they asked him which type of lady do you prefer then suresh said i wanna marry a village
girl.but suresh's mother jangamba dont like this but finally she accepted and he married named ramya .and
ramya is a beautiful girl .her hair is so long to the butts and she is so white with a slim body.but ramya does
a lot of noise she immediately addicts to any thing she likes.and she always want to live in cities after
marriage they came to suresh's home in chennai and they ar living happily one month passed away and
ramya is enjoying very much city life.but jangamba and his daughter(latha) never likes ramya and latha is
jealous of ramyas hair and latha has short hair and latha felt very shy by seeing ramyas hair and ramya slowly
addicted to nearby houses and she goes to their houses and comes very late to her house. suresh didnt
bother about that but her mother gets so angry on her and all ramya's friends started to praise her hair . one
day ramya and latha are playing, ramya's friend came and ramya went with her to outside without saying anything
to latha or jangamba .
suresh have to go to america for 1 year due to his office work so he said to family members and he went away .
after days there are frequently misunderstandings b/w ramya and jangamba
and one day lathas friend was making fun of latha by seeing ramya hair that your hair is so short latha . latha frnd
asked ramya did u ever shaved ur head ramya.
ramya said no i luv my hair very much
After few days in the house, there only
ramya jangamba and latha only in house and ramya was going to frnds house and spending there hours
together . jangamba got very angry and planned to give punishment to her and asked latha .
Latha said,mommy !shall we
do head shave for her?
then jangamba said ok good idea and when we can do tomorrow only because she asked
my jeans and tshirt that means she i going to party tomorrow and we will give a time to her to come if she cross
that we can shave her hair .
next day ramya is ready with jeans and yellow tshirt and jangamba said come
by 12 pm otherwise you will be punished but ramya didnt care that..then the time is 3 0clock and latha and
nikitha (lathas friend)are playing and jangamba is ready for punishment suddenly calling bell
rang .............................  The time is 3 o clock .nikitha and latha anxiously waiting for ramya and bell rang jangamba opened the door and there is
ramya and mil(jangamba)
asked what's the time now?
ramya replied 3 .
ok go to the back lawn wash your legs .
ok said ramya.
ramya taken off her Chappal and
went to the back lawn and she lifted her jeans a part and washing her legs with a humming and there were nikitha and  latha and a person was waiting .
And he is black colour with red eyes and have a thick curly hair and with a scar on
the face and he has a box with him
And ramya asked latha ,who's he ?.
latha replied ,he's barber.
what!!!!! replied ramya.
Yes said nikitha
Why do any of u going to cut your hair ?, ramya asked.
no ,u r going to cut ur hair , latha said.
what !no way ,ramya said
ramya began to run away from there but due
to slippery ground she fell down with stomach on the bottom .
latha quickly caught her and sat on her back and said nikitha go and bring a rope to tie her hands and latha started talking to ramya, hey!  Why are  u spoiling my dress and u cannot escape and latha shouted, mom keep water on stove with camphor to boil and she forcely removed ramyas yellow tshirt and nikitha is back with a
back and they started tieing her hands and made her stand and latha ordered nikitha ," unbutton her pant and remove it. bitch is spoiling my pant" and they removed her pant and now ramya is only with bra and panty and ramya shouting plzzz Latha leave me plz don't cut my hair I love it very much and I don't even shaved my head after My age consciousness.
ramya eyes flood with tears and she is asking plz show mercy on me. Then nikitha said no way and Latha brought a chair and ordered ramya to sit but ramya rejected and she ran forgetting that she has no clothes and by seeing that nikitha said Latha see her buttocks
while running they are bouncing, by hearing this ramya stopped and starred at all and Latha said u have no choice come and sit
here but she didn't move then Latha rushed towards her and slapped on her right butt and by catching her panty she dragged her
and made her sit in the chair and nikitha tied ramya as soon as she fell on the chair and ramya pleaded Latha plz leave me but it was no use .latha slapped ramya twice.she ordered nikitha to bring the warm water.nikitha went and bought it
followed that.......
ramya was sitting in the chair and her hands are tied with the hands of a chair and her legs with legs of a chair and her neck with back of her chair so ramya was not able to move. at present she plaited her butt length hair in fashionable way and the
atmosphere was thrilling and nikitha said to Latha this is a feast to barber's eyes .
ramya was weeping and on backside of  ramya ,Latha was
standing with rubbing her hands and asked ,"ramya! Are u ready?"
ramya pleaded ,plz Latha
Latha ignored it and started to open ramyas hair and hair has spreaded the entire chair and on the floor to some distance and
beside ramya's chair there are 2 stools one with the bucket of  warm water and other one barber's kit and latha ordered barber to open
his kit .the  kit consists of 2sets of blades ,combs 4,5 kinds of scissors and Latha was touching  Ramya's hair and said
I am going to cut your black thick hair .
she rubbed ramyas head with her two hands and played with that for some time
she took the  scissors from kit and cut a little bit and then showed to ramya and said he he.....  he... Seeee ur hair and nikitha said hey Latha keep it on her upper lip and they humiliated ramya very much and Latha cut her hair upto ramyas mid waist and ramya was  crying like any thing and said Latha plz stop this is enough and Latha said no no nikitha said hey Latha I'll cut
Latha said ok u  carry on and nikitha cut some hair and asked Latha is this enough and latha said no nikitha cut it to shoulder level and nikitha  did it and
Said to ramya , it is not over its a beginning


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