Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Hi friends this is my story… hope you all would have read my before stories. This is another beautiful experience of my haircutting fetish. Hope u would like this… do comment on this guys..
Suganya is my close friend from my college. She is very fair in color and short in height and shape is perfect. She has big butt and boobs but her hip is very small. She maintains her shape very well. Lot of guys tried proposing her but she hate love itself and she said no to all guys. Suganya is my close friend from the day we joined the college. She talks with all freely and she is very friendly in nature. Forgot to say about her hair. She has a dark thick black hair till het butt. She has the same thickness of her hair from her neck till the tip of her braid. It’s awesome to look at her hair when she comes to class leaving her hair open. Monthly once she gets her hair trimmed by her room mates as she stays in hostel. I have heard once she was saying that her hair is growing very quickly and going past the butt so she getting it trimmed once in a month. I always use to say that you will look cute in short hair style and will always ask her to cut all her hair short but she will refuse saying she like this long hairstyle only.
We came to final year and she is from a poor back ground and a village side girl so her parents engaged her to a US boy and he went back to US and he will return after 5 years and will marry her and till that she can work as per her wish. I always wanted to play with her hair and cut it short. we both got placed in a same company of Bangalore and then we both were asked to report the company on the same day. I took a small room and stayed in Bangalore and she stayed in a working women’s hostel in Bangalore. She said that all the girls in the hostel are kannada girls and so they are not talking with her and there is not even a single Tamil girl in the hostel and worried a lot about it. I kept convincing her always. Since I was the only known person for her in Bangalore, she became very close to me and we use to talk for hours and she use to be with me itself in office always.
The 6 month training got over and we were crushed with job for these 6 months and we had only Sunday was week off and other days all we had training. By these 6 months her hair has touched her knee bone. She always braids her hair and then folds her hair till her hip and come to office. It was her birthday and I arranged to cut a cake for her birthday and she came office and she was shocked to see the cake and then hugged me. I smelled her hair and it was so nice and her big boobs pressed my chest and I enjoyed it very badly. I wanted to rip all her dress and wanted to fuck her there itself but still I controlled and what I noticed was her hair.
In these 6 months not even a single day she has come to office leaving her hair free. When she hugged me I touched her hair strands and it was like some rope that much thick it was. She cut the cake and all put the cake on her face and I put the cake on her hair fully. After all play all moved and suganya asked can I help her in cleaning the cake from her face. I said ok and we both went to boys rest room and then she washed her face and then she said that her hair full of cake and asked me can I wash it.. I said ok and then I took her hair in my hand and then took the cream little by little from her hair. It was very nice to do it. I wontedly did it for 20 minutes and she asked me whether it is done? I said yes and finally she cleaned everything and we moved to our work. 
Noon I went to my room putting permission as I couldn’t continue to work as my thoughts were fully on her hair. I came to my room and masturbated for 3 times continuously. I developed craze on her and I wanted to do something on her hair. Evening suganya called returning to hostel. She cried while talking to me. I asked her what happened but she din say me and asked can we meet somewhere out as it was Saturday the next day. I said ok and evening I took her in a auto to a garden and we spoke for a long time and I noticed her hairstyle first. As usual it was braid and the ends were folded. She was very sad and she asked whether she can rest in my lap for some time? I said sure and she lied and she had a sleep there. Once I found she slept I took her braid slowly and played with it nicely and I smelled it also. I got her a teddy bear for her birthday as she was saying that she was feeling lonely in the hostel.
After an hour she got up and asked sorry for having a sleep and I said its ok and then I asked her placed my hands on her shoulders that what happen? She said that all of our seniors in the office teased me very badly yesterday. I asked why they teased you. She said for my long hair. I was feeling happy to hear that. She said that she felt very insulted and she cried front of them and still then they were teasing about her hair. I tried to convince her but she was crying badly. I asked her what to do now? She said she has decided. I asked her what? She said that she is going to get her hair cut. I was very happy and in excitement I asked when. She saw my excitement and pinched my cheeks saying am crying that am going to cut my long hair but you are happy for the same reason. I said to her smiling that right from college days I was saying you to cut your hair short but you did not but now my dream going to come true. She smiled and asked can we go to parlor tomorrow.
I wanted to cut her hair but I don’t know how to say her. she asked can I search for some beauty parlors nearby in internet so that tomorrow we can get haircut there. I said ok evening I will search and will say. Then we spend our time talking fully about college, friends and our new office. By 9.30 I went to my home and she went to hostel. Then I searched for many parlors and I searched for parlors which will be closed on Sunday and took 10 lists of parlors with their address. I called her and she said that we will meet in the garden tomorrow by 10 and from there we can go to parlor. I said ok.
I went to garden and she was waiting for me. she have washed her hair and the smell of the shampoo was so erotic. She has braided her hair loosely. Then we both took a auto and then went to 1st parlor and found it was closed and then we went to second parlor and it was also closed and suganya found one parlor which was open and I said that I saw the review and it was very poor then she left. Likewise we went to all the 10 parlors and it was all closed. Then I asked to suganya what to do now? I asked her whether we shall go to parlor next week. She said no she needs to go to office in a new hair style and want to show those people who she is. I asked then how to get your hair cut if all the good parlors are closed. She said that she will get it cut. I asked her how? She said she will say later and asked the auto driver to go to a medical shop. She got down in a medical shop and got something in a cover. Then she asked the driver to stop in a fancy store and he did so. She got down and went and got something.
I was totally confused thinking what did she get? Then she asked me to say my room address to the auto driver. I said so and in 20 minutes we reached my room and she too got down from the auto and she paid the auto driver. I asked that is she not going to her room? She said that she will stay with me till evening and then she will go to her room. I said ok and we both went inside my room. She dropped the hand bag and she lied in the bed. I smiled at her and sat in the chair. I asked her what did you buy? She asked me to open the cover and see and I took the cover and was shocked to see a pair of scissors. I asked why did you got this? She got up from my bed and sat front of me and asked will you help me to cut my hair please? I said I will dear and hugged her. She felt happy and then I asked her what my role in your haircut is? She said that you need to correct my hair once I finish cutting it. I caught her hands and asked “suganya shall I cut your hair? You just be seated in the chair. Let me remove the flower from your hair, remove the braid and comb it nicely and the wet your and then let me cut it how you need. Shall I do it.” She said sure ram do it. It’s hard to cut one’s own hair and it will be really helpful if you itself do it for me.
I placed the chair and then suganya sat in the chair and her hair was in the front side and then I went behind her. she slowly touched her thick hair once and took it in her hand and gave it to me saying I don’t want this ram. This only insulted me. So please cut this. I asked her how much to cut? She asked me how much shall we cut? I said her let’s cut till your chin so that it will be short and also it will be modern. Hearing this she got shocked and said to cut till her shoulders will enough and I thought in my mind that am only going to cut. Then I asked her shall I start? She said yes do it. Then I took the scissors from the cover and moved it front of her eyes and she was very nervous seeing it. I took the comb and kept. Then I took a white dhoti and covered her and she smiled saying this is ram saloon and we both smiled.
Then I removed the flower from her hair and dropped on her lap and said that today is the last day you keeping flowers and hereafter for few months you will not be able to keep she felt bad and said yes. Then I removed the band she wore on her braid and dropped it down and slowly started to remove her braid. I was just enjoying holding her thick hair. Then I removed her hair fully and spread her back fully. It was like a dark blanket covering her back. I was just aroused seeing it. I took her hair fully in my hand and buried my face inside her hair and it was very nice and her hair was too aortic. I want to cum on her hair very badly but if it tries anything stupid then the whole plan will flop and she is not such type of girl. I licked her hair and kissed it. Then I started to comb her hair. I combed her hair for 15 minutes and she was enjoying me combing her hair. 
I asked her who will cut your hair. She said that in hostel roommates trim it for me. I asked you allow them to comb your hair? She said that she wanted someone to comb her hair but she did not like to say so she have not got any chance to get her hair combed and she said that she liked me combing her hair for long time and I said that even I wanted to comb your hair. She smiled and said to comb how much every time I want. The I braided her hair and took a photo and then clipped her hair and took a photo and then I clipped her hair and took a photo and the divided her hair and made her hair into two plates and took a photo and enjoyed a lot with her hair and she too enjoyed nicely and she loved it too and now it time to cut it.
I caught half of her hair length and took the scissors and took the hair above her head and started to snip her hair. Like rain water the cut hair stared to fall on her hair and dropped down to her lap. She was sad seeing her hair. Then I combed her hair nicely and she said that her lovable hair is going to be short now. I said ya suganya. Then divided her hair into two and caught her one side hair till her shoulders and started to cut and it was falling on her lap and I took a photo now as one side hair till her shoulders and other side having till mid back. She saw the photo and was above to cry but still she was just controlling it. Then I cut the other side hair too to shoulder length and she saw her hair touching her shoulder and asked whether it is done? I said no and then came front and took her side hair and caught till her chin and placed the scissors ton her chin she felt the chillness f the scissors and just closed the eyes and I started to cut her hair. Her lap was just overflowing. The floor was full of hair and in few minutes I finished cutting her hair fully and she got up from chair and went near the mirror and saw her and cried badly and hugged me. I said that she is looking cute and after sometime she got convinced that she is looking nice. 
Then we both cleaned the room and she went to her room. Once she went to her hostel all the girls spoke to her and said she is looking very cute. She called me and said this. Next day we went to office together and the seniors who teased her were surprised to see her and said she is looking nice. Evening we both were sitting in the office lane and she thanked me saying that all like her new hair style and hereafter I only will cut her hair always. I was very happy to hear this and said ok.


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