Thursday, 27 August 2015

The cat women and the magical pendent

The career of a thief was fickle to say the least. You could spend two months planning meticulously on how to break into a store,
and it would all go down the toilet if the owner came back because he forgot his cell phone. But as I leaped across the building
all I could think was.
“Damn I love this job."
The dive was a ten the landing however was a five.
“Almost broke my ankle." I thought to myself
As I picked myself up I noticed a puddle right next to me shining in the moonlight. For some reason I was compelled to see my
reflection. Fiona Blake by far the best cat burglar in the nation. The cat suit I was wearing didn’t diminish my athletic body. The
goggles I wore were big enough so no one could identify my heart shaped face. However, what was going to be a problem however
was my hair. Right now my almost waist length auburn mane was currently in a bun. It was easy to identify, got into my eyes, and
was as high maintenance as it gets. None of that matters when I pass my hand through my soft locks, and heaven help anyone
who bought scissors near it.
“Alright I’ve gawked at myself time to move."
I looked around trying to all the cameras I bribed the guard to turn off were disabled. When the coast was clear I sprinted down
the stairs to the shipping area. As I scanned the room I noticed a large collection of boxes that were already processed and ready
to be shipped. Reading the box labels I discovered that all of these came from a museum and were being transported to another.
Then I saw my prize, a small crate about half the size of a bread box. My employer had supplied me with a supposedly exact
duplicate of the box along with whatever was inside, and told me all I had to do was switch them.
“Alright time to get the hell out of here."
Before I could walk away my curiosity got the better of me. Carefully opening the box I pulled out whatever was inside. A small
disc covered with some sort of ancient inscription, I noticed a hole in near the top suggesting that it used to be a pendent. I
quickly stuffed it back inside my backpack, and made my escape.
A few weeks passed by while I was waiting from my buyer to contact me. Holding on to priceless artifacts tend to make me
insanely paranoid. So I decided to go shopping to relax the nerves. Before I left I couldn’t help myself so I checked on the pendant.
The very feel of the metal was amazing it could have been a thousand years old, but rust had never touched it. The markings
wrapped around the pendent were beautiful looking almost like a mixture of Roman and Egyptian. As the symbols entranced me
against my better judgment I decided to wear it. Examining the small hole I took one of my old necklace chains, and combined the
two. I tucked the necklace under my shirt, and left my apartment.
Shopping unfortunately didn’t have the calming affect I thought it would. Every time I felt like buying something I’d get a massive
headache. After the fourth time the headaches were replaced with a constant itch in my scalp.
“I just wanted to have a normal day." I whispered to myself.
I sat down on the bench of nearby bus stop. Looking at the schedule I realized the bus wasn’t going to be in here until another
thirty minutes. I looked across the street I saw a salon with a modern style. Through the window I could see a teenage girl getting
a haircut. As soon as the stylist cut a lock of the teen, something inside me snapped. I jumped up and started to walk across the
street to the salon with no hesitation or care for the passing cars.
The salon matched the outside, possessing a sleek black-white style. The Stylist however was stunning oval shaped face with
luscious red lips, hazel eyes, and a beautiful brown pixie just at her ears. Wearing tight jeans and a leather jacket with a red top
graciously showing her cleavage, I didn’t go any farther than the “college try", but she could make me reconsider.
“Hello Ms. Do you need anything?" the stylist said with a little curiosity as to why I nearly sprinted to her salon.
“Yes I wish for you to shave my head."
What the hell did I just say? No take it back what am I doing say something damn it.
“Whoa, mom can I get my head shaved too." Asked the girl who looked like she was in her late teens.
“We’ll talk later Dani, but yeah we can do that just take a seat."
Why am I doing this, Stop moving damn it.
“Now do you want like a buzz cut or..."
“With a razor please madam." I interrupted or rather whoever was controlling my body.
“Mom come on please."
“Later Dani, Alright Ms. Umm"
“Fiona. Fiona Blake"
“Right Ms. Blake let’s begin." She said as she draped the cape on me.
She started by slowly gathering my hair into a ponytail. With five snips I went from having hair to my bra strap to a chin-length
bob cut.
“Alright this is fine come on just get up pay her and walk out." But my body refused; instead it just sat there with a stoic face.
She began using her scissors to trim my hair slowly across my head. My hair was never cut this short it was an entirely new
experience. I was scared to admit it, but it even felt a little nice I could even go as far as to say a little sensual. With a few more
snips my red mane was trimmed to the scalp.
“Now I’m going to bring out the big guns Ms. Blake." She grinned as she plugged in the clippers.
With a cautious pass down the middle of my scalp I could see the red remains of my hair. Wasting no time she began again
passing over the left of my head over the ear. She quickly repeated the step with the right side of my head.
“Mmm…" my body quietly moaned now I knew whatever was controlling me was probably getting a huge kick out of this.
“We’re almost done Fiona." She whispered into my ear before covering my scalp with a white coat of shaving cream.
Taking a straight razor she began with short strokes across my head removing the stubble, scrapping across my scalp removing all
the red stubble. Finally after one last pass I felt as something just left me.
“All finished Fiona." The stylist giggled washing away the remaining cream with a towel.
“Thank you" I said with my own voice.
“Dani, could you get the broom from the cupboard."
“Yeah, ok mom." Dani replied and left the room.
“Now Fiona I believe your payment totals to twenty dollars and one very nice date."
“Well my fine lady I do think I need to your name at the very least." I laughed.
“Oh well its Ariel Gray." She blushed
“Well Princess we’ll meet again very soon." I exclaimed as I left my number on the table, and began the long trek home.
It’s been three days since the shaving incident I kept the necklace in its box since then. I was extremely suspicious it must have
had something to do with the event. As I walked in I smelled hot metal. I ran to my kitchen I saw a man who looked somewhat
like an older Rod Serling, using the pendant as hot plate to warm a glass of water.
“Ah Ms. Blake did your evening with Ms. Gray go well?"
“Yes strange man who’s in my apartment It was lovely, now who are you?"
“Ah my apologies I’m the buyer of this wondrous little artifact with the most curious power as you found out, and I like to keep
tabs on my employees."
“First I don’t work for you; second you could have mentioned the whole possession thing a little earlier."
“Well let me ask you do you regret it at all?"
I didn’t respond.
“Well regardless I’m prepared to offer you a six figure salary for your continued employment."
“Doing what exactly?"
He removed the glass of water and poured it into a beaker.
“This water now posses the same ability of the artifact you wore, I simply wish for beautiful women such as yourself to experience
this life changing event with the assistance of your amazing skills."
“Well, now that is a truly a spectacular offer."
“Do you accept it?"
“Sir this is the start of a great partnership and adventure."

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