Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Riya, Shobi, Vanithas Headshave

Priya was a house wife who lived in chennai.her hushband who was a manager in a big industry in bangalore.he visits his home only once in two weeks.he and priya made lot of security in their house.they has placed secret camera all over their house.priya was a beautiful and sexy women who has butt length hair which was shiny and braided.

Since she was staying alone, she employed a maid for her house hold works.her name was vasanthi.she was a nice lady around 30 years.she was a widow.she had a midback length hair.after few days, priya's mother called her through phone and told her she would visit her tomorrow.
Next day, her mother along with her father and younger sister shobhana.shobhana was beautiful figure.she had a thick hair just below her shoulder.
Her mother told priya that shobi will stay with her for one week due to some work in chennai.priya was so happy for this.she warmly welcomed her .after their parents left, priya and shobi spent their time in talking various things.
Shobi was a hair fetish.she admired her sisters hair very much.she wished to make her sister bald with her hand.
Her wish slowly turned into a vow.she planned to shave her sisters head.she was waiting for that opperunity.
After few days, shobi planned to excute her as per her plan she told her sister that she would return only at night.then she went outside .she returned after sometime.
At the same time, priya told vanitha to iron her saree.
it was really a costly  silk saree which was gifted by her priya loved that saree very much.
After telling her she went to take the same time, no one noticed shobi was watching this from window.
Both of them didnt know this.then she silently went to the kitchen and opened the gas from the stove.vanitha found the gas was leaking so she went to the kitchen to close the stove at the same time , she plced the iron box away from the saree and went to close the the same time, shobi came inside the house and placed the iron box on the saree and switched it to over heat mode and she hide her from there.when vanitha returned from the kitchen , she found that the saree was fully burnt.she was the same time , priya returned from the bath.and found her saree was fully burnt.she lost her temper with anger and started shouting.vanitha started to crying
Priya was sitting tensily
Shobi entered the house as if she doesnt know anything.she found vanitha was crying and priya was sitting tensely in the sofa.she went to priya and enquired what 
happened.priya started crying and told vanitha had destroyed her saree.shobi told priya to punish her .
Priya found it is a nice way.
So vanitha was locked in a room
Both discussed to give her punishment by shaving her head with naked body.
Priya and shobi went inside the locked room and removed her dress and made her naked
They tied in the chair with ropes
Priya went inside and bought her husband shaving kit.
She asked shobi to bring a bucket full of water .shobi went and brought it.then priya poured a mug of water on vanithas head and started massaging her hair root to make them wet.after 10 min, she placed the razor on the centre of bvanithas head and moved forward.a white bald cap appeared.vanitha felt the breeze of cold air.
Priya slowly shaved her front and then her back .after 15 min of shaving, vanitha was fully shaved.
They untied her and priya told her that her punishment was finished.everyone left the place silently.
Shobi was so excited on seeing vanitha bald.she thought about headshave of priya
Few days later, when priya went out, shobi met vanitha and told her that priya was so arrongant and selfish and greedy so only she shaved your head, so she need to take revenge.
Vanitha agreed, shobi told her to shave priyas head.vanitha asked how, shobi told her plan.
As per her plan, shobi gave some sleeping bills and asked vanitha to mix in priyas food.vanitha finished what shobi told.the food mixed with sleeping pills was served to priya.she ate well and she fainted.shobi and vanitha took her fainted to the same room where vanitha was shaved.they palced her in the same chair and shobi asked for water.vanitha brought it, shobi planned her to shave her with her braided she wetted it in the same way.after wetting her hair.she took the razor and started cutting her braid .after 5 min, it was in her hair.priya was in bobcut now.long braided hair was on the hands of shobi.then shobi placed the razor on priyas head and slowly started removing prihas hair from her head.soon she shaved her.priya was bald.shobi was not satisfied.shobi started wetting.shobi started shaving priyas eyebrows and soon she finished it.she then shaved priyas arm pit and public hair and made priya totally hairless.finally they placed the fainted priya on the sofa and left the night, priya got waked and found that she was shaved.when she found herself in the mirror.she was horrified.she wanted to find what was happened to her, so she started thinking how to find it.suddenly she remembered the secret cameras, she went to the computer and started watching cameras footage and found that it was all due to shobi only, she felt sorry for vanitha.she decided to punish her.she went to vanithas house and asked her sorry for her act.vanitha also asked her to forgive and decide to help her .at mid night shobi returned , priya and vanitha was waiting for her arrival.when she entered the house , they grabbed her and pulled her to the same barbar rooma nd priya tied her in the chair.first sheshaved her eyebrows and started shaving her head dry.shobi was suffering from side burns and pain.after a 30 min, shobi was shaved.her head was burning.finally she was also shaved.
Then she called her husband and her mom and dad and told what day her mom and dad came and beated shobi and took her home.
Finally three hair beauties gone bald


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