Thursday, 27 August 2015

seema in army

Captain Seema Kapoor checked her uniform, her hair then entered Colonel R Sharma’s room,
saluted him and said, “Captain Seema Kapoor reporting, sir” he acknowledge her salute and
directly came to the issue, “Captain I was informed that you still couldn’t find a new
volunteer, our volunteer Miss S Mitra is on leave” She said, “yes sir, the search is on sir, I will
find a new one very quickly. It is little difficult to find woman volunteers” he said, shifting in
his chair, “look Army top officers are coming to see that day after tomorrow, I want a new
volunteer by tomorrow” She was little nervous now and said, “but sir, this is a secret project,
we can’t advertise it openly” he said, “yes I know that, only army personals and their
immediate family are allowed. Look captain, our scientists here are doing great, I have huge
trust on them, I don’t want the project to be closed because of our lapse” She didn’t said a
thing. He continued, “Captain, I made you in charge, because I know you can do it. She
glanced at his face. She replied back, “I will try my best sir” he said, “I expect you too, report
to me tomorrow at 1900hrs with volunteer. You are dismissed. She saluted him, and then
exited the office.
Captain Seema never liked her commanding officer, Colonel Sharma. She knew that, she
would do all the work for project, but Colonel Sharma would then take the credit, as she is
second in command of the project, first being Colonel Sharma himself. Seema never joined
Army, to be a silly babysitter of an army ambition. She dreamt of leading troops into war,
but she is struck in an army base, which harbors Army Secret laboratories, with a terrible
Commanding officer. The project, an Advance Helicopter Helmet for woman only, is what she
is so called in charge. It was good project, the only problem, it requires woman volunteer. She
wanted to scream to Colonel Sharma, “you have approved her leave, I told you not to approve
her leave for this month” but she knew, she can’t challenge her senior.
She went to her barracks, woman barrack, changed her dress from uniform to a top and
jeans. This barrack, has about 10 women, she knew all of them and know no body would
accept to be volunteer. Working as a volunteer is difficult when it is a secret project, if you
get injured, you won’t have much compensation and government would only recognize the
contribution if it is released publically. But volunteers are paid handsomely. She thought of
searching the residential area, where married soldiers live with family.  She tried door to
door, but alas she couldn’t find anyone.
The day came to an end, she returned to her back, and went to have a bath. She opened her
hair, which is kept in bun entire day, though she is allowed to keep it in any style when she is
not wearing uniform, but she prefers bun. Her hair, which reaches up to middle of her back,
is quite healthy. She used to have hair all to waist before joining army. She managed to keep
her hair, where most chop off their hair, i.e. during training. But unfortunately her first
deployment was at a desert, away from human settlement, and in the very first month she
chopped her own hair to shoulders. Then during leave from job, she got her hair to a boyish
cut. That was way before; from her next deployment she started again growing it. She
arrived in this base almost a year ago with shoulder length hair, which has now crossed her
Her only pass time is taking care of her hair, braiding it, combing it. She liked it and it gives
her relief too. She likes to shampoo it, wash it. She came out of bathroom, changed to top and
jeans and went to mess for dinner. And then went to sleep
Next day, she searched at her best failing to find any volunteer, a girl agreed to it, but she
was found underage. She was upset, as failure is not something she has learned in army.
At sharp 7:00 p.m. she went to Colonel Sharma’s office to report her failure. Colonel Sharma
said, “You have to be volunteer then” she replied back, “but sir, I can’t be, I don’t want to”
Colonel replied harshly, “I am giving you a chance to do it on your own, I want you to accept
it. I don’t want to impose in on you saying it is an order” Captain Seema can never win a
war of words with Colonel. She was forced to a situation where, she has to say yes. Negative
answer doesn’t exist here.
She accepted it. Colonel Sharma was happy he said, “Good, you should meet with Dr N K Jha
at 2100hrs tonight” she nodded. Seema was waiting for him to say, “dismissed”, but he didn’t
said it, got himself busy with is work as Seema remain seated in his office.
She nudge him, “sir, should I go?” he glanced at her and said, “wait, Tapas is coming, oh this
people, I told him to come at 1920hrs, he is so slow, its 1925hrs now” Seema asked, “Who is
Tapas sir?” he replied back, “oh! You don’t know him, I don’t expect you to know, he is the
barber here in the base” Seema was getting impatient now, “why did you call him?” he
replied, “to have your head shave captain” Seema was now scared as well as surprised, “my
head shave?” Colonel replied, “Yes, Dr Jha has said in the requirement, volunteer’s head
should be shaved and devoid of any hair, you know that right?” Seema was now shaking as
Colonel continued, “your remember Miss Mitra, she was bald you know?” Seema was now
furious she replied back, “but she shaved her head for hair fall problem“ Colonel replied
back, “no and yes, she had hair fall problem, but two years ago when she joined she had
shaved it for the project” Seema was speechless now, she touched her bun, which was
secured with a net under her beret .
A man arrived in the door, a civilian. She at once comprehended this is Tapas. Colonel told
him to come in. he came and greeted Colonel and then Seema. Then Tapas rotated one of the
waiting chairs and moved it away from the table. Tapas then signaled Seema to come,
inviting her to take seat.
Seema reluctantly sit on the chair, removing her beret in uniform only. Tapas was willing to
take her shirt off but was afraid to say so. Colonel Sharma understood his fright so he said,
“captain, it is better you take of your shirt, or else it may become dirty” Seema glance at it
with rather irritated face. Colonel corrected himself, “or you may not, as you like it Captain”
Seema was angry, but she then stood up, removed her shirt, and sat with pants and the tank
top she was wearing underneath. Tapas put around her a large cape
Tapas then removed the net from her bun, and clips from her hair, let it fall. Seema has
already bent her face downward. Tapas then took the comb, and combed her hair. Her hair
reached up to the handles of the chair. Then Tapas collected her hair in a pony, a very thick
pony and inserted a scissor in the pony
and the Schhhchchch……chchchc.chchch. The pony was quite thick, he again adjusted his hold
and then continued chchch….chchc.chch as the pony tail was detached. Seema raised her
face, she had feeling, and she felt the weight of head has reduced. Tapas let her chopped pony
fell on the floor of the office. Tapas then brought out a large clipper, plugged it and inserted
it on the front, pushing her head forward Black hair showered on her lap and floor and cape,
he continued running the clipper in front. Seema used to part her hair in middle, her
partition was becoming bigger and bigger. He then moved towards side of the head, clipping
it constantly, at last he moved to the back. He ceased after clipping the back.
Seema kept her head bent, she knew this was not over, she suddenly felt wet substance on the
top of head and then feeling of the wet substance spreading on her head. She felt her whole
head was covered with this. She then heard sound which seems to be sound of inserting
blades in a razor. And then she felt, a light burning sensation on back of her head. Tapas
were scraping her head, with a razor.
She felt the sensation moving from back, to front and then to sides. And then it ceased. Then
she felt her head being rubbed by a towel. She didn’t like it. Then her face was wiped too
with the towel.
The cape was then removed and she got up. She touches her head, and went to attach
bathroom with the shirt. She knew she didn’t need to ask for permission now.
She saw her face on the mirror, and then, then she cried, she sobbed. She never felt so upset.
She touched her head, but it was smooth, not the feeling of a head covered with thick hair.
She sobbed for 5 minutes then she calmed herself and concentrated at the insignia at her
beret. She said to herself, “she is in army, not some beauty contest. Whatever has been done
is for country”
She got out of the bathroom. She saw that Tapas was cleaning the area, picking up her
chopped locks. She then met the Colonel and went out of his office.
10 years later
Seema has been promoted to Major; she was associated with that project for 3 years, so she
kept her head shaved for 3 years. 7 years after that, she still didn’t grew it, she kept it in


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