Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Actress tamannas mottai

Tamanna was sitting in a chair in one of the luxury rooms at the Noble Mount Riding Resort.

The head and shoulder company had paid her a boat load of money to come up here in the mountains in the middle of nowhere to shoot an
infomercial for them . As usual, kavitha was working on my  black silky hair, we were drinking votka and
the TV was on.
She had become one of india's popular actress few  years ago.she had picked up
commercials, other reality shows, private parties and all kind and made over  millions of money. She was very good at partying, but guys liked to look at her. She was 5’4 tall  with a
killer body and a few taste. Kavitha was her best friend and personal hairdresser, and not bad looking herself. She
had beautiful long black  hair between her shoulders and waist.  Tamanna signed on to work there
for a week on it. On the last day of shooting,  kavitha and tamanna had hooked up with a couple of cute guys
They weren’t allowed to drink on the premises since they worked here, so they agreed to meet them  in a bar in
the closest town, which was 20 km away.
Tamnna and kavitha drank their votkas and watched TV, a show called “Lockdown" came on. It was about various military school  across india
The episode was called The Discipline and Control Concept".the show was terrible! The inmates were totally restricted, had no privilegesand worst of all had their hair either cut super short, buzzed, or shaved completely bald! She  couldn’t believe it.Thank God  we won’t have to go there, tamanna said. Bharat military school for Women was bad enough, but it’s
nothing like that kavitha said. They both had mesh up with the law in the past.  Anjali  was her  lawyer who kept her
out of prison and got her probation.
Kavitha was always tamanna's designated driver. Kavitha didn’t drink nearly as much as tamanna, and didn’t hardly ever smoke or snort
They got into the carand drove to the bar, which took  almost half an hour.

They were drinking until  the closing time of  bar. After drinking fullt they started their travel to the resort. There was a problem though. Kavitha had broken the normal pattern, and she was drunken fully and gone unconscious which  madee her unable to drive. Tamanna was pretty drunk herself but she drove the car. Kavitha fell into the passenger seat and tamanna  drove the car in high speed and she suddennly hid the biker who was going nearby her car.he was severiourly injured
She was drunken that night and police arrested her.
On the court, angeli told her that she will try to reduce her punishment .the judge ordered them to spend six months in bharat military school and asked them to learn good manners.both of them were shocked.Both was shocked.the judge told tamanna 'though u are time light figure in india, everyone is common before law', u two have to spent 10 months in bharat military jail, u have follow the rules and regulation of the jail and learn good manners from there.tamanna and kavitha got shocked of  judgement.
Kavitha and tamanna sat in court cell waiting for the police van to pick them up. There was only one deputy watching us. Tamanna let
him feel her titties through the bars in exchange for two cigarettes. He was young and cute, and she  probably would have
let him do it anyway, but the smokes were nice. As soon as kavitha and she finished them, the van arrived.they were both shackled with a chain attached around their waist to which handcuffs were fastened, and another chain ran
from the waist chain down to the shackles on their legs. It was tight and none too comfortable. They were loaded onto the
bench seats in the back of the van.
They rode along bumpy roads for what seemed like several hours, then made a stop. The driver opened the back door of
the transport van, and it looked like a party was going on in the nehru port they were in.
There was a shreya, hot girl in late 20s with beautiful long dark brown hair wearing a jail jumpsuit just like them. She was
chained just like tamanna and kavitha, but her wrists were not cuffed, and she was smoking a cigarette and drinking what they
later learned was a high-end Brandy and Coke! Lots of professional people were hugging her and saying things like “a
year isn’t that long…stay strong. Tamanna wished she  and kavitha  had gotten a sendoff like that from the  Court Jail!
Then the deputy said “Sorry shreya…it’s time." She put down her drink and snubbed out her cigarette, the deputy fastened
the handcuffs attached to the waist to her wrists. A guy came up, gave her a final kiss and hug, and ran his fingers
through her hair. “At least the next time I see my lover, she’ll have a sexy haircut." he said.
Tamanna saw fire in shreya’s eyes, as she pulled away quickly.
“Oh, so this is a big joke. I’m going to do a year of hard prison
time, where they treat me like a piece of property, and all my friend is thinking about or destroying my femininity
with a buzz cut? What a perv! Don’t bother to visit me inside …I think I need a year to re-evaluate our
relationship.!"shreya cried.
“C’mon baby, I was just joking! I’m coming to see you whether you like it or not." Her boy friend said as the deputy helped her
into the van, and shut the door. She recognized tamanna right away, and they started talking.
Over the next several hours they  talked.
Tamanna learned she was a human rights attorney who had dunked a judge’s head in the
toilet! Pretty cool….I felt like doing that myself!, she said to herself
.She had one other
arrest….for contempt of court and did 2 weeks in a federal lock-up in delhi but had been in jail here in bharat military jail since
her arrest six weeks ago.
Tamanna  and kavitha had  learned all about bharat military school jail  and what theywere in for. The discipline, hard labor and haircuts would really
suck! ! Kavitha said.Then it hit them….bharat military jail  was the same prison they saw on  the TV show about in their room at the resort and that woman
was talking to about photo ops was the Warden from the show!

The three of them were led into the reception area, and it was the same jail-type intake. With kavitha pushing 5  foot tamanna and shreya
at 5’2. They were strip searched, a nasty de-lousing substance was sprayed
on them and they were made to take a shower.  Tamanna was turned on seeing
Shreys naked in the shower, but she  knew nothing could come of it in here, if that TV show about bharat jail was accurate.
They was made to   put on white sarees , they had a white stripe down the side
of the sarees and stenciled on the back in big letters was “Pre-Classified Inmate". A big black number was stenciled
over the left breast area….tamannas  was “#872688, and she  didn’t realize how much that number would come to mean to her
over the next 10 months.
They were locked  in one of the tiny solitary cells for the night that she had seen on TV. She  tried to stay strong but  was very scared, and ended up crying most of the night.
The next morning all three of them were brought into the warden’s office. Sherya was cocky and said “Warden devi and  Assistant
Warden ambika . I wish I could say it’s nice to see you."
“Shut up convict!" warden devi  slapped her. “You three stand at attention when in our presence!"
Warden devi wasted no time, and ordered kavitha to take one step forward. “I see by your background you are a well-
known hairdresser. That’s a usable skill in here, and perhaps we can put it to work for the good of the prison . Inmate #872687,kavitha, A, for conviction of a non-violent drug offense and parole violation, I
access you 1 strike. You are hereby classified as close security status. Your work assignment shall be food prep in the
kitchen for 10 hours per day, and you shall be housed in “D" dorm In six months you classification status will be
reviewed, at which time you may be considered for medium security and assignment to the prison barber shop." Shreya
whispered to tamanna“She got off easy. We won’t be so lucky!"
Then she ordered tamana to step forward. My knees were shaking, but I did it. “Well, young lady, you might be a celebrity
on the outside, but you’re NOTHING in here! Inmate #87688, tamanna bhatia, for conviction of DUI, Third Offense and Willfully
Fleeing a Police Officer, I access you 2 ½ strikes. You are hereby classified as close security status. Your work assignment
shall be hard labor on the prison road/construction crew, for a 12-hour period each day, and you shall be housed in “X
dorm", the most restrictive housing here short of maximum security. Said classification and assignment shall be for a
minimum of 6 months….but probably for you full sentence." As I stepped backward into line, tamnna heard shreyas whisper
“pretty stiff!"
Finally the Warden said “Inmate shreya…step forward" . Shreya just glared at her and stepped up. “Inmate shreya….I
know we have had our differences in the past, and as you just saw, I treated Inmate tamanna no differently than any other
inmate due to her celebrity. You too will be treated as any other inmate. Your skills as an attorney serve absolutely no
purpose in here, therefore, you will be classified to a hard labor level one work assignment in accordance with your
violent offense. Inmate #872669, shreya, L, you have been convicted of Aggravated Assault on a Judicial Officer. I access
you 2 ½ strikes, and you are hereby classified as close security status . Your work assignment shall be hard labor on the
prison road/construction crew, for a 12-hour period each day, and you shall be housed in “X dorm", the most restrictive
housing here short of maximum security . Said classification and assignment shall be for a minimum of one full year."
“Inmates, none of your sentences is particularly long right now, but remember, committing additional crimes while
incarcerated carries mandatory increased prison time. Accept your punishment obey the rules, work hard and you’ll
survive this and move on with your lives. But play it tough, and I’ll show you what tough is!" the warden said. “ambika,
take them to waiting room and receive
their punitive haircuts."
As Ambika  led them to waitingroom, shreya whispered. “If these skanks think I’m just going to meekly let them buzz my head
tonight, they have another thing coming!"

Tamanna sat nervously in the cell for several hours. She couldn’t hear much except the constant churning of elliptical machines the
other inmates were pumping to generate electricity. She was worried about the construction crew enough, but it couldn’t
be as bad as slaving away all day on an elliptical!
Then Ambika came and got me. She already had gotten kavitha and shreya who were following her. Ambika kept
taunting us saying things like “I’m really going to teach you bitches….especially tamanna and shreya…. a lesson in here!
As Ambika  led us into the prison yard, the first thing tamanna  saw as a large stage, with the warden and two guards standing
on it. In the middle was a big barbar chair . It had straps on
it to hold your ankles, wrists and waist, and there was a yoke that held your neck . Above it, hanging from a spring electrical cord, were giant hair clippers. Shreya whispered to her “It’s their
newest thing….sheep shears!"
Tamanna looked out over the assembled inmates. There were about 500. About a third of them had short, bobbed haircuts, with
their hair growing no longer than their chins. The
rest were shaved bald, with just a little stubble you could see on the heads of the girls with darker hair!. That was apparently the look all three of them were going to get!
Then, about 50 inmates in full chains,and totally bald heads were led into the assembly. These were
apparently the maximum security inmates. She couldn’t believe my eyes!
Kavitha was ordered to step up first. She was ordered to remove her saree, and had to stand in front of everyone
The warden read her number, name, crimes and sentence, then the two other guards grabbed her by her arms and
pushed her into the chair. They fastened her in, and ordered her to try to move. She couldn’t.
One of them stepped behind her, gathered as much of her beautiful dark hair as she could and put in a pig tail. She then
unceremoniously cut it off with the shears, and put it in a plastic bag.
“The Wigs For Kids Program appreciates your totally involuntarily donation, Inmate kavitha!" the warden said.
Then the guard took the scissor and cut kavithas hair away as close to her scalp as she could. Kavitha looked none too
happy, but shifted her eyes towards tamanna and forced a smile.
The silence was then broken by one of the nastiest sounds she ever heard. The sheep shears were turned on, and they
were LOUD!!! They sounded like a dentist drill on meth and steroids!
The deafening noise continued. Tamanna saw the guard put an attachment on the clippers that had “One Strike" printed in yellow
letters on the side of it. She buzzed the clippers hard, back and forth over kavithas ’s scalp. When she was done, what
had to be less than ¼ inch of hair was left on kavitha’s head!
Kavitha was unfastened from the chair, and she sheepishly put her granny scants and s bra on the prison provided
and then put on her saree. A guard escorted her to
the area where all of the rest of the inmates assigned to “D" Dorm were standing.
Tamanna shuddered when the warden called her next. She walked up to the table and was ordered to strip. she had NEVER been shy
about showing off her body….that was for sure. But she felt totally humiliated now.
The warden read her number, name, crimes and sentence, then the two other guards grabbed her and shoved her
into the chair before she knew what was happening. They had her fastened in securely in no time, with that damned pillory
thing around herneck! She tried to struggle, but was totally immobilized.
Then the Warden said “This lowly inmate is some kind of celebrity on the outside. The “Wigs For Kids" program
has opted to auction off her hair on e-bay, and has kindly sent a camera crew to memorialize the occasion and give a
copy of the images to the winning bidder! Deputy Warden Ambika will do the honors."
The nasty bitch they called Ambika stepped up and grabbed her hair then pulled it hard, before twisting into a long
ponytail. She took out a tape, measured it and said “42" long!" Then she picked up the shears, and with one snip, cut it
off! Tamanna saw the cameraman smiling as he filmed.
Then she heard the shears snapping and clipping away, and watched the remnants of the hair that mad her famous fall past
her eyes and to the floor.
Then I heard Ambika saying “2 ½ strikes on you, convict. No clipper attachment for you, glamour girl!" Then tamanna heard that
unmistakable “BBBBBUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZ" sound the sheep shears/electric clippers made, and she could feel that cold
steel moving hard and fast against her scalp. It seemed like it took forever, but she knew it was probably less than a
minute. When she was done, Ambika  held up a mirror, and tamanna couldn’t believe her eyes. She couldn’t see more than the
shortest of stubble on her head! She had ALWAYS prided herself on her beauty, and now it was gone! To make matters
worse, without her hair, her head a misshapen form that made her  look ridiculous!
They unfastened her  and tamanna  put on the underwear, bra and striped prison saree they gave her …..any modesty or
embarrassment she  felt she was long gone now. She  was taken back to where the “X-dorm" girls were standing at attention, and
watched for what they had in store for shreya .
Shreya  had a scowl on her face as warden  repeated her sentence . “Inmate #872669, shreya , L, you have been convicted
of Aggravated Assault on a Judicial Officer. I access you 2 ½ strikes, and you are hereby classified as close security status.
Your work assignment shall be hard labor on the prison road/construction crew, for a 12-hour period each day, and you
shall be housed in “X" dorm. Guard, proceed with restraining her and performing her disciplinary haircut!"
As the guards grabbed her, shreya  pushed one off the edge of the stage and punched the other one several times in the
head before a slew of other guards restrained her. Shreya yelled “You bitches will rue the day you tried to fuck with shreya.!
The other inmates were getting behind her, and started chanting in unison “shreya shreya". Then a guard took out a
stick and started beating shreya until she stopped.
Every guard in the yard pulled out their sticks too, and threatened to beat anyone that didn’t shut up and stand at
Within a minute, they had shreya completely restrained in the chair, and tamanna could see sherya  was pulling against the
restraints with everything her body could muster. She knew from very recent experience it was absolutely no use.shreya screamed but Ambika quickly slapped a piece of  tape
across her mouth. Devi just nodded at Ambika, and the haircutting procedure began.
Ambika  gathered shreya's long dark hair into a long tail, put a rubber band at each end and snipped it off. Tamanna  could
see shreyas ’s eyes flash with anger as Ambika  snipped of the rest of her hair with the shears. Then that infernal buzz of
the clippers started. Tamanna knew just how she felt from extremely recent experience…she could feel the cold steel of the
shears on her scalp as a long lock of hair feel past her eyes…., it was an unimaginably bad feeling! Soon all
that remained was just the dark stubble of shreya’s beautiful hair.
Then it was time for her maximum security head shaving. Ambika took a cut throat-type straight razor out, then
stropped it several times against the massive black leather strap hanging from the chair. Ambrose then rubbed the strap
against shreya's cheek and whispered something to her. . T
Ambika then rubbed hot lather all over shreya’s head, and it burned her head. Taking her time, Ambika then ran
the razor over every inch of her scalp. She then poured a bucket of cold water over shreya's head. Under the bright
overhead lights, rays actually deflected off shreya's newly shaved “dome" and into the audience.
Shreya  was unrestrained from the chair, but was immediately allowed to wear her saree with no
underwear or bra. The Warden ripped the duct tape off of her mouth, and shreya immediately started cursing her right
where she left off. All the other inmates were impressed as much as I was, and started the “shreya chant all over! Her
mouth was quickly taped again, and full transport chains were put on her. She was taken to the group of maximum
security inmates, and we were all escorted by guards back to our respective dorms.
Then all the three spent their hard time in prison , in between they were buzzed twice.
After their prison life, tamanna never repeated the same mistake again in her life


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