Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Teachers Sexual Haircut

narrates his experienceTODAY AM going to narrate you
my yesterday’s experience of cutting my English hair who taught me English in my school days.
Her name is Bhanu and is her pet from school days. She like me so much as she doesn’t have kids till now. We both use to meet
and talk always and if she needs any help she will ask me always. Now she is 37 and she is short in height and little fat and fair in
complexion and has thick sexy hair up to her thighs now. During school days her hair was only up to her mid back. After am going to
college I couldn’t meet her and she too got busy with her PhD.
Yesterday I came home and was sitting in home as my college friends all was out of station to their natives. So I called to my English
teacher to talk to her and she called me to her home and by this time she have changed the school, changed her home all. So it was
difficult for me to find her home and it was 1 when I went to her home. She was still beautiful and she looked gorgeous. She hugged
me and said she missed me so much and asked about my well being. We spoke till 2 and by this time I was hungry and we both had
our lunch together and she went to clean the kitchen. I was talking to her watching the TV. She then asked me to wait as she will bath
and come soon nu. I said ok and in half an hour she bathed and came and she took bath for her head. A that time only I noticed the
hair bun in her head was very huge still I thought as the towel is wound over it, it looks big. Then she changed her dres and while
talking to me she removed her hair bun and started to dry her hair standing front of me. she used dove shampoo as the aroma of her
hair was pulling me. My down started to get hard. All it started there and I were crazy over her hair and I wanted to play with her hair
and do something to her hair. Suddenly struck to m mind was HAIRCUT.
I don’t know how to say that I want to cut her hair and what will be her reaction if I say also but I couldn’t control also. I was thinking
how to start then decided to say what I wanted to do as a dream. She by this time put her hair in a huge bun and sat front of me to
talk. I said her that 2 weeks back when I was in hostel I got a dream and you came in that dream. She smiled and asked what dream
was it? I said it was a haircut dream and by this time her face turned dull and so I stopped saying and tried to skip this topic. After
that we started to talk about my college and hostel and after some time she asked me to explain the dream.
I thought not to waste the chance and said that the dream was like “I came to see you and had a nice time till evening and then you
unbraided your long hair and went to comb your hair. I said your hair is so long and gorgeous but it should be properly taken care.
You said yes and you care it nicely. I said still your long hair don’t suit you and you should cut your hair. You got shocked hearing
that and you said that you won’t cut your hair then I said ok then I will cut your hair and came backside of you and took the comb
from you and started to comb. You stood silently and then I combed for some time and then asked for scissors you said it’s in the
drawer and I took it and asked you to sit in a chair and wound a white cloth over you and then put all your hair on both sides of your
front side and said am going to cut your hair till your mid back and you said please don’t cut that much short but I convinced you
saying that it will be nice and we shall proceed and then pulled your hair backside and then I combed again your hair for some time
and then caught your hair till mid back and started to snip your long hair and in few minutes all your long hair became short to mid
back and other hair all was on the floor. You liked the haircut very much”
Saying her crush I slowly saw her face expression but to my surprise she was smiling at me and said me crazy boy nudging my
shoulder. I know that this alone can’t make her mind to get her hair cut as my dream so said her that I got this dream in the early
morning like 5.30 so surely it will happen. She just smiled at me. I don’t know what to say next and she too kept quite.
I slowly again started like saying that in my dream your hair was up to her butt and asked how much long she have now? She asked
did I not notice when she was drying her hair. I said I didn’t. She said “if you want to know my hair length you itself come and open
my hair bun and see its length”. I was stunned to hear this and at once I got up and went her back side and she too got up from the
chair. I asked her to sit on the chair and she sat. I slowly removed her hair bun smelling the aroma of her hair and slowly her hair
went down and went and touched the floor itself and I said mam it’s touching the floor but the ends are very ugly. She said yes many
month’s over since she cut her hair. I asked her shall I wound a white cloth over you and cut your hair like my dream. She said don’t
want and I said now if you don’t leave also surely this will happen as it’s an early morning dream.
She smiled at me and said to go ahead. I was happy hearing that still said her that I don’t what she said. She said”cut my hair like
you got in the dream”. I got aroused hearing that and my penis started to leak. Then I said that in my dream I have wound a white
cloth around your neck. She said that there Is a white cloth inside the cupboard I ran to the cupboard and took it. Then bought and
opened it front of her and went her backside and put the cloth on her front and then wound all over her and tied at the neck as the
people do in the beauty parlor. Her long hair was hiding inside the cloth. Then I slowly pulled her silky long soft hair out of the cloth
and it was looking gorgeous to look my English teacher fully covered with white cloth and the only black color was her long hair. She
was sitting front of a long mirror placed on the cupboard. She said that it was like in the beauty parlor itself when she see the cloth
put on her to get the haircut. I smiled at her and I found she was really nervous.
I asked her for the comb and the scissors and she it’s on the drawer and I took the comb and a scissors and came near her. She
smiled and said she was scared that no one has cut her hair after her childhood and she itself trims her hair. This is the first time you
going to cut my hair. So please be safe and don’t cut too much and make me ugly she said. I hold her shoulders firmly and said
don’t worry you will look cute and good in few minutes. She was still nervous seeing herself in the mirror. So I took her to another
room where there was no mirror and asked her to sit there and said till the haircut over she should not see anything happening to her
hair. Then I touched her hair and it was dry. I said that I want to make it wet and I want a water sprayer she said she have the
sprayer which she use to spray pesticide for plants. I asked her whether have she used it? She said no she didn’t then I asked where
it is and at last found it and filled water and stood behind her with the sprayer. It was nice to see a woman sitting front of me with a
white cloth wound on her and her long hair touching the floor is going to fall on the floor from her head.
I started to spray the water on her hair and in few minutes her hair was fully wet and water started to drip from her hair. It was nice
to look the wet hair also. Then I took the comb and started to comb her hair. I divided her front hair and decided to give her bangs.
She asked what am I going to do with that hair. I said wait and watch. Took half of her front hair and clipped it separately. Then
combed all her remaining hair to her back side. Then from the middle of her hair I took one big chunk of hair and asked her how
much shall I cut. She said to cut 2 to 3 inch’s I said but in dream I cut your hair till mid back so please. She was ok and said ok cut
till mid back and I said no am going to make it little shorter and smiled at her. She asked shorter na how much? I said to your
shoulder length. Hearing that she got tensed and said not to cut that much short all and she have never got so short also. Then I said
pleaded her and after an hour of pleading she finally accepted but not whole heartedly still I was happy that floor touching hair is
going to touch her shoulders.
Again her hair got dried so I again sprayed her hair and removed her front hair also which I clipped and made that hair also wet. Half
of her front hair was clipped so she was totally confused what I will do with that hair. I again went back and combed her hair nicely
for long time and finally took the same big chunk of hair and caught her hair till her shoulders and took the scissors and asked her
“am shall I start cutting your long wet hair shorter?” she just closed the eyes and shock her head. I started to cut that chunk of hair
very slowly. The room was silent and hair cutting sound was clearly audible to her and she started to cry hearing her hair cutting
sound but I din mind it. In few minutes that big chunk of hair fell on the floor. I took that cut hair and slowly dropped on her lap.
Seeing her long hair on the lap she started crying badly. She caught the cut end and lifted the cut hair to see the length of the hair
that is cut and wept badly and in few minutes she was ok and I too convinced her saying nothing is there in this and soon it will grow
and then she was ok.
Then I pushed one side of her long wet her to the front side and I stood behind her. I placed the scissors on her shoulders and
started to snip her hair slowly. Little by little like rain water her one side hair started to fall on her lap and slowly it started to fall on
the ground too. Then I combed her hair back it was nice to see her butt length hair on one side and shoulder length hair on her other
side I took the photo of her from back side and showed her and seeing that she smiled saying no more long hair. I said no problem
mam your hair will grow soon and she said ok. Then I took the photo of her hair on her lap then hair around her legs all. Then went
behind her and took the comb and scissors and started to cut her remaining long hair but this time I started to cut her long hair short
inch by inch. Little by little her butt length hair went to her shoulder length and then I corrected her hair and at last her hair was
touching her shoulder bone. She just pulled her hair to see the length remaining and was shocked still she was happy that first time
she got a big change in her hair style.
Then slowly I removed the clip and a bunch of hair came down it was her top front hair and her half of her front hair was in it. She
asked why I clipped it without cutting. I said am going to give you bangs. She doesn’t know what I mean. She said she is waiting to
see her in the mirror. I said just few more minutes. I took the water sprayer and then made those hair nicely wet and then went front
of her and then combed it nicely and then caught all her hair till her nose and took the scissors. She asked what I was going to do? I
said am going to cut it short? she said to stop it and I convinced her but she cried badly saying she lost all her beautiful hair because
of me I smiled and took the nose length to little more above in angry and started to snip those hair from her eyes itself and she was
shocked to see almost all her hair was falling on her lap. Once I completed I combed her hair nicely for 10 minutes and then
removed the white cloth and lifted the cloth on her lap and all her cut hair fall on her lap directly.
She pushed the cut hair down and went to the mirror to see herself and was in shock still she looked pretty good. She smiled at her
saying she never thought that she will get such a short haircut and still it looks nice to her nu. Then she cleaned all the cut hair


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