Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Ramya krishnans punishment (buzz)

In mid 90s ramya krishnan was one of the most busiest heroine.she was beautiful with milk tone skin and mid length silky brownish curly hair.

She had a bad habit of insulting others publicly , so it gave her a lesson which she could not forget in her life.
Here she narrates her own incident which happened to her
Hi I am ramya .I was acting in lot of films in mid 90s.i was also agreed to act in many films.
One day a producer came to me and told a story .I liked it very much, so I gave him a call sheet.
Unfortnately he wasted my dates.he again came came to me and asked for dates.i was so angry so I slapped him .he was shocked on my act  but he didnt express anything and moved silently.
I do no that was the big mistake I made.
I signed a new film project and we were moving to munar for shooting.on that film I was acting as a journalist.the story was spending the days with terrorist.
The director explained a scene and I was shocked.he told me that I will be in the forest and the terrorist will kidnapp me and cut my hair and make me as their prisoners.i told him to make dupe to make the scene extraordinary you should act ramya.i asked him whether they will cut my hair.he told it is just act .we can keep extension of your hair so that they can just cut your extension.i agreed.
On that time I was wearing a shorts and tshirt and I was looking so sexy.
Soon the scene started as per the shot, I moved towards the house in the forest  and terrorist kidnapped me qnd made her to sit in the chair and stripped my legs and hands .then one of the masked terrorist took the scissor and brought it forward towards me.i thought he was going to cut the extension, but to surprise he placed the scissors on my scalp and started cutting it.i was shocked and cried but no one was ready to stop it, they were still watching me silently.i started sobbing, at that time he irregularly made my head bald.there was no way except to shave.then he took a clippers and onned it, the sound of buzz ringed in my ear.then he placed the cold blades on the centre of my fore hwad and moved was vigourously grinding my hair.soon he finished the buzz in the fore head and then continued in his work and soon he finished.all my thick curly brown hair was lying all around the chair.
Finilly he finished my buzz.i was in buzz cut now .
Then he slapped me twice and told it was my punishment.
Then he made me naked in front of the crew and took some photos and black mailed me if I complaint I will release these photos throughout the world.
He unstripped me and the the crew left me alone in munar and left.
Then after only I came to know that it was a fake film shooting to made me trap .I have signed for a fake film.
It was made by the same producer whom I slapped.
Then after I didnt made a same mistake

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