Monday, 17 August 2015

Pooja's Haircut

Pooja is a girl of 18 years. She is not so tall but fair and having good structure. The most attracting feature at her were definitely her thick ravena black long hair kissing always her hip. She is my student like Preeti. Being a fetish i have desire to cut that and bang her as Preeti. Preeti and Pooja are never introduced before. In there days my fetish nature made Preeti look like a cartoon. Preeti got banged totally that i will publish in next episode.One day Pooja called me for online application for her B. Sc. Before some days Preeti also asked for the same.

I thought a plan to introduce both. I took Pooja with me to Preeti's home. Form filled and on the way our conversation as:

I: Did u like Preeti's haircut?
Pooja: Thats silly. Its such unprofessional, seems home cut.

Our conversation stopped.

One day Pooja along with her mother came to me. Her mother said that she is admitted to a good local college of the same city. she said that her classes are going to start very soon. She needs some assistance as 1)Maximum number of books to be issued from Library, 2)Need Lectures to be interacted to her etc. I said her that there are numbers of staffs and lectures who are known to me personally. I will take Pooja with me to the College and introduce her. Her mother and she became glad to hear it. I gave them time of next day at 10am i will reach their home. At the same time 10am i reached their home. She had just bathed and was changing clothes. Her mother said me to wait. she hurrily got ready to go to college with me within 15 minutes. She wore a tight salwar. Her breasts were making her sexier. On the other hand she did not get time to plait her hairs. Those were well sampood and tied with a rubber band. We started journey towards college and conversation as follows:

I: What honours you want?
P: Physics
I: Good. you know Physics is the king of science.
P: Yes
I: It will require you to labour hard.
P: Yes
I: You have to stop chat with friends and to study at least 10 hours a day.
P: Yes
I: You should cut your hairs so that you will get more time for studies.
P: Yes, i am thinking the same but my mum is not allowing me.
I: Should we make a plan and cut them today.
P: Yes. But my mother was saying that if i will cut that she will beat me by broom. My father is agreeing.
I: Alright but you should. Ok Lets not cut today and make a plan.

We reached college and i introduced her to the staffs and lectures. On the return way our conversation as follows:
I: Should you dial your mum that you want haircut?
P: She will not agree. You please dial and talk to her.
I: Wait. Lets go home and say her that the Lecture said you if you will maintain such a long hair what will you study.
P: Yes

We reached home. Our conversation with her mother as follows:
P: Mum sir took me and introduced maximum staffs.
M: Ok
P: One lecture adviced me for haircut.
M: You should braid before going college. Let he advice but you will never cut
At the same time i knew that Pooja is not getting way to cut. I said that after a week i will take her with me and introduce to other staffs, so that she will be more benefited. Her mother agreed. I went home. After an hour Pooja called me over phone and said that she deadly require hair to be shortened. What to do?

I said her to come my home rather going college. She obeyed me and at 10am of the next day she came to me. Our conversation as follows:

I: Pooja have you any way for haircut?
P: No sir
I: Pooja today your hair will be cut and as i say you will say your mum.
P: Yes, but what the plan.
I: Say the Lecture again said why you didnot cut your hair? You promiced that you will cut and you cut on the return way to college.
P: Good idea.
I: You in college uniform and if you go to saloon they wont cut. Better i will cut it and after a month you will cut again giving good style.
P: Yes sir.

Previously i have arranged scissor, comb, water sprayer, cape etc. all haircutting instruments. I have put a handicam before focusing the area so that all the procedures to be recorded there.

I put a stool and made her sit there. She sat there happily. I took her braid and kissed her knowingly and said you poor hair to be cut. she laughed shyly. I covered her the cape. I opened her braid. I combed her hairs. she was moaning softly. I was dying over the smell of her hairs. My cock was as a tent. May be she knew it and was shying. I took handful of hair and said Pooja your hair smell nice. She did not say anything. I asked from where to cut. She said from shoulder. I imagined that next time she will must do bob cut. I again combed her hairs. I took scissors. I could feel fears at her eye. I started to cut from shoulder level. I did not allow the hairs to touch ground. I collected bunches over bunches. Kacchhhh ...........Kachhhhhhhhhh................Kach...............Kachaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr... Kachhhhhhhh sounds were audible. Than i shaped . I saw about18 inches of black thick hair was with me. I asked Pooja you will now never require hair band. She said yes. I asked her can i take your hairband. She said yes. I took the hair band and collected all long hairs. That were now in band as a ponytail. I kept that in my shelf.
I:Pooja do you have a boyfriend?
P: No.
I: Pooja i cut your hairs as a friend.
P: Yes
I: Can you treat me as your boyfriend rather than sir.
P: Yes
I: You know what boyfriend and girl friend do.
P: Yes
I: Should we try?
P: But sir i am virgin.
I: First time all girls are virgin but they try.
P: Yes
I: Should we?
P: Yes

I took her to my bed room. I switzoff the lights and fans. I opened her salwar suit. I opened my pent. Both of us were out of sense. We two went on sex. We came to sense at 2pm. When we got up the bed sheet has stain of spearm and blood. I knew that pooja not only lost her lovely mane but also lost her virginity.


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