Thursday, 27 August 2015

revenge of room mate , nisha !!!!!

  As nisha walked out from the room looking well refreshed in her night dress . She played with her hair but once she go a glance of it in the mirror ran to her room to fix it. But little did she know around the corner was raji, her room mate.  

Jealous of nisha hair and her relationship with siva, who raji admired , sraji decided to make nisha  pay .
First she went to the bathroom and took a pair of scissors and the clippers. She entered Nisha’s room and secretly locked the door .
 “Hi raji” says nisha busy finishing off her French braid.
 Her long dark hair wrapping around her neck like a bow.
 “Oh you wont be needing to braid your hair hereafter”, raji  said to herself looking at nisha.
  “Do you need anything , raji?” asked nisha in her sweet voice.
 “No I have something else for you”, raji said
“What?” asks nisha
 “THIS” yells raji grabbing nisha’s braid and placed  the scissors into nisha’s braid  and started cutting.  Nisha tried to moved her head and get freed from her but raji was holding her head firmly.   Schrunk as nisha’s braid plumply came  off.   With insane strength nisha jumps up throwing raji back  and started mourning for her braid which was cutted.  but raji jumped on top of nisha ’s back pushing nisha  face first onto the bed.
 “BUZZZZZ”  she made  the bladeless clippers on as they come to life .
 Nisha  figures out what’s happening and tries to move but raji has made nisha’s head down.   She placed the clippers on nisha’s head which started shaving nisha’s head. Nisha  started crying loudly and tried to free here.
  But raji continued aggressive shaving nisha’s head as all her beautiful shiny black  hair falls onto  the ground to see the Nisha’s new shaved head

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