Thursday, 27 August 2015

Shruti:haircut or headshave?

my name is sruti.I am studying in 9th std. I have my hair till my butt.I love my hair a lot.My frnds used to always praise me about my hair.Also my brother too love my hair and used to care my hair. I and my brother are studying in same school. He is in 11th commerce and i in 9th std. It was my first day of my school.All the students were participating in games as it is compulsory .I was in basketball as i was height in the class. Days passed and i was being late  to school and my coaching due to my long hair.I spent more time to maintain my hair. So my parents thought to give me a nice headshave so i cannot be late to school but they didnot inform me about my headshave.they booked a appointment for headshave for me secretly . My brother came to know this  and got shocked. But he did not speak about this to me. He and his frnds planned to give me a bobcut haircut. Becuse he dont want to see me in shaved head. Days passed and it was time to shave my hair. No one was there in home execpt me and my brother. My brother thought it was the time to give me a bobcut.He thought this is the correct to give me a haircut. He called all his frnds but i was not knowing his plan. He gave  a cup of coffee for me but in that coffee there was being aded a sleeping pill. I drank that and i was in unconsicious for half an hour. My brother and his frnds (girls and boys) started cutting my hair . When got up i was not knowing what happened As i looked my self in mirror i shouted loudly and called my bro asked him who did this?.He told that he purposely done this. I started crying and shouting to my bro. But i was not knowing that he had done this for my sake. I wipped my face went to hotel to eat my lunch My bro and his frnds also came there. When i was going beside them one of catched my hand and said sorry. But i did not accepted it. After my lunch whe. n i went to house my bro told me about this everything and when he said that all was for my sake I hugged my bro and started crying bitterlly and said sorry to him. After 2to3 hours my parents returned home. And were surprised to see my new look and asked me where and y i have been cut the hair.But i told them that i have been done it at my parlor because i have been got bored by long hair. After seeing my hair my parents cancelled my headshave and i am being happy with this short hair. Thanks for reading my experience. This is truly happened in my life.But my brother asked me to shave my head but i told him i will be doing it in theSummer vacation. He also accepted it. I LOVE MY BROTHER A LOT.


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