Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Trap For Firl Friend

My girl friend has mid back hair. She likes it to keep long and flowing, rarely tied them even to a pony. Many of our friends, including her best friend were jealous of her long beautiful hair. You must be thinking I am proud of her long hair but it is not true, I don’t like her long locks but didn’t have the guts to give her haircut. Many times I have requested her to cut her hair short, but she would just laugh thinking that I am joking. So, I with some of my classmates made a plan to get her long mane cut.
We planned to attach a chewing gum in her hair, so that she cut her hair to remove the chewing gum. But the question arises how to stick chewing gum to her mane? It was decided that a hat would be kept beside her bed in her dormitory, as she has a mania towards hat; there was 75% chance that she would not check the hat, before putting it on her head. Inside the hat the chewing gum will already be attached so that it sticks to her hair. She would then definitely call me or her best friend. Whoever gets the call would go to her place, pretends that we are not at all involved in it, and would make her mind to cut the locks short. We gave the name of the mission as Mission sticky locks
The hat reached her room on the planned evening as planned. I could guess that she must be very happy seeing a new hat, and wore it without checking. At 2022hrs, my cell phone started ringing; I could guess that who is there on the other side, without seeing the screen. On the screen my girlfriend’s name was flashing, I took the call," Hello sweetie". She in a frightened way told," Come to my room fast, it’s an emergency". I pretended to be worried, asked," what is it sweetie, everything okay?" she replied, “just come fast…….." before completing she broke into tears. I ended the call and went to her home fast. On the way I messaged her best friend, ‘phase 1 complete, I am selected to advance’, she texted back, ‘the fate of mission lies on your shoulder & best of luck’
I reached within 15minutes, and knocked at her door. She opened the door said, “Come inside fast" I noticed that she has covered her head with a scarf which is very rare for her. She took me to her bed room and told me to sit. I asked her," what it the matter, did you cut your hair very short? And now covering your head with that scarf" she replied," Do you think am going to cut my hair, in my conscious state?" and showed her ends of her hair. Before I could reply, she went to another room and bought the hat we sent her, and gave it to me. I pretend to seeing it first time, then said," sweetie, a chewing gum is attached in the hat; you should not wear it before washing it." She started weeping and said, “but I have already wore it" and removed her scarf. I pretend to be surprised said," oh my god!" she said, “What shall I do now to remove it?" I told her," let us wash it with water". She agreed. While washing, gum didn’t come out but only spread in her hair. I told her, “It’s not working". She told," I have heard that vegetable oil removes gum completely “. I already knew that fact, but pretended I am unaware of it and said, “What a silly idea, if water can’t remove it, how can oil do that?" she being a humanities student didn’t object. I told her the only solution is to cut the hair where the gum is attached. She was thoughtful for a moment then said, “ok will cut my tresses, but, the condition is that you would cut my hair, as I don’t trust anyone except my mom with my hair, as after her you are most trustful person to me, so you should cut my hair". I just nodded ’yes’. It was a complete bonus in my mission, as my objective was to just get her hair cut, not to cut her hair myself. Cutting the hair of a girl friend was a dream for me. I told her to arrange for scissor, comb, newspaper, cape and a stool or chair. She arranged that in the living room, and sat on the chair and told, “Please be fast, I don’t like it when scissors are bought close to my hairs" I combed her hair and placed them just below the neck. She shouted," wait, wait! What are you doing?" I replied “cutting your hair, as you told" she told, “I mean cut the locks, in which the bubble gum is attached" I said, “ but almost all your hair in the back are attached to gum, it must have spread while washing with water." She said, “Just do as I tell. I replied in positive, and gave out a heavy breath, showing my passive resistance. She ignored that. I started picking locks and cutting them, and dropping them to floor which have gums. Gradually I removed all the affected hair & then said, “Its complete sweetie" she just jumped with joy. I said," Don’t be so happy, you look odd with such hairstyle, shorter in top, longer in back. Beside anybody seeing you in this way would consider you a mad." She replied, “So?" I told bravely," so you have to cut your rest hair short" she become furious and said," no way" I showed her a with two mirrors the back view of her hair and said, “just sit on the chair again, I am going to give you a nice haircut, at least better than this hairstyle" she just sat on the chair speechlessly. I again put the cape and this time placed the scissor below the neck and quickly ran through her hair sc, before she could resist. She shouted, “Noooooooooooo!" I said," just be seated, your pride is already gone, if you move, I may accidently cut more than required. It will take only few seconds more" then I quickly started snipping her head, snip, snip, snip. The chopped hair falling on her lap, and sliding hair on her cape made her eyes wet. I lifted her hairline in the back by shaving some parts of it. At last I ended with all her hair short, unevenly cut. The front was left; I didn’t cut much except some small snips. At last I said complete and showed her the mirror. She broke into tears on seeing her face. I cheered her, “common, you are not looking that much bad, you are looking good with short hair, you should have chopped your hair long before"
Then I collected her chopped hair and threw them in the dustbin. I kissed her to give some comfort and left her house. On the way I messaged all my friends who were involved in mission ‘mission accomplished’. Everybody congratulated me; her best friend messaged ‘I am going to throw a party this weekend’
That night my girlfriend texted, ‘do I really look good with short hair’ I replied, ‘yes, you are more gorgeous with short hair than long hair’. She replied ‘how would I look with bald head’. I replied I have to check by shaving your head’ she replied, “okay, then shave it’ I was taken aback and texted ’really? Am serious’ she texted back ‘have to think, will tell you tomorrow morning. Gn8’ I replied ‘gn8’
Next morning a message came to my cell ‘ ready for shave but not now, first let me grow hair a little long, to reach to middle of my back " I texted ‘ will be ready’


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