Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Devipura was a dense forest area in madhya the centre of the forest, there was a haunted fort.only few knew about the was beleived to be haunted by the is also a famous tourist spots due to its rich wild life.

But the actual thing about the fort was it was occupied by group of  thieves .and their head was vikram and his assistents are deva and ravi.they were the important among other thief.every one in the group followed the order of vikram.
These thieves stole gold and other things and also beautiful hair and they sold it in foriegn countries.
They also owned a shop in nearby market and it was famous for wooden things which they carve from trees.
They were all hair fetish and so they enjoy cutting others hair especially women.
They usually stole in other states and hide it in their fort.they had a secret tunnel for their travel.
They usually comout only during night
Bagatpur was a town  near bhopal in madhya pradesh.the xavior girls higher secondary school was in was a girls school and only had female teachers.there were only 200  students  and 12 teachers in the school.all of them were beautiful and aged between 25 to 35 years.the most beautiful among them was saranya and nivetha .saranya was fair lady around 25 with butt length hair.nivetha was nice one with mid back length thick shiny hair.she usually put her hair in thick bun.others were rani, malathi, seetha , ramya, devi, monisha and others.all of them had a nice hair
It was a vaccation time and all the students were on vaccation.the teachers were signing their exam papers.
The principal neelaveni called all the teachers to her room and announced their trip to devipuram forest.evryone was excited about this.
She told that they will be leaving in two days.she told everyone to get prepared for this
Neelaveni was a 50 years old women who had short boycut hair with white streaks on it.
She arranged a tourist van for them.soon all of them they started their travel to devipura.
After a long and dreadful journey , they reached the devipura.they booked a rooms in nearby hotel.
They went to hotel and unloaded their luggage and refreshed themselves.
Neelaveni told them they will visit the forest the next day morning, so she asked the hotel management to arrange a guide for them to the  forest and all went for shopping to market was famous for old and cultural things and other stuffs.saranya and ramya saw some beautiful sulpures in the vikrams shop.they entered his shop and was amazed by the the same time , vikram was attracted by their thick hair and thought if he get their hair he would sell it for huge he planned to snatch their hair.
He started to speak casually to them and found they were tourist who was going to visit the forest.
Soon the girls returned to the hotel.vikram silently followed them and gathered information about them.he was thinking how to make them to come to their fort so thathecan easily cut their hair.he called ravi and deva and discussed about this matter.soon they found the teachers were in need of guide and hotel ahs arranged a guide for them.they found its a way to trap day when the guide came to the hotel to take the teachers to forest, the vikram and his assistant s kidnapped him and deva disguished himself as a guide and went to them and introduced him .he guided them to the forest and finally to the fort.vikram and ravi secretly followers the teachers.vikram told his group to keep the dungen room ready.
When the teachers reached the fort , they were amazed by the beauty of the fort.deva started explaining about the fort but sudenly the thieves surrounded the teachers group.they were holding weapons along with them
The teachers were shocked .they started crying but it was no use.the thieves made the teachers hand tied and forced pulled to the under ground dungen room.
They made the taechers naked and made them to stand in a line showing their back.
Vikram entered the room and stared examining them.
Vikram pointed out saranya.deva and ravi pulled her and made her to kneel down in front of vikram.
Vikram slowly placed his hands in her hair and smelled it.
He started pressing her boobs.
He asked his assistents to bring her to his room.
They dragged her to vikrams room .vikram was sitting in his chair .they made her to sit cross legged before him.he asked his assistents for oil and razors.they brought the things to him.he slowly removed her looked like a dark and shiny water falls.slowly he started oiling her hair.she started enjoying his massage and was mouning, she started wetting.soon he oiled her hair heavily, her hair was sweating with oil, suddenly he took the razor and shaved her brows, she was shocked and started crying loudly,she tried to move away from him, so he forcely pulled her hair and made her to come near him, he placed the razor on her head and pushed forwards fastly , a pile of hair was falling , and Schh schh schh, sound of razor echoched the room soon he finished her front, she looked like a chinese warrior with front shaved and back with hair, slowly he started shaving his back and finally he finished shaving her.
He removed his dress and started fucking her, soon they fallin rapid sex.after 3 hours, he was satisfied with her.he decided to destroy her identity, so he did one
To be continued


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