Thursday, 27 August 2015


This is a true incident which happened in my life.
I am meena , sept 20,2010 , the day when ragu proposed me.i initially neglected, but soon I accepted his love.
Soon our relationship and after 6 months we decide do marry.his family accepted our love except his mother and my family didnt accept.she didnt accept me since she thought I would separate her son .since his father accepted , it was not a issue about her mom.
Our marriage took place 2011 in grand manner.
After our marriage, I went to ragus house for living.
First I need to tell about me,
I am 5 feet 4 inch tall, weighing 50 skin tone is white and I had a beautiful shiny hip length hair.i was a hair beauty in my college and ragu also loved my hair very much.
Three months passed away, one day my father in law passed away due to illness.
After few days of his death, my mil (ragus mother) took incharge of everything.she started insulting me for everything  I tolterated initially but one day when ragu was not at home.she started abusing me in bad words and I could not tolerate it so I too abused her and slapped her.
She was shocked at my action and silently moved away from that place .then after she didnt talk to me.
After few days, I went and asked sorry for my action.
She told me that she accepted my sorry .so I was happy and went away.i do no that she is planned a trap for me.
Days passed, ragu got promotion and was transferred by their company to united kingdom branch.
He was so excited and flew there.
He told me that he will take me there in 6 months.i was happy and I started counting the days for my uk trip
Next day, my mil told me to get ready to accompany her the family temple which was in ragu village since ragu got job in uk.i happily accepted it and got ready.
In few hours, we reached our temple.
(At that time, I do no about my mils plan)
My mil and I went to temple lake to wash our hands and legs.after washing, my mil told me some slokas and asked me to chant.i  closed my eyes and started chanting and at that time she went and brought a person along with her to the temple lake.
When I completing , I saw a barbar and mil standing before me.i asked my mil why he was standing.
My mil told that he is going to shave your head since I had a  made a vow to god that if ragu get promotion, my daughter in law will shave her head.
I got shocked and started crying .I told I will shave my head.
She forced pulled my hands and took me to the tree behind the lake and slapped me thrice and told if u didnt shave your head, I will make my son to divorce u.
I was helpless and so I accepted.
At that time I had plaited my hair neatly and was wearing a rose on my head.
Then she took me to the barbar and made me to sit infront of him.she asked the barbar to shave my head.
The barbar asked to her , mam can I shave in free hair or with plaited hair itself.
She looked at me and told him to shave in plaited hair itself.
He told that I feel burns on my head.but my mil told to shave .so he started
He took the bowl and went to the lake and fetched water from it and started appling on my took nearly 20 min for him, since my hair was thick and plaited.
After that he took the razor and inserted a new blade and made me to bend forward
He holded my head in one hand and razor in other.
Suddenly he placed the razor on the centre on my head and moved
I started crying and was shaking my head.he told me to hold still to get rid of injury but still I was mil came near me and holded my head strongly.
Then he started to shave my head vigorously , I few strokes I felt the cool breeze on my few min, my left side was bald and in another few min, he shaved me completely.
My mil touched my head and asked him to shave smoothly, he shaved me once again
My mil paid him and made me bath in temple lake and made me to wear yellow saree.
I thought it was over.
But my mil took me to the temple and asked me to angapradachanam , I was helpness and started to roll in temple corridor.
Everyone was watching weirdly
After 2 hours , finally it was over
We finished our darshan and soon we reached our home
In our house, my mil told it was her punishment to me for slapping.
After 6 months, I finally left to uk and joined ragu
There after I got escaped from my mil

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