Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Colony Party!!!!

this is a fantsy which i always dreamed and writing it now and tried my best in it There was a party organized in my colony on New

Year’s Eve. The party was organized on the terrace of the building under open sky. With special lighting arrangement for the party.
Everyone from the colony was present. My mom came slightly late to the party. My mom has very long butt length hair. Very silky
and straight. As usual she was wearing a saree and her long silky butt length hair was open and flowing over her back and butt.
When mom came to party most of them couldn’t help but notice moms long beautiful hair.
Good food and alcohol was arranged and all the men were sitting in two three small groups and drinking, chatting and laughing.
While at the same time women had also made smaller groups and were having good time sharing gossips. Women were checking out
each other’s dresses and sarees. Mom’s long beautiful hair was also admired a lot in the group. Many women also had a glass of
alcohol in their hands. Although they did not drink too much like the men, just social drinking. Mom was also a part of a small group
of women and mom also had a glass of alcohol in her hand along with a few other women of the group. There were few women in
the group who were not drinking. And mom and other women persuaded them to have at least one small peg just as a formality and
made them drink a small amount of alcohol.
Once it was 12 o clock everyone wished each other happy new year and shared hugs. Party continued for a little while. As it started
getting late slowly people started leaving. Most of the people had already left. There was one group of men was left who were
drinking and still having a good party. It seemed their party had just begun. While there was also a last group of women left. Mom
also decided to leave and so she started to move out. While walking she was passing by the group of men who were drinking and
those men being from the same colony knew mom and called her just for a casual chat. They asked each other’s well being and what
everyone was doing these days. Meanwhile the last group of women also left. Mom was the only one left now with that last group of
5 men. Mom also decided to leave and told the men – “You guys carry on. I will leave now.” One of the men said – “Sure. But at
least have one drink with us. You were forcing everyone in the party to have at least one drink. You should have at least one drink
with us just as a formality to honor the company.” Mom reluctantly agreed. On purpose slightly more quantity of alcohol was poured
in mom’s glass.
While mom was having the glass of alcohol with the men, the chat continued. While chatting one of the men complimented mom on
her dress. The other said – “Come on, her hair is more gorgeous. Just look at it.” And while saying this, he hold moms arm and
turned around mom, so that now moms back was towards everyone. Moms silky long hair was untied and everyone stared at its
beauty. Everyone agreed that moms hair was more beautiful than her dress. Mom was loving all the attention she was getting.
Specially after two drinks that she had with the other women and third one already in her hand.
One of the men asked. “Can I touch your hair?” mom said “OK”. Once they got the permission. All of them touched mom’s hair and
felt its softness. They just couldn’t stop touching it. They all together started to play with her hair. Put their hand in mom’s hair and
feel its softness and silkiness. All the men were playing with mom’s hair and one of the men suddenly realized something. He said
“Guys I found a hidden treasure.” And he asked mom to take all her long hair in the front. Mom was not ready but he was very
persuasive and finally he himself took moms hair and put it in the front. And everyone was surprised. Mom was wearing a completely
backless blouse!! It just had two threads on the back to hold the blouse. The back was completely bare and no one had come to
know about it for the whole party since moms back was hiding behind the long curtain of hair!!
They all started touching moms back and feeling her soft skin. They said “you have such beautiful back; you should cut your hair so
that your back would be visible in the backless blouse”. All of them were drunk and a bit high. They decided to cut moms hair a bit.
Although a mom had three drinks she was still in senses and she didn’t agree to it. But the men were very persuading and said that
such beautiful back must be visible. And also they should also get a chance to play with mom’s hair and cut it. They said it would
be a once in a lifetime opportunity to trim such beautiful hair. Mom realized she had no choice so asked them to only trim the ends.
They agreed. One man went downstairs and brought scissors and comb from his house. Mom was made to sit on a stool. One of the
men took moms pallu of the saree and dropped it on the floor!! Mom was shocked; he said that since we are cutting hair no hair
should stick to the saree since there was no cape. Mom was now wearing only a small backless blouse on the top, it was pretty
short even in the front, while it was completely backless. So now moms back was completely open as there was no pallu to cover a
part of it. One of the men combed moms beautiful long hair. Then the other one said even he wants to comb mom’s hair. So even he
combed it second time and made a section in moms hair. He kept the front hair fall on moms lap and hair behind the ears was only
pulled back for cutting. He then started to cut moms hair at the ends and slowly snip by snip he started cutting moms hair by 3
inches. Snip.. snip … snip… he slowly cut off 3 inches from moms beautiful long hair
Moms butt length hair was reduced to roughly around waist length. Another man said “you don’t know how to do it, Let me show
you” mom was saying “Don’t cut more hair” to which he said “But your back is not yet visible!! We need to cut slightly more” And he
started cutting more of moms hair. This time he cut around 5 inches of hair!! Rain of long strands of hair started falling on the floor.
A lot of hair was stuck in mom’s saree around her waist. And also on moms lower back. Moms once butt length hair was now
reduced to mid back length.
Mom thought the haircut was over. But then one of the men said – “Come on, I didn’t get a chance to cut such silky soft hair. And
besides such beautiful back must be exposed more.” To which rest of the men agreed and handed over the comb and scissor to him.
Mom was trying to get up but the other men made her sit on the stool. Mom trying to get up was a good opportunity for them to
touch her naked arms and bare back!! Haircut of moms now mid back length hair had started. Again the rain of black silky soft hair
had started falling on the floor. The pile of cut hair had started growing bigger and bigger and eventually there was so much hair on
the floor that floor was not visible in moms cut off strands of hair lying on the floor. While the he was cutting mom’s hair, other men
were telling him –“look you missed a strand of hair here” thus making the length shorter and shorter!! Finally after a long time rain of
moms hair stopped. Mom’s hair was cut slightly above the shoulders!! Just before an hour moms hair was butt length and now
moms hair was all laying on the floor and her hair was hardly touching her shoulders now!!
A lot of hair was fallen on the floor. But along with that, since there was no cape a lot of cut hair was sticking to moms back as
well. This was a golden opportunity for all of them to touch mom and they didn’t miss it. For complete 15 minutes those 5 men
together tried to clean mom and remove all the hair sticking to her body. They explored most of the body while trying to clean moms
body!! Finally one of the man ruffled mom’s hair and declared her done. Mom left from there as soon as she can.
Next day mom went to unisex salon to get he haircut properly done. Barber mentioned that hair was cut too unevenly and now had
to be reduced in length further. Mom had left home with a shoulder length hair and returned home with a pixie cut!! Barber had kept
moms hair around 2 inches in the top. Although he had given mom a very sexy but a rockstar like messy pixie!! With such short
rockstar like haircut, mom no more wears Indian traditional dresses. She only wears western outfits. Even today there is a party our
colony. Mom is wearing a short backless one piece dress and looking like a sexy rockstar girl. Below is the moms look for today’s

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