Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Reena and her mother -2

Manju's face was tear-stained, but she wore an expression of resignation. It seemed like she too had given up in front of the stern will of her husband. She was wearing the same nightie she had worn the night before. She came to stand by Reena while Ravi cleared up the area. Reena took her hand and squeezed it lightly. She knew her mother was feeling like it was the end of the world. Little did she know that it was just the beginning of the most exciting adventure ever. She idly thought that life with her old-fashioned and stuffy father must have been really boring. Today her mother would know excitement beyond anything she had ever felt before.  
Her mother looked at Reena and gave a weak smile. Then she said, "You look wonderful dear. In fact you look more beautiful now than before." She raised her hand to touch the back of Reena's head and was shocked to feel the shaven area. "What's this?" "Oh Mother, this is just how father asked Ravi to style our hair. Don't worry its amazing. You'll love it." Another sob escaped Manju before she could stifle it. "Shaved like that!!" "No, mom it’s amazing. Look, just touch it and you'll see." Manju gingerly put her fingers on the shaven area and rubbed it. Reena almost let out a moan, but stopped herself just in time. Wow, that really felt good. Her mother smiled weakly. "Yeah it seems nice. Convenient for the summers." Reena could tell she wasn't convinced. Well she would be when she underwent the process. 
Ravi was ready to do her mother now, so she led her to the stool. Manju too had gone numb just like Reena had. Reena decided to sit nearby to support her mother. Besides now that she looked at him, Ravi seemed kind of cute. 
He began as usual with a water massage. It was quite sensual, seeing him putting his fingers all over Manju's hair, pulling her head this way and that. Reena began to feel the excitement inside her grow again. Manju's nightie was wet by this time, and her sheer black negligee was clearly visible. Ravi of course had his perpetual hard on intact. Seems he had chosen this profession out of personal interest. 
Once he was done with the massage he clipped the top hair to get it out of the way, and took out his scissors for the shearing. Knowing what was about to come, both Reena and Manju began to whimper. Manju from the terror and Reena from the excitement. But this time Ravi hesitated. He put down his scissors and took out the straight-razor instead. He is going to dry shave my Mother!! Reena felt the thought hit her head like a hammer. Ravi looked at her and said "I'll get longer and more usable hair this way." But the smile on his face told her something else. He was as excited about doing this to Manju as she was about watching him do it. 
Before beginning the shave, he gave her a glance and seeing the gleam of interest in her eyes, gestured with his hand. When she went to him he handed her the razor, saying "You do it. Then she'll be more comfortable." "But I don't know how." "Ok then I'll guide you" saying this he came up behind her and held her right hand over the razor and the left hand over the comb. The hard-on was still intact and poking her in the ass. Reena wondered if she should feel embarrassed but decided that if Ravi could be cool about it then so could she. Besides the heat from his crotch was something she was enjoying, maybe even wanting more. Manju, who was watching this in the mirror, grew more and more embarrassed and humiliated. She was going to be dry-shaved by her own daughter!! 
Ravi guided her hands to comb Manju's hair until they were poker straight, falling down her back in one long, massive, black wave. Then he made her position the razor along the dividing line running from left ear to right, and began the shave. His hands moved hers in deft, short strokes, clearing away the black tresses to reveal the soft white, virgin skin underneath it. Manju had given a gasp when she had felt the first stroke but was now sitting quite meekly, like a statue. Reena could clearly see in the mirror that she was trying to hide a smile. Looked like her mother had begun to enjoy herself too. Seeing as to how both Ravi and her mother were enjoying themselves, Reena thought she would have some fun as well. So she deliberately bent herself down with her ass cheeks pointing outwards, rubbing them into Ravi's crotch every chance she could. At first Ravi tried to avoid her but after seeing that she was deliberately doing this, he too began to rub up against her eventually standing behind her in such a position that his erect member lay squarely upon her crack. Manju saw her daughter being naughty, but was enjoying herself too much to say anything to her. Besides the barber was kind of cute. That thought made her blush but at the same time raised a sense of defiance towards her domineering husband. 
Reena made sure that she had shaved every bit of her mother head below the designated line. She even checked behind the ears and down the neck. But when she touched the area it felt sand papery, and not smooth. She looked up at Ravi who replied "We have only dry-shaved it. For smoothness we'll have to shave it with cream." Reena immediately got the shaving foam and rubbed it onto the shaven area. Manju's excitement began to grow. Once the foam was in place, Reena picked up the razor once more, but Ravi took it away from her, "This time I'll do it." He said with the hint of a smile on his face. It looked like he wanted to experience the mother now. Reena felt a little disappointed but moved to her watching point. Ravi with his crotch hidden from view worked on her mother's nape, expertly shaving it down to smooth hairless skin. Manju's smile was quite noticeable by now.  She was having a hard time resisting the shit-eating grin that was coming on her face time and again. God she felt like giggling, something she hadn't done since she had been a school girl!! 
Next Ravi brought down the mass of locks resting on top of her head and brought out the scissors. The steel blades glinted in the afternoon sun light. Reena wondered if he would call her again but he didn't. He combed the hair until it was falling down all over in its natural line and then put the scissor blades right next to Manju's jaw line. Manju of course couldn't see that because her face was covered with her tresses but Reena could. She imagined her mother with hair that short. She would actually look stunningly sexy. Even her shaved nape area would be partially visible. Reena shivered with a vicarious excitement. 
The steel blades of the shears went SCHNIKK SCHNIKK as they cleanly cut through her mother's hair. Surprisingly Ravi made the scissors move in a perfectly straight line so that Manju was left with a classic bob. Hearing the sharp blades cut through her thick hair had made Manju feel even more excited. She wondered what Ravi was doing to her. She knew it was short because she could feel the breeze on her earlobes now, but she wondered just how short he had gone. Once Ravi had finished with the back, he came to the front, and this time he combed more and more hair in front. Then he cut all of it together making it layer itself out in the process. When the final cut was done, Manju had a bob that was long in the front and shorter at the back with an asymmetrical parting. The hair in front had been left rather long so that it almost reached her eyes. When she finally looked into the mirror she couldn't believe this was her. With her well maintained figure and her new hairstyle she looked like Reena's college going elder sister. She even felt sexier and more excited. And because of that excitement she came to a decision. Once Ravi had done brushing away the stray hair from her neck and putting away her cut tresses to be used later, she beckoned him upstairs. Reena wanted to come in with them but she was expressly forbidden. "You wait here Reena. I need Ravi to do something for me." It looked like her mother had felt the hard-on too and decided to take care of it. Damn!! sucked being a child :( 

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