Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Rekha was thinking how to escape, three days passed, hair started growing on her the same time , she found a broken window on the room, she slowly moved towards it and tried to open but it was tightly locked.she found a chair in the room, she took the chair and smashed it against the window, loud sound heard, she found the a crack on three to four attempt the window glass got broken, when was about to escape.her room suddendly got opened, she found vikram and his crew was standing, she was frightened on seeing him.vikram slapped and dragged her to his room , he angryly started beating her.he decided to punish her severely, he took the razor and shaved her head dryly, her head started burning due to dry shave.he ordered his crew to bring the tattoo piercer , they soon brought him, he ordered the stylist to pierce the tattoo all over the body including her head, rekha started weeping and pleged him not to do it.but he didnt respond her.rekha was made to lie down in the bench and her hands and legs were extended and striped .stylist started with his stomach, rekha was crying loudly in pain, her voice ecohed throughout the room.after 6 hours, her body was pierced fully with tattoo, but her breast and butt , head and face were left.vikram asked to pierce it.he made rekha to lay facing the tBle with her butt up, he started tattoo on her butt, soon he finished.

VikrM and crew got excited on seeing this, then started in her breast and finished, then her head, he slowly started tattooing her head and soon finished and her face remained without tattooing.
He was paid by vikram and he went away.
Vikram was very excited on seeing rekha fully tattooed, he suddenly removed his dress and started fucking her.rekha too was enjoying this time.
Then after rekha was shaved twice a week by vikram.
Days passed, rekha started liking her head
And joined vikrams crew
Rekha remained tattooed with her shaved her
The end 


  1. The plot revolves around love and passion between Rekha and Vikram out of lust and desire.This is some thing like elopement of indian queens with black slaves out of sexual attraction.In mughal culture transfer genders were given to begins by nawabs in female attire for their make up,physical and sexual companionship and themselves using them for anal sex with shaven bald head and tattoos and nose piercing .

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