Wednesday, 26 August 2015


So he planned to remove her breast and sterilize her , he gave a strong sleeping doze to her and took her to a doctor who does anything for money.he paid a lump amount and removed her breast and sterilized her.soon after few days he took her to the fort.

At the same time , in the hotel, they found that the teachers and guide was they informed police.
The police placed a crew under inspector rekha.rekha looked very beautiful and sexior .she was a young women around 28 years.she had a thick volume of hair.she usually wears it in bun.
Vikram came to know that the police was searching them, so they decided to escape with their belongings.
They decided to leave saranya in the fort along with others.
When they were about to leave, vikram got an idea, he decided to hack the teachers hair which could earn them lot of money, so he ordered the the group to bring the teachers before them, first was ramya
He ordered deva and ravi to drag ramya before him, he was sitting in the chair, they dragged and put ramya in front of him.he pulled ramya towards him, with the help of her hair.
He took his knife from his pocket and started to cut ramyas braid upto her neck, soon he removed her mid back length braid and she looked like a school girl, he took the razor and he took the cordless electric clipper and switched it buzz buzz, it started with the sound, he placed it in ramyas head and started shaving, the hungryclipper was buzxing her hsir fastly, tears dwelled from ramyas eyes, soon she was buzzed.then vikram ordered the ravi and deva to give sleeping doze to other teachers,
Soon they dozed , they left ramya and saranya, and took others with them, they escaped through secret tunnel, and they reached a village bunglow in chandpur,
Chandpur was a remote village in madhya pradesh, it was 200 miles away from devipura.
Moreover chandpur was fully covered by forest and hills.
Only few hundred people lived there
So the thieves felt safe there
At the same time , rekha found the fort and rescued fainted ramya and saranya.she took them to the hospital and admitted them, she found a stand of hair on the floor of the fort.she collected it and took them for investigation,
Soon ramya woke up and told rekha that it was vikram who kidnapped them and hacked their hair and destroyed saranya
In chandpur bunglow, vikram shaved other girls hair and killed them and buried them.
Then he and his friends escaped from madhya pradesh and sold all the things they settled in mumbai.
But at the same time, some one was following them
Is they are spirits???
To be continued

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