Monday, 17 August 2015

Darshini Happily Goes Bald

Darshini’s marriage is love marriage, it’s not a surprising one. But she married her college professor, the age difference of both  of them is around 15 yrs. Because Darshini age is 23 and and his husband Raja age is 38. So Darshini’s parents not accepted her marriage, but she done her marriage in registrar office. Both of them started their marriage life happily at Coimbatore, because they left Chennai and she don’t want see their parents. After couple of months only the problem started, due to some ego clash, but there is no misunderstanding, Raja is feeling guilty due to their age difference, so he won’t come with outside, If he come with outside, most of them thought she is his daughter. This inferiority complex Darshini got knows after a week, she want to convince her hubby, but he is not accept, and he replied I am feeling guilty. I wasted your life. But darshini said no it’s my wish to marry, not your compulsion, so we don’t want to bother about the public, we live our life. After her discussion also he is not convinced.
So Darshini decides she want to match her age with Raja, so she quit wearing the modern dresses like churidar, jeans and skirt, and she bought lot of cotton sarees, and she want to put some weight also, after 3 months she got 5 kgs weigtht also she is wearing glass in her eyes, it’s look like little different, but he said don’t do these kind of things, pls do what ever you want, whatever you are doing your age will not match with me and your beauty will not decrease. But she said no, I will match with you within 3 months. After this changes and all she is not convinced because she missed something, she want to decrese her makeup also, but her beauty is still not decrease, so finally she decided, she want to tonsure her longhair. If she tell this to Raja he won’t accept, so one fine day, he went to college, she went to parlour, and she said to the beautician about her headshave. Beautician got surprised, because she is young age women and she trying to sacrifice her longhair, she asked why you want to shave your head madam, she replied, i don’t want to maintain such longhair it’s difficult to maintain, then she replied, so you can cut your hair short, but she said pls shave my head. So the beautician said ok, and she took darshini in to the room. After that what happened????? It's headshave..... you can imagine whatever type of headshave it's upto readers choice.
Another half an hour she came with a nice bald head and wearing a specs, then she hide hair bald head with her saree and came to her home and took a bath. After bath she seen her face in the mirror, she cried a lot, but she thought she done if for her hubby, so she decided, she don’t want to cry for her hair. And she waiting for her hubby.
At 5 pm her hubby came, and he called darshini, she hide her bald head with saree and she is in the kitchen, she replied I am coming, then she come and stand infront of Raja, he seen her face and he want to find out difference in her face, and he is asking what happened to you, you are look like little different today, then suddenly she remove her sarree in her bald head, he got shocked, and asking why you done it, she said because of you. Raja got tensed and he cried a lot, she trying to convince, he hug and kissed her in her bald head. After that she said, so if both of them look like same , because, I lose my beauty, so there is no inferiority complex for you. Also she said, I don’t want to grow my hair long anymore, I will shave my head 3 months once. But he won’t accept for her decision, but she said, this is my decision. After her tonsure both of them live happily. Every 3 months she happily shaved her head for her hubby.


  1. This is a beautiful story on marriage adjustment and as a marriage counsellor I will share a case study from North of India where in Teena a girl of 25 years is married off to a widower with sons,daughterinlaw and grand children.She was hesitant but on the first night her husband removed her nose ring and asks her to fix it in his nose as per custom and hearing this she hugs him and says she is his possession'slave and he in turn gifts her expensive nose studs for both nostrils with 14 and 12 pure diamond stones after deflowering her which she enjoys.When next morning formally takes over the house as mother in law and grand mother after doing puja for his feet and drinking that water and gets her head shaved with septum piercing and putting his mothers heavy ornament and gets his name tattled on her right hand.He then hands over the house keys and then daily in the night she puts erotic oils to rouse his sexual desire and lies on his lap to allow him to lovingly fondle her bald shaven head and she plays with her nose rings on his nose and he admires her nose studs and shows off that nose ring and now they have children and he has also put a nose stud'earstuds and moves out freely enjoying his wife's affections

  2. Teena Sharma as she is called is now a full fledged grand mother known in neighborhood as Teena dadi ,the name she has now tattooed and mother of 3 grown up children through this marriage breast feeding them all after getting blessings from her husband who is a temple priest with ear studs,nose stud of his wife along with her nose ring as a token for bearing him children and accepting him and his family with grand children and on her request pierced his septum and made his sons do the same.She in turn as a family tradition after performing his padapuja,drinking that water and sprinkling on her shaven shiny bald head and looking portly puts sindoor on his forehead and asking him to apply prominent long orange sindoor praying for his long life in front of all step sons,daughter in laws ,grand children and her children sitting on a swing with him blessing them and enjoy being called Panditani by servants,Saasu ma by daughter in laws and mama by all children and dadi by grand children .She also manages all the finances but shortly she wants to join her hhusband for pujas,rituals and spiritual meditation with Rudraksh chanting you are my swami and she is her dasi with name changed to Teena Dasi.This was a complete transformation from reluctance to submission to keep relationship and family ties intact indicating culture in spite of age differences in marriage appreciated by Sharma fondling her shaved bald head made shiny with oil and basma and playing and admiring her studs which is reciprocal by she playing with studs and ring lying on his lap.

  3. This story is available for TV episode after taking permission on Marriage adjustment Title.

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  5. It was a surprise visit from a friend of teena whom she had shown a liking 20 yrs ago who was surprised to see teena completely changed with shaven head and tattoo of her husband,nose studs,heavy with a ghunghat and already a grand mother and mother always reciting her husbands name praying for his long life and health completely spiritual. What a change from happy golucky young woman.