Thursday, 27 August 2015


This the real story I heard from one of friend, but this is not his story. It's my friend's neighbour experience. I have change the name
of the characters in this story but the incident is real, some portions of the story is my imagination, not a whole part.
Sanjay is in mumbai. But his parents are in chennai. Sanjay got the message from one of his college mate, Guna. Guna is family
friend of Aahalya. He said Aahalya is coming to chennai this week she want to meet you sometime in next week. Also he gave
Sanjay's number to Aahalya, so once she reach chennai she will call Sanjay. In his college days he loves a girl because of her hair.
She also loves sanjay her name is Aahalya. But both of them not proposed each other. However they know both of them in love. 2nd
year only Sanjay proposed his love to Aahalya. She also accept. Aahalya is a Commerce student, Sanjay is a Science student.
Aahalya's native is Tirunelveli, but sanjay is chennai. After their college days also they both continue their love. Sanjay got the job in
manufacturing company in chennai. But Aahalya is left chennai and she went to her native. But their love is still on. Sanjay want to
inform their love to Aahalya's parents first. and get the permission for their marriage. Aahalya also accept this, because their parents
searching a match for her. So one weekend he went tirunelveli and met her parents. But they won't accept their love, due to status
and cast. Aahalya is comes from rich family.
But Aahalya compel their parents for her love interest for more than a year, she thought they will accept her love one day. But they
got the match for in their cast itself, they forced Aahalya to marry their selection. This guy name is Diwakar he settled in london. So
she called Sanjay and want to marry otherwise she will commit suicide. By the time Sanjay is in Delhi for his office work. He said it's
difficult to come to Tirunelveli so he want Aahalya to speak her love to Diwakar. She said she already spoke to him, but he is not
care about this, he also impressed with her beauty. By the time her engagement also over. Her parents fix the marriage in with in 10
days. So Sanjay decided to pick her in Tirunelveli in next two days. She also accept. So he started from Mumbai to Chennai. But
when he on the way to the railway station his car is met with an accident, he got severe injury. He admitted in hospital. Next two
days he is in coma.
Aahalya don't know this, she tried to called Sanjay but he is not reply also his mobile switched off after 2 days. When he wake from
the coma he want to call Aahalya and want to inform about his situation. After some discussion with the doctors, and his parents,
they called Aahalya and informed. So she don't have choice. Her parents also forced her to marry Diwakar otherwise they will commit
suicide. If sanjay will recover of minimum of 8 to 9 months. So finally she accept her marriage with Diwakar. After her marriage she
went to London with Diwakar.
This is the flashback of Sanjay's love. After 48 hours he got the call from Aahalya and she informed she is in Tirunelveli, and she will
come to chennai next week. So she want to meet Sanjay in near by restaurant in their college. He also accepted. Also she informed
Sanjay to don't call her number. Once she reach chennai she will back. So he eager to meet Aahalya after 4 years. Sanjay apply the
leave and he started to chennai in the weekend. After he reaches in chennai he met his college friends. Next day he got the call from
Aahalya she said she reached chennai this morning and she will meet him by 7pm in the evening.
Time is coming, he reached the restaurant and he is waiting for her ex lover. After 10 mins Aahalya came with a surprise. Sanjay
couldn't believe, because she shaved her head completely. She came with new bald look. She sat in front of Sanjay and smiled she
ask about his health and his parents health. He said fine, and he said what happened to you why you shave your long hair. She said,
Sanjay you love me because of my hair. Your love also true, when you met with accident I prayed got for your health. Also I married
Diwakar in your health condition, so I have decided to shave my head at tirumala after some years if you coming to normal. Also I
don't want you to love me after my marriage. So I informed with my hubby for my headshave this year in tirumala, but I said the
reason is for their family only I am going bald. He also accept my vow. So last week I came to tirunelveli and yesterday we went to
tirumala, there me and my hubby shaved both of their head. This is the only thing I can give you at this time, I don't know it's wrong
or right but because of you only I shave my head. It's true, also please forget me and marry a girl and start a newline, no more long
hair for your Aahalya. And she want to meet him with her bald look, then only he feel she is not her love interest. But sanjay said,
dear I loved you so much, correct but you got married, and I am not stop your marriage for my situation, but you shaved my head
because me you said, it's hurt a lot, I know you love your hair so much like me, once you married diwakar, I don't want to love you
because you are wife of other person. But thank you so much, you sacrifice your lovely long hair for me, also I am not disturb you.
After some conversation she left the place and sanjay also left the place. After a year Sanjay also got married and he settled in
chennai. After 2 years again he got a call from Aahalya, he surprised how she known his new number, she said Guna shared his
number, she is asking about his family, he said he got married. She is coming to chennai again next month, if you want to interest to
meet me as a friend, I will inform you. Sanjay said Aahalya, you are my best friend so I will meet you with my wife once you reach
chennai plase come to my house with your husband. She also accepted. After a week she called again she will meet in sunday
morning in house with her hubby.
In the sunday morning 10 am Aahalya came, now she is in boy cut also she coloured her hair, she is looking modern girl, but she is
wearing traditional silk saree. she had a 3 year old son. Sanjay's wife also knows his love, so she is not worry about their
relationship. Also he shown her college day pictures to his wife. She got surprised Aahalya's boy cut look. She is asking, in your
college days you had a long hair, I've seen in your photos. But you are now very short hair, why you cut your lovely hair, she said, I
got bored my long hair, also I shaved my head 3 years back I shaved my head, after my tonsure, I want to maintain short hair. It's
easy to maintain such hairstyle. After long discussion and lunch, they left from their house. Also she want to keep in touch with his
family. But Sanjay still remember Aahalya's sacrifice

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