Monday, 17 August 2015

Exposed to the World

As Radha combed her butt length hair, Ram her husband looked on with pride. Her hair was beautiful and strong, a sign that she was a healthy woman capable of begetting many babies. In population starved Iceland, it was a boon to have a wife such as that. Ram went behind her and grabbed her hair from behind. Then pulling on it till she was forced to turn around, he kissed Radha. Slowly increasing the pressure on her hair and on her lips, he brought her to the brink of orgasmic excitement. Then he broke off smiling. He knew Radha would become frustrated with him. He wanted her to make the move this time. She was too shy and he wanted her to lose the self-consciousness regarding sex. It was a perfectly natural act and he wanted her to feel comfortable with her naked body. But once again she disappointed him. She just turned back and started brushing her hair. Her long, blck, shiny hair, that covered her gorgeous breasts, her thin waist, her sexy hips, her beautiful face. Everything that was good about her was hidden by that hair. 
Suddenly Ram grew angry. It was time to expose Radha to the world. He went into the bathroom and brought out the sharp trimming shears he kept there. Then before radha could figure out anything or react in any way, he grabbed her hand, turned her around and kicked her in the stomach. Radha, caught by surprise by the sudden assault, bent forward in agony, her hands moving to where she had been kicked. He kicked her once again for good measure and when sure that she was immobilized by the pain, he pulled her legs from under her. As she lay prone on her stomach Ram sat atop Radha making sure that his weight made her unable to move. Then he grabbed as much of her hair as he could and started shearing it off. Radha, still reeling from the pain was unable to understand what was happening. Numb from the shock she just let Ram do whatever he wanted. Soon all her hair was strewn across the floor. Then Ram punched her again in the ribs, to ensure she would stay put, and brought back his shaving kit. Right there sitting on top of a paralysed Radha, Ram proceeded to lather her head and shave her smooth. Finally when he was done, he kissed her smooth bald head. Then feeling the rush of blood in his penis, he knew he could take it no more, and took off his jeans. Then he tore off the skirt and panties that Radha was wearing and proceeded to satisfy himself. It was the most enjoyable fuck he had ever had in their marriage. Finally, exhausted with all his effort he went off to bed, leaving a tearfully weeping radha to take care of the mess on the batroom floor

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