Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Victim at barbarshop (surprise)

He walked down the street with his crew of camera, looking for a worthy victim. He walked and walked until he and his crew
were so tired. Finally he found a worthy victim. She was beautiful. She had long silky straight black hair reaching to mid back.
"Miss, would you like to be on TV?" "Sure," she said. "For what?" she asked. "Hair modeling. As in you leave your hair in our
hands," he said. "Well, alright," she said, brushing some hair off her face. "What's your name Miss?" he asked. "Monica," she
"Nice name," he said. The camera men got ready. He took a mike and went in front of them. This is Prem reporting from the
H.Online, and this beautiful young woman has volunteered to be our victim this evening. "What's your name?" he asked, pointing
the mike towards her. "Monica," she replied. "Let's go!" he said.
They soon arrived at a salon. People started taking photos. She was on TV and live. She smiled towards the camera. "Over here,
we're gonna wash your hair," the stylist motioned. She went to the washing area. The camera followed. She got onto the chair,
put her head in the bowl, and the stylist started washing. "You got a good one prem!" the stylist complimented.
The stylist then brought her over to a chair. She sat down. The stylist draped a cape over her, and started combing her wet hair.
Cameras were still catching the footage. The stylist combed her long black hair. He, using his fingers as a guideline, cut her hair
at chin length. She was so shocked she couldn't move. He combed some hair at the side of her head and cut eye length bangs.
He then trimmed it up. "Look how beautiful she is? See you next time on H.Online! Hope your next!" he said. The camera was
shut off. It was a experience she'd never forget.

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