Thursday, 27 August 2015

Reena and her mom

Reena had just turned 18. Her hourglass figure, 36C boobs and long black hair had begun to attract the attention of the local boys. Reena's mother would wash her hair every Sunday with a special imported shampoo and conditioner, and Reena would spend two hours in the morning brushing and drying it out under the natural sunlight on the roof of her house. Once the boys got to know about it, they took to hanging out at the tea stall across the road, every Sunday, to catch a glimpse of her. Her father worked at the bank, and used to spend his Sundays in front of the TV. 
Reena used to enjoy the attention. She even began to wear revealing clothing in order to attract more boys. Their smiles, winks, and occasional whistles made her feel a hot sensation which she enjoyed very much. To her mother she gave the excuse that she didn't want to get her clothes wet from the water in her hair and so she wore such little clothes. Her mother was a simple woman and believed that. 
One Sunday while she was drying her hair, a stone wrapped in paper fell on her roof. She looked down to see who had thrown it. It was Arun, her neighbor. He was 21, damn handsome, and the cricket captain at college. He was on his black Yamaha Avenger motorbike. He gestured at her to open the paper and read it. 
She carefully unwrapped it. It was a letter from Arun inviting her to watch a movie in the evening with him in the local theater. She was thrilled. Arun was still waiting for her reply. Immediately she nodded her assent. Arun smiled and gestured for her to meet him near the college at 6. She nodded once more. Then he smiled and rode away. Reena felt the thrill of anticipation growing inside her. She was going to watch a movie with Arun and then ride back on his bike at night. She felt no less than a film heroine embarking upon an adventure. Happily she went downstairs. 
In the evening she made up a lie to her parents that she was going to her friend's house for studies and would be back late. When she reached the end of her lane she quickly opened her purse, took out the lipstick she had hidden inside and put it on. With that bit of make-up on her she confidently felt much more mature than her 16 years and hailed a rickshaw to her college. Arun was waiting there as promised. She slipped onto the bike behind him without saying a word, and they rode away towards the theater at top speed. This was another first for Reena. Previously she had ridden pillion with her father but he rarely went above  40 Kmph. Riding behind Arun, clutching onto him tightly for the fear of falling, her young breasts being crushed against his rock solid back, the cool wind rushing past her face, these things evoked sensations she had never felt before. By the time they reached the theater, Reena only felt her anticipation growing, her mind reeling with the furiously pumping blood in her veins, while her body reacted as if in a daze, moving wherever it was pulled. 
As they pulled into the parking lot, it was 10 minutes past the show time, so they had to rush inside. Arun had bought the tickets before-hand so all they had to do was find their seats in the dark. Reena was a bit taken aback to see that their seats were right in the last row corner. Moreover the hall was only partly filled as the current movie had been playing for the last 2 weeks and most people had already seen it. Only some die-hard Salman Khan fans were there and they were sitting in the middle. Nobody was sitting close to them. Luckily the theater had been playing ads till then. 
The movie started as they sat down. Both of them remained focused on the movie for the next 5 minutes, not knowing what to say or do with each other. Then just before the situation could get too awkward, Arun took her hand in his and whispered in her ear, "Hi, I'm Arun. We are neighbors. I'm glad you accepted my invitation. I hope you find my company as enjoyable as I'm finding yours." Reena could only smile in return. Then just to show she was enjoying herself too she gently squeezed his hand. Arun brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. Reena blushed fiercely but liked it too. Both of them reverted to the movie but soon Arun whispered into Reena's ear "I have watched you drying your hair on the roof every Sunday. It’s fascinating, how long and shiny it is. May I touch it?" Reena nodded again. The next moment Arun's hands were around her bun, untying it and letting her hair fall free. Arun moved his hands through it, gently lapping it up, holding her tresses, caressing them and letting them fall back. Reena was in a daze by now. Her body had become limp and submissive, letting Arun do all the exploring he wanted. He stroked her nape, her ears, and her throat. He explored every part with the softest of touches, but his focus remained her lustrous mane. He would pull it with a tug this way and that. Her head would obediently follow. Once he brought his head in close to her neck and took a deep breath. "Your hair smells wonderful. I always wanted to smell it." Reena found this strangely erotic. As he began to nuzzle her neck she felt a strong urge from inside and opened herself for easier access. Soon he was kissing her neck and pulling on her hair simultaneously. In response she bent her head down and both of them began to kiss each other. At first lightly then with more and more passion, finally getting down to tongue wrestling and teeth grinding. 
Just then the lights in the theater came on and both of them jerked apart. It was the interval. Arun went outside to get some popcorn for both of them. Meanwhile Reena relaxed and composed herself. She brushed out her clothes to remove any signs of their recent exploits while looking around to see if anyone had noticed them. But no one seemed particularly interested in looking at her there. There were a couple of other girls there too whose boyfriends had gone outside, and who were obviously there for similar reasons. Reena couldn't help the smile plastered over her face as she saw Arun coming back. This time they resumed as soon as the second half of the movie began. Apart from the kissing, Arun began to touch her breasts. Then he put his hands inside her top, in order to stroke her stomach. This felt a bit too much for Reena and she pulled apart. Arun looked at her and then nodded in an understanding manner. "Ok. Fair enough. We've just met." He smiled. Then he reached out to her head, grabbed the tresses on both sides of her face and pulled her towards him. "But we can at least continue what we were doing right?" Reena couldn't help but agree. The next one hour was spent with Arun entangled in Reena's locks and lips. In the end when the movie got over, both of them regretfully parted and stood up. 
As Arun drove Reena to her house at top speed, she once again remained quiet, savoring the wind going though her now loose tresses at 70 Kmph. Arun dropped her at a little distance from her place so that they wouldn't be spotted together. Not knowing the right thing to say or do, Reena just smiled and turned to walk away, when she felt a pull on her hair. Arun had grabbed the end of it and was slowly rolling it up around his fist. As he kept rolling Reena was pulled along until she was standing in front of him, their noses touching each other. "It was a good movie wasn't it?" Arun asked. "I don't know. I didn't get to see most of it." she replied sticking out her tongue. "Hmm. That's true. So would you like to see it again sometime?" Reena blushed deep red. "I don't know. I don't really like Salman Khan." "Good. Neither do I." He gave her a wicked grin. “So would you like to see it again?" He tugged at the ball of hair around his hand again, hard. She was forced to look up at him. He could read the lust in her eyes. They kissed again, deep and long. It lasted for more than a minute, at the end of which both were left gasping for breath. "Good. I'll book tickets for next weekend's show."  He informed her grinning. "I might not come." "Yes you will." He again tugged hard. "Ouch, it hurts!! Stop it. You'll pull out all my hair." she cried. "Say you'll come again." "Fuck off!!" He pulled her towards him and tried to kiss her again. This time she bit his lips. "Owww!!" he cried letting go of her hair. She quickly ran away. Fucking maniac she thought, rubbing her now painful scalp. That's when she remembered her open hair and quickly pulled it up into a bun once more. Then checking herself all over to make sure there were no lingering signs of her recent adventure, she went inside. 
She quietly made her way to her room, praying that she would meet no one. Once inside she would just fall asleep and no one would be the wiser for today. But that was not to be. She found her father barring the way, her mother sobbing by his side. "Reena today I found this letter on the roof. How long has this been going on?" Shit, she had forgotten the letter on the roof. Now she was gonna really get it. "Oh Papa, actually I was just going to tell you about it. Its nothing just that stupid boy in the neighborhood. I think he saw me drying my hair and sent me that letter, it’s really nothing." Her father gazed at her sternly. "Drying your hair, ehh. Let it down. Let me see it." She let down her hair and it reached to almost her buttocks. Her father examined her from head to toe, going all around her. She just prayed that he couldn't guess what she had been doing with it less than an hour ago. When he was done with his examination he sternly ordered her "Go up to your room. And no more of this washing and drying your hair every Sunday nonsense. We end up spending a fortune on shampoos and conditioners anyway. I'll think of what is to be done about this letter." Saying this he walked away. Reena went up to her room crestfallen. What did he mean by no more of this washing and drying nonsense? Shit!! She hoped he wasn't thinking of cutting her hair. Damn fuck!! Why hadn't she destroyed that stupid letter? She should have thrown it at that maniac Arun right then and there. Now it was going to destroy her life and her beautifully long silky hair. She stood in front of her full length mirror and began to comb out her tresses, probably for the last time. Tears began to fall from her eye
The next day Reena woke up early, determined to change her father's mind, by hook or by crook. She put on her best clothes, put her hair in a neat bun, and went down to breakfast. She had planned her strategy carefully in her mind. She would start off with logic and then move into heavy emotions, finally relying upon her father's weakness for tears. She was determined not to let the blades of a barber within an inch of her precious hair. 
She entered the dining hall with full confidence. But as soon as she saw the grim expression on her father's face, her confidence began to falter. "Papa, about what you said yesterday. What did you exactly mean?" she said in a trembling voice. Best to get a clear idea. Maybe her father had never meant a haircut, and she was feeling afraid for nothing. 
"I meant that your long hair is a distraction for you, and a financial burden on us. Hence it must go. I have arranged for a barber to visit us in the afternoon. Make sure you are at home then. Otherwise I will make sure that I cut it personally." "But Papa, that's not fair at all. What's my fault? How can my hair be a distraction? I perform well at school. I am a good girl. I have done nothing to deserve this." She tried to argue with him. "Enough. I don't want to hear any of your arguments. When you are older you will realize the distraction it poses. Meanwhile I will ensure that it doesn't affect you." His tone would brook no argument. Reena moved into heavy emotions. "But papa, I would look terrible with short hair. Imagine, your lovely little girl with short hair. You loved my hair. When I was little, you used to praise how beautiful it looked and how healthy and shiny it was. Here feel it again for yourself. How can you bear the thought of all this loveliness being cut off?" But her entreaties fell on deaf ears. Her father made no move to feel sympathetic. He didn't even bring out his hands to touch it. Time for the final move. She sat down and began to howl loudly. By now her father would have usually been eating out of her hands. But somehow this time he remained unmoved. "Just be at home in the afternoon Reena. I don't want any tantrums." Saying this he walked away. 
Afternoon came too fast for Reena's comfort. She spent the time in her room standing in front of the mirror, admiring and brushing her long hair for the last time. Each time she thought of it as the last time, tears would begin to form in her eyes. It just wasn't fair. She shouldn't have to pay such a heavy price for one silly mistake. Damn that Arun. Damn all stupid, fucking men!! 
"Reena, come down. The barber is here." Her father called out to her. Reena's heart nearly skipped a beat. So soon. She wasn't ready to part with her hair yet. She hadn't said goodbye to it properly. "Reena come down this instant, or I will have to come up and drag you down." Her father shouted again. Reena reluctantly made her way down. Downstairs she saw that old newspapers had been spread out in the drawing room, and a stool had been laid on them. Next to the chair lay a small stool upon which lay the shearing instruments packed in a bag. There was also a bucket of water and a towel. 
Next to her father stood a tall, lanky youth, who seemed to be no more than 25 years of age. Her father introduced him as Ravi, the barber who would cut her hair. Reena felt more and more distressed. Her hair would be sheared off by this...this boy...How dare her father subject her to this. How could he do this to his own daughter? Full of anger and sorrow she spoke "You are such an unfair man Papa. You say my hair is burden to you. Then what about mummy's hair. Why don't you get that cut off too? Isn't that a burden? Why am I the only burden in the family?" Her mother standing nearby gasped in horror. Her long silky, shiny hair was the pride of her life. Reena knew that her father could never make her mother cut her hair. And if her mother could keep her hair then she could too. 
Her father went into a pensive expression. He looked at her mother. "Let down your hair Manju." Manju couldn't believe this was happening to her. All of 45, she looked not a day older than 30. All of this due to meticulous diet plan and regular exercise. She had the figure and the hair of a woman almost 20 years younger than her. And it was going to be chopped off. She began to cry. But she was too well schooled in following her husband to argue with him now. Quietly she opened her bun, turning around to let him have a better look at it, and also to hide her tears. "Yes Reena, you are absolutely right. You aren't the only burden in the family. It seems your mother with her hair reaching her thighs is also a burden on us. Thanks for pointing it out. As soon as your hair is gone, Ravi will cut your mother's hair too." Reena could see her last ploy going down the drain. She was going to get a haircut no matter what. And now so was her mother. She felt a little sorry for dragging her into the mess. Now they were both screwed. 
Reena accepted her defeat with a heavy heart and sat down on the stool. Immediately she was covered and caped. Then Ravi asked her father. "Sir, if you don't mind, may I comb her hair out first. It would be easier for me to process it later." Reena's father nodded, explaining to her "In return for cutting your hair for free, Ravi will get all the hair he cuts today. He will use it to make wigs for the needy. You should be happy that your hair is going to be used for a good cause." Reena, who had already resigned herself to her fate hardly heard him. Her mind had shut down. Ravi gathered up all her hair into a ponytail at the back and began to comb it out. Slowly, meticulously, using deft brush strokes, Ravi brushed her hair until it lay in all its smooth and voluminous splendour. Then he bent her head and began to wet her hair with water from the bucket. He massaged the water into her scalp. The massage felt very relaxing. Reena, by now exhausted fell into a semi sleepy state, letting Ravi manipulate her as he would. He would pull her hair this way and that in order to create the best angle for himself. 
Soon the massage was done. Then Ravi combed her hair out once more. He sectioned it off from the top, using plastic hair clips. Soon all of Reena's hair was neatly divided. By now Reena's father had gone back to his favourite TV show, while her mother was in her bedroom, undergoing the same emotions that Reena had been feeling a few hours ago. Reena felt bad for dragging her mother into this mess. She was also feeling warm and comfortable from the massage Ravi was giving her. The barber sure knew his stuff. He seemed kind of cute too. Suddenly Reena was aware that under the cape, she was wearing only a sleeveless shirt and shorts. She had not put on any bra or panties as the climate was too hot and she was only at her home. Now the wet mass of hair was dripping water onto her cape and it was beginning to make it transparent. The water was also getting onto her shirt and causing her nipples to harden due to the sudden coolness. As Ravi moved behind her his crotch touched her back a few times. Soon she was surprised to note that it was hard and pointy. Looked like the barber was enjoying the haircut as much as Reena. She had resigned herself to her fate by now and decided that if she was going to have a haircut she might as well enjoy it. Ravi had left the hair at the back of her neck unclipped. He began to cut her hair from there. SCHNIKK SCHNIKK went the steel scissors on the thick, lusciously wet mass. She could feel the steel at the back of her neck and felt shocked. 
"How much are you cutting?" "Maam, your father asked me to give you a nice bob cut. That's what I'm doing." Damn her father. Reena again felt tears rising to her eyes. She was going to be left practically hairless. The thick black mass that had shielded her all these years would be gone completely. Damn him. Ravi continued with his cutting. He would carefully collect some tresses in his comb, cut them, then lay them out at the side of the stool. The length of each piece was close to 3.5 feet. Looking at the heap brought home to Reena just how much hair she was losing. Damn you father, she thought again. Ravi's hard-on kept poking her back occasionally. Soon the back was done. Then Ravi bent down and she heard a buzz. "What is that?" she cried. "Its clippers maam. Actually it will be best if I shave the area where I have just cut your hair. Then it would grow back thicker. Don't worry this is just for your nape area. I won't be shaving all of your hair off." He joked. 
Reena choked back hot sobs. She was going to be shaved!! Of all the indignities and humiliations that she had faced in her life none was worse. She tensed up as the buzzing came nearer and nearer to her head. But when the clippers touched her nape the sensation blew away her mind. It was like the most sensual massage she had ever had. She closed her eyes and pushed her nape into the clippers, trying to get closer to the buzzing. In the process, she pressed right into Ravi's erect penis. Not knowing what to do, Ravi continued silently. Reena too began to wonder what an actual penis would feel like. With the clippers done, Ravi applied shaving foam to the area. The feel of his gentle fingers on her newly buzzed nape was electric. Then he brought out his straight razor and changed the blade to a new one. When he began the shaving Reena felt that she had nearly died and gone to heaven. She kept absolutely still for fear of cutting herself, but couldn't help herself and let out a small moan. Ravi ignored it. With long, smooth strokes, he finished shaving her very quickly. Reena was disappointed when it was over. She could feel the coolness of the AC over her shaven nape. A part of her wished her entire head was going to be shaved. But she quickly checked that thought before it could go on. 
Next Ravi let down some more of her hair. It had become dry so he wet it again, accidentally spilling some water over her front. The shirt and cape now clung to her skin while her tits were erect once more. Ravi put down his eyes with embarrassment but strangely Reena was enjoying it now. Soon the scissors started their work, SCHNIKK SCHNIKK SCHNIKK. It was cut level with her nape, hiding the shaven area beneath. 
Then came the top. Ravi combed it down carefully. Immediately as he came in front of her, Reena's eyes went to his crotch. The hard-on was still there. When he was combing her front hair, his rock hard member was dangling in front of her face. Suddenly she had a strong urge to kiss it, but restrained herself just in time. Ravi cut her hair evenly along the sides and in the front. SCHNIKK SCHNIKK. Once the initial cut was done, he brought out clippers again to clean up the hairline. He collected the hair at the front in his comb and ran the clippers along it giving her the cutest bangs ever. If Reena could have seen herself in a mirror she would have known that she looked even hotter than before. Her father had inadvertently increased her risk of getting "distracted". 
With the cut over Ravi removed the cape and asked Reena to clean herself up, while he made preparations for her mother. Reena was disappointed that it had ended so quickly. She had felt much more turned on with a simple haircut than she had ever been with Arun. If only Ravi had made a move on her. She checked for the hard-on. Yup, it was still there. He must be quite a shy guy she thought, wondering if she dared to make a move on him. That would teach her father a lesson too. Just then her mother came down. 


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