Wednesday, 26 August 2015


This is the story of nisha , former miss india.
On june 10, nisha was selected as miss india.she was given the beauty queen .then afterwards she had busy schulede of attending functions and party and shop opening etc.she was always accompanied by her styliat neha.neha was the one who was behind nishas victory.she made a nisha black thick shiny hair into a flip hairstyle , which soon became nishas signature style.
It became very popular among the teen agers.
Soon nisha became a public the miss india organization had arranged a  two body gaurd for nisha.they always accompany her during her work.
One day when nisha went to bangalore to attend a function conducted by the famous jewellery shop.
They booked a room for her in le meridian hotel.
In the hotel , nisha and neha was enjoying very much.
On the function day, neha styled nisha very beautifully and  made her ready.neha got a call so she went out and spoke and told nisha she will accompany her in the function, since she got a urgent work.nisha said good bye to her and prepared herself to the function.
At 5 hours before the function, the gaurds told the nisha that there was change of schedule and told her to get ready.since she was already dressed and styled , she was ready to go.
Soon they started the travel to the shop.
On the way, they suddenly changed the route.nisha asked them why did u change.they told her the road was blocked.soon they reached a back door of a dark building.
Nisha was confused and asked what was it they told it was the back yard of the shop , to avoid crowd they reached by this way.
She phoned to neha but she did not take the phone.nisha felt something was wrong and told them to move the car to front of the shop.but suddenly the gaurds holded her hands tightly and pulled her inside the back door .
They led her to a dark was dark and nothing was visible.nisha was screaming for help, one of the gaurds closed her mouth with his hand , now she could not scream.
Sudeenly the room lights  got on.
Nisha saw a chrome barbarchair with leather strips.
Soon they made her sit and fastened the thick leather straps around her arms, legs and chest.
Nisha shouted let me go plz
Welcome miss india a voice heard.nisha turned on the side where sound came
She saw a women on the cornor of the room sitting on the chair.she had covered her face with a mask.
She told her why nisha was kidnapped .
She told nisha "We are part of a group of concerned women who feel that the archaic practice of
conducting beauty pageants serves only to harm the female gender. Young women such as you set an impossible standard for
our teenage girls, causing tremendous harm to their self-esteem. In addition, men look at their wives and girlfriends as being
somehow inferior to you, just because they don't look picture perfect 100 percent of the time. Tonight we are asking you and
several other leading women in the pageant, fashion and entertainment industries to publicly call an end to this illusion of perfect
beauty and help set a new standard of feminine worth in our world".
Hence we are going to shave you to protect the world from illusions
Nisha was shocked and started crying
She slowly went to nisha and touched her hair and took a cap and covered her.
Nisha shouted dont cut my hair and dont make me ugly
She brushed nishas hair several time and told "You are fortunate. In time your hair will grow back. However, the emotional scars resulting from
the inferiority that women feel when compared to you will never heal."
With the clippers in one hand,she tilted nisha's head to the right and slides her other hand under the flip, raising it to expose
the hairline around the nisha's left ear. Nisha jumped at the sound of the clippers and starts to sob as the cold whining blades touch her left cheek just below the
temple. The whine changes to a harsh rasping as the shiny silver teeth move up into her luxurious locks. Nisha doesn't notice,
though. She can't hear anything over the sound of her pulse pounding in her ears.
Niaha's head was tilted that way and that as the clippers roar over and over; first, around her left ear, then the back of her head
and finally move to the other side, reducing more and more of her hair to fuzz with each second.
"No! No! Not my beautiful hair!" Nisha moaned repeatedly throughout the harvesting of her beautiful crowning glory. After the sides and back are clipped, nisha's head is pressed forward until her chin is touching the cape. She had done her
work in such a way that the nisha's stiff hairstyle has remained intact. This causes it to hang out over her forehead, suspended in
space by the uncut portion on top.
Nisha looking much like a bald man placing a wig at the centre of his head alone
Then The clippers was pushed forward several times over the top of her head. Soon, the rest of her hair is cut and the entire teased
and sprayed mass rolls off her scalp. Nisha screamed on seeing her beautiful head of hair lying in her lap.
Her hair was taken away and the lady began lathering nishas head with shaving cream. Nisha's screams had lapsed to
shuddering sobs.
Tears fall silently to the cape as she suffers through the first shave. The razor tugs and pulls, making a terrible scraping sound as
She worked the blade in short, quick strokes. Nishas scalp was lathered again and the last of her hair is swept away, this time by
long smooth strokes of the straight razor. Each one begins at her forehead and ends at her nape, leaving the skin shiny and
As an afterthought, lady applied lather to nisha's perfectly arched eyebrows and removes each one with a single flourishing
stroke of the razor.
After being sheared and shaved, nisha returned to her hotel suite. Her bald head feels very cold and her scalp stings from
being shaved twice. She cannot bear to see her reflection in the mirror, a problem she never had before. Hours of crying have
caused mascara to spread all around her eyes and down her cheeks. Her head looks so tiny without all that black hair
surrounding it and it has a funny sort of pointed shape on top. The bare skin glows like a light bulb it is so white. Having never
felt so ugly, she lies on the bed and cries herself to sleep.
Nisha woke up the next morning, hoping it is all a bad dream. However, one touch of her hand on the still smooth skin reveals the
truth. She looked in the mirror. It was true.
Then her hotel room was knocked.
When she opened no one was there but a big parcel was kept.she took the parcel and opened consisted of a wig and her shaved hair and a letter
When she opened the letter
Letter said
" thank u miss india


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