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The curse of magic mirror

rampur was a small town in rajasthan.In that town, babu and his family
lived . babu lived with his wife and a daughter.his wife had a
long shiny hip length hair and his daughter had a waist length hair. both of
them are proud of it.babu is keeping a antique shop and
he buys a antique thing from estate sale and auction and sells in his day, he went to aravalli hills for a estate sale and
bought a very old but beautiful painting .the painting was about a beautiful
girl with a comb.he bought to his shop and told this to his
wife and daughter.they too liked the picture very much.but on that day babu
had a terrific night he had lot of night mare about the day he went to the shop and started his research about the
painting.he found that it was 200 years old painting and he
found a certain words on back of was written as “Hair is victim, Hair is
wealth, shear For gold”, he read these words and went to
sleep that day .on the mid night he suddenly woke in the middle of night ,
he saw a spirit standing in front of him, babu was fainted
on seeing the spirit, suddenly the spirit went inside his body .
The sun started raising , the spirit inside the babu body started thinking
about her past
lets see about the spirit, samira was the beautician who was working in the
palace taking of queens and other royal ladies.her main
duty was to take care of queens hair and others hair .she worked in the
kingdom of azwathpur .Queen of azwathpur was a beautiful
person with knee length , thick and shiny black hair.she is very proud of
it.samira too had a hip length hair but she tied it in a bun
2hile working in day ,samira was oiling the queens hair , she
found lot of hair damage in the queens hair.she told this to
the queen about this.queen ordered her to repair it.samira washed the
queens hair and prepared the queen for a haircut.the queens
hair was damaged upto her waist but samira did not tell the queen how long
was the damage the queen thought she was
going to cut the split ends.samira took the golden scissors and placed the
scissors at the waist level and started cutting it”SCHH
SCHH SCHH”.Lot of hair was falling, queen could not understand what was
happening .she ordered her to stop but it was too
late .samira reduced the knee length queens to waist level.Queens was
terrified on seeing her major make over .she started shouting
at her.samira was begging but queen was not not satisfied .she decided to
give her a punishment in new way. The queen planned to punish her she started thinking.she thought for a long time.atvthe same time
samira was shivaring and pleading her.finally the queen announced her
punishment.she ordered samira to open her bun.her hair was flowing like a looked like a black water fall.queens eyes got open .her jaws got
opened .she ordered samira to but a high pony tail on the top of samira
head.samira put a high pony.queen ordered his maid to a bring a beautiful
mirror and place in front of samira as she want samira to watch her
makeover.she took the golden scissor and placed it near the pony tail and
started cutting samira hair , Schh Schh schh Schh, she cutted her very
forcefully, the sound of scissors ecohed throughout the queens palace ,
queen finally cutted the samiras pony tail, her scalp was visible, she ordered
her maid to shave samiras hair, the maid started watering samiras hair and
started shaving her hair.samira was crying .she was helpless.finally her
head was shaved.she thought it was over but queen ordered her maid to
tattoo samiras head that samira was a ugliest women , samira was terrified ,
painful tattoo was placed on her face, she looked very ugly, queen started
laughing at samira, samira ran out of the palace and committed suicide but
no one knew her death including the queen.on the 18 th day of her death,
when queen was wandering in the palace , the samiras spirit appeared
before the queen and told her that she will destroy her beauty and all the
women who belong to his further generation and she disappeared.the queen
got frightened and ordered hks servants to bring all the priest and wizards
to her palace.she narrated the whole incident and asked them for solution
but no one could find a solution except one The wizard of northern forest
had a solution, so he started telling his solution to the queen .the queen got
shocked on hearing it.
The wiz started explaining the solution to get rid from the spirit.he told the
queen to take him to the palace where samira was shaved and
tattooed.queen showed him.he told the queen that he wanted queens hair
for making the spirit jailed, queen asked how much.he asked the queen to
turn back .the queen turned hesitatingly.he took out the razor and starting
cutting her hair nearthe ear .after cutting the bulk amount of hair.queen
looked in rough boycut.he asked the queen to sit .he slowly starting shaving
her hair.queen was weeping, she was helpless.a white patch slowly
appeared finally she was shaved, the wiz collected her hair and starting his
pooja and finally at the end of pooja .he burnt the queen hair.he took the
ash of her hair and applied on the mirror which was kept during samiras
face.he chanted certain mantras and samiras spirit appeared in it .he
prisoned samiras spirit in the mirror and covered it with a cloth and asked
the queen to seel the mirror.he wrote some magical words on it and warned
the queen that spirit will be freed when one sees ihe mirror and read these
words.he also warned spirit will punish the family who free her.and also
punish her generation.queen kept the mirror in the lonely room in her
palace and locked it.
AFTER 200 years, the palace was sold by the queen generationand things in
the palace was sold in estate sale in auction and babu bought this mirror
and read and spirirt went inside inside him.
Spirit started planning how to punish babus it planned to play a started waiting for a opperunity.few days later, babus younger and
widow elder visited his house along with her mother.both the sisters have
mid back length hair and spirit thought the opperunity has come .on that
day night, it transferred from from babus body to babus mother
day , babu went for a long trip to kerala.he told his mother he will return
only after 20 days.only 5 ladies was left in the house.the spirit planned to
punish them on that night.
On that day evening spirit residing in mothers body called all the ladies in
the house.she told both of her daughers and her daughter in law and her
grand daughter that they can play a quiz game.she added that the loser of
each round will receive a punishment.evryone hesitated but the spirit made
them agree with half hearted .soon the game started .
her grand daugher asked her elder daughter ,”what the life span of
peacock”, the elder daughter replied ,”10 years”.
But she was wrong, soon the grand daughter asked babu spirited mother
what was the punishment.she told her to bring comb, oil and scissors and
paper.soon things was bought.all of them she was going to comb her hair
but there was a twist , she asked her elder daughter to kneel down in front
of her, she was suprised and not ready to do this, the spirited babus mother
forcely made her kneel down in front of other, she opened her daughters
braided hair and started oiling it, she made her hair oil damp and starting
combing forcely, her daughter was shouting due to pain, others was
watching silently.then she braided her daughters mid back hair
tightly .everyone thought it was over but suddenly she took the scissors and
placed it just below the shoulders of her daughters braided hair and started
cutting it , SCHH SCHH SCHH SCHH, her braid was in her hand, she told
them that punishment was finished
Next round
Babus mother told her daughter in law that her task was she had to play a
coin game with her younger daughter.both agreed hesitatingly.
babus wife first spun the coin, her younger daughter asked head , yes it was
head, babus wife lost a point, babus spirited mother went back of babus
wife and started cutting her hair.she removed 15 inches of babus wife
hair.her hip length hair was reduced to midback.babus wife was weeping.
second time babus wife won, babus mother made her younger daughters
midback hair to shoulder length.
In third time, babus wife won again, this time babus spirirted mother made
her younger daughter hair to rough boy cut
Spirirt inside the babus mother was enjoying this very much
In fourth round, babu wife lost, babus wife thought babus mother is going to
cut her hair to shoulder length
Suddenly babus mother went inside and returned with mug of
water ,everyone was confused why she bought a mug of water
Babus mother sat on the chair , she ordered her daughter in law to sit in
front of her , she obeyed and sat in front of her.
She asked her to put all her hair front, her daughter in law obeyed and done
it without a word, babus mother started sprinkling some water on her
daughter in laws head and started massaging and wetting her daugher in
laws hair.babus wife was confused why she was doing wet massage on her
head , babus wife thought it was the punishment and sat silently and started
enjoying the massage , after 10 min, babus mother suddenly took out the
razor which she kept hidden in her hair and placed in on the centre of her
daughter in laws head .her daughter in law (babus wife)was shock and she
tried to stood up.but the babus spirirted mother made her sit down
andstarted shaving slowly .she was holding her in laws head firmly.she
moved the razor on her in laws head on the front .babus wifes hair was
starting falling, she was crying loudly a white starting appearing.soon her
head was shaved .The spirit was laughing at her in law.tjis scene made babus daughter to rise in
anger.her face turned red due to anger.she moved towards the spirit and asked
her why she shaved her spirit.but the spirit annoyed her question .it stopped
laughing due to her repeated used her dark spell on all others on
their house.she decided to punish babus daughter in a same fashion she was
punished by the queen.she made her naked and made her sat on the
floor.babus daughter was acting according to her order due to her dark
spell.she went to babus shop and took the golden mirror .and placed it before
babus daughter and took pair of scissors and started cutting her hair , close to
the scalp, large bulk of hair was falling on the ground , soon she removed 3/4
of total hair from her head.babus daughter was in rough boycut, suddenly the
spirit which is residing inbabus mothers body started cutting her own hair.spirit
was enjoying and mouning, she finally shaved her own head .after shaving ,
suddenly a tattoo piercer appeared on her hand and started piercing tattoos on
babus daughter whole body.she was piercing tattoos for nearly 2 hours .the sun
started rising.after piercing tattoos , it took the razor and shaved babus
daughter head and took a baldness lotion and applied on babus daughter and
babus wife head .the spirit planned to babus sisters also.soon they were shaved
and lotion was applied.The spirit left the body of babus mother and started
searching for queens generation
Sheela who was the great grand daughter of queen, and she is the only
generation of queeen , sheela has two daughters namely ,keerthi and kiran,
both keerthi and kiran are fair and slim figures, keerthi has beautiful shoulder
length hair , her hair was shiny and black.kiran had mid back length hair, her
hair was browny and curly.sheela had mid back length hair who usually tied in
bun.they lived in delhi .her husband named mohan was manager in bank of
delhi.they employed a widow for their house hold work .she belonged to deeper
part of rajastan.
Mohan sold the ancient palace and things in the palace was sold in auction
where babu bought it and spirit was released and his was messes.
At the same time , the spirit went to babus shop and starting searching the
address of the auction place , soon it was found.spirit neede a body for
travelling , so it moved into the body of veeran who was babus
neighbour.veeran was 50 years old man who was unmarried.he was a jouralist
and used to travel throughout the world.soon the spirit went to the address of
auction company and enquired about mohan and found his address.the spirited
veeran started his travel to delhi.
At the same time, Babu returned to his house, when he returned home , all his
family members were fainted and their head was shaved and bulk of hair was
lying on the floor.
Both keerthi and kiran was studying 2nd year engineering in delhi
university.sheela was house wife and her maid stayed along with them
Within few days,the spirirted veeran reached delhi and found the address of
mohan .he went to his house and introduced him as one of the clients.On that
day night , spirit left veerans body and entered into mohans body, mohan was
spirited, next day , mohan asusual ent to his office, soon in the evening , the
spirit decided to take spirit in mohan decided to punish one of her
So, it was waiting for a opperunity.keerthi was very weak in maths .evryone
know this.the spirit decided to use her waekness.spirited mohan told keerthi
that she should get 75% mark in monthly examination or she will be
punished.keerthi started studying hardly but she failed to get the percentage.
But she improved her marks very well, so she thought her father wont punish
her , so she went home happily
At home, keerthi told mohan her marks , mohan told her to get ready for her
punishment as she failed to get target marks.she argued her father that she had
improved but allin vein
She went to her mother and told her , she too argued with mohan but it was all
vein.spirit was doing all this.mohan went outside and bought 3 parcels and
placed it in the centre of the hall.he called keerthi to come.she came.mohan
asked keerthi to open one of the parcel.she opened the third one, keerthis eyes
was wide open in fear .when she opened it .it consist of pair of scissors, comb
and old shaving razor and electric clipper and a letter.mohan asked her to read
It was written as haircut , shave .he told her it was her punishment.Mohan started the procedure for keerthi’s haircut.he placed the chair in the
centre of hall.he asked keerthi to sit on the chair but she he forcely
made her to sit on the chair.she started crying loudly.mohan caped her with
the white towel.he started wetting her hair and starting cutting SCHH SCHH
SCHH he reduced her shoulder length hair to chin length, her neck was visible,
he further reduced her length, she was in rough boycut and furthur cutted her,
soon he switched the electric clipper, Buzz buzz buzz
He slowly placed the clipper on her forehead and moved upwards.her white
scalp started appearing.she can feel the cold blades on her scalp finally he
buzzed her hair .then he took the shaving foam and applied on her hair and
took the razor and started shaving .soon she was bald.he shaved her head
again.her head appeared like cueball.he told the punishment was finished .he
told that her head will be thrice a week.
The spirit shaved her 5th victim smooth.spirit in the mohan body planned to
shave and tattoo he planned to do it.
Sheela had one weakness, she does often bedding and wins prize in horse
racing.she usually bet on saturday race.she will bet only on number:7 horse
which is sheelas favourite and fastest in the club.
mohan planned to trap in her way.priya was sheelas friend and she also does
bedding but she didnt win much as sheela.
First we can see about priya, priya was fat women , she usually maintain short
hair usually bob.sheela usually calls her as fat cow.priya is waiting for a time
so that she want to take revenge on her
Mohan planned to use her in his plan, he met priya on her house and told her
he wants to shave and tattoo sheelas first priya hesitated but finally
accepted .she felt happy that she is going to fulfil her revenge.
Their plan was to make sheela and priya place a bet on horse racing.if sheela
wins priya will shave and tattoo her head but if priya wins sheela will have to
shave and tattoo her head.
Then they met the horse race club manager and bought him with money.he
agreed to make priya win.
Then saturday came.sheela left the house to the club.
On the club she met priya.sheela placed a bet of 10000 on her favourite horse
Priya placed bet to sheela that no.5 will win.she told her bet was sheela has to
shave if priya won or priya will shave her head.
Sheela was bit confused at the bet but agreed.the race
On the first lap no.7 was leading, sheela was happy
On the second round no.7 was again leading.sheela was over joy and started
giggling priya but on the final and third lap no.7 horse suddenly got fainted and
no.5 won the race
Priya has won the bet
Sheela was shocked at this.priya forced pulled sheela to her car and took her to
her house and she called mohan about this.mohan told he will be there in half
an hour.The spirit in the mohan thought her plan was working.he went to
priyas house to see the transformation of sheela.priya tied sheela in the
chair .priya called tattoo stylist to come to her home to pierce tattoo to
sheela.when mohan reached her house , sheela saw mohan to help her but
mohan was simply starring at her, priya bought a bucket full of water and
poured over sheelas head, she started massaging her head for 10 min.she was
enjoying this and started mouning , she started wetting.then took a razor and
placed in the centre of her head and and moved slowly .Schh a sound appeared
sheela couls feel cool breeze on her head and priya started shaving slowly on
her front soon her front head was shaved,
Priya started shaving her back.soon her back was shaved .sheela was bald .she
again wetted sheelas head and shaved again.her head appeared like cue
ball.they were waiting for tattoo stylist.finally he arrived .he asked priya where
to place tattoo.she told to pierce on sheelas head.she chose a design of red
roses.he made priya to lie down on the table and starting his procedure
First he wiped sheelas head with sterilizing agent.then he took his tattoo
machine and starting his work.sheela was screaming due to pain.blood was
coming from her head due to piercing .he wiped the blood with cotton.when
sheela turned her eyes towards mohan, she saw samiras spirit in mohans body.Sheela looked again at mohan she could see the a spirit in his body.she was
confused and fainted.after two hours she waked up, he head was tattooed
fully.there was no one around her.she was lying naked on her bed.she slowly
stood up and watched around her.she had been locked in a bed room.her public
hair was also shaved and her public area was waxed smooth.
On the cornor of the room, mohan was sitting and staring at her.she got
frightened on seeing his look.spirit in the mohan was laughing loudly that her
revenge is going to finish if she destroy kirans beauty and kill herwho is the
last generation of the queen .Spirit further added her soul will not leave the
world until it kills kiran.
Soon it left the room to destroy kiran .sheela changed her dress quickly and
tried to open the door but it was locked
She tried hard to open it but it was in vein.she remembered a ventilation in the
bathroom .after lot of tries, she escaped from the room, at the same time kiran
and keerthi was in college.the spirit in mohans body was travelling go kirans
college to destroy her
At the same time, sheela called kiran and keerthi and narrated the whole
incident and told them to escape from the spirit .
Keerthi and kiran got escaped from the college and travelling to meet their
mother sheela.sheela along with the girls planned to go to her mothers house
which was in rajasthan
IN the college, spirited mohan got angrier as the girls escaped from him.spirit
smelled the palce where the girls were travelling
Sheela called her mother and narrated the whole incident and told her arrival
to her mom.sheelas mother went to the chief priest in their village temple and
asked him for a solution.he took her to saint in aravelli .saint heard the
incident from them and found a solution for this.he asked to bring the golden
mirror and sheela and daughter to him
Sheela along with her daughters reached her mothers home.spirit in mohans
body started its tavel towards was travelling like strom
Sheela and her mother found the address of babu andasked him about the
golden mirror.he refused to give them as it cost high.they narrated the whole
incident to him.he found that he too was affected by the same spirit.finally he
agreed to give them.they rushed to the saint in aravelli along with keerthi and
The saint started his pooja for destroying the spirit.
At the same time, spirit reached sheelas mother house and found that they were
not there.
It found that they were in started rushing
towards aravelli.
In aravelli, saint made kiran to sit in front of the mirror.he made kirans hair to
high pony tail and placed the scissor and base of pony tail and cutted it.soon
her pony tail was cut.bulk lf hair was in saints hand.kiran was in rough
bob.the spirit reached their started destroying evrything in that
place.when it headed towards kiran to kill her, it could not move .the spirit was
howling as the saint burnt the kirans hair and applied on the mirror .the spirit
was howling as its body started came out of mohans body and went
into the mirror finally agin.mohan was fainted .the saint waked up the
mohan.mohan was bit surprised on seeing everyone look .
But he liked it
Thus the sealed spirited golden mirror was burried deep inside the
some days, they could hear samiras howling sound, its mean she is waiting
again for a revenge


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