Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Mottai (young women mottai)

Rahul is an engineer having his own consultancy firm and he got married to Sushmita after a very long bride hunting. Rahul is tall

and smart looking with a smiling face and also intelligent and witty. Sushmita is a perfect match for him in every way including
good looks intelligence and education. They were madly in love with each other and whoever had look at the couple were
unanimous in their opinion that they were made for each other.
Though Sush loved all other members of her new family her mother in law was a bit difficult to tackle. She was a nice lady all
right, but a bit suspicious and envious. Infact when she went to have a look at Sush she examined in every way in minute detail
and even had a tug at the plait of Sushmita to ensure that her long beautiful black hair was in fact real not wig or extensions.
She was a bit conservative also and insisted that Sush pierce her right side of her nose and wear a diamond nose stud. Sush
looked even more beautiful with a nose ring and Sush and Rahul did not mind it a bit.
Rahul’s sister Nandita is a fun loving and good-natured girl and she and Sushmita got on very well. Just six month after their
marriage, Rahul got a marriage invitation from the parents of Sushmita for the marriage of their younger daughter Veena. The
marriage was tobe held at Tirupati. Sushmita was really happy to get the news and made all sorts of plan to attend the wedding
with all members of her family. The groom was from a very good family and had excellent credentials. He also looked very
handsome. Rahul went with all the members of his family 3 days before the marriage. The day before the marriage they were all
in Tirupati and the parents of Sushmita told that they are going to Kalyanakatta. Sushmita took Rahul along and all went to
Kalyanakatta. There to the surprise of Rahul, Sushmita’s father and mother had their heads shaved clean bald. The entire
process of wetting the head with water and shaving the long hair with a straight razor was both shocking and thrilling to Rahul
who has never witnessed the process of head shave by women from such close quarters. Together with the parents a distant
cousin of Sushmita also got her head shaved clean. The young lady with her long hair shaved absolutely clean and smooth was
very beautiful with her small diamond nose stud and ear hangings and Rahul could not stop himself from having frequent furtive
looks of the bald heads of his mother in law and the relative.
The whole of next day Rahul could not think of anything else and felt a strange sensation whenever he looked at the shaved
heads. He learned from Sushmita that her parents took a vow before her marriage and it was their way of thanks giving for
getting such a good son-in-law. Rahul’s mother was a bit envious that Veena got such a match where as her daughter is still
unmarried. She was impressed by the family on both the sides and wished in secret that her daughter also would get a similar
Rahul was very happy to photograph the whole occasion and took several photos outside also. Sushmita noticed the new found
interest of her husband and asked him when they were alone, what is worrying him. Rahul was very frank in admitting that he
found the smooth shaved bald head of ladies very attractive. He also wanted to know whether she would like to shave her head
clean bald if he wanted her to do so. Sushmita was open to the idea but was not sure that her mother in law would allow her to
shave her head smooth. Rahul also felt the same way and promised that if she can convince his mother for Sushmita’s
headshave she can get anything she wanted.
Three months after the wedding Veena visited Sushmita with her husband enroute to Tirupati. Sushmita also wanted to
accompany them and asked for the permission of her mother in law. Rahul also wanted to go and his mother was in favour of the
idea. Finally Both Sushmita and Veena along with their husbands left for the sacred place.
As planned the couples occupied their adjacent rooms booked earlier after a brief rest Sushmita asked Rahul whether he wanted
to witness the headshave of Veena. This was a complete surprise for Rahul and he told his wife that he will be very happy to go
with them for the tonsure hall. All the four went to the tonsure hall within the complex. Veena was the first to sit before the barber
and simply gave her ticket to him. What the barber asked and her reply was not audible to Rahul. The barber sprinkled some
water and wet the hair of Veena, After a minute the water softened the of Veena and started dripping down. The barber changed
the disposable blade in his razor and made a small scrapping at the back of her head. A small whitish hairless patch appeared
and this was gradually enlarged. The entire scene was videographed by Veena’s husband. The bald patch was increasing bit by
bit and within minutes one side of her head was shaved off completely. In between the shave at regular intervals, Veena’s
husband stopped the process for a few seconds and asker to look up for a clear view to record in his handycam. Within ten
minutes Veena’s entire head was shaved smooth and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Veena moved her hand over head and
told the barber where she did not feel absolutely smooth. The barber repeated shaving process all over head and made sure
that the head was shaved absolutely clean and smooth and shiny. Next Veena’s husband sat before the barber and his shaving
started. He requested Rahul to film the whole episode. Rahul was once again got excited with the whole process and he was in
seventh heaven to watch everything at such close quarters.
Sushmita asked Rahul playfully whether they both can shave their heads too. Rahul though wanted very badly to see his wife
smooth shaved shiny bald, was apprehensive about the likely reaction of his mother. He told his wife that it was a challenge to
his wife to make his mother agree for her headshave and he will do anything if she was able to do the same.
The couples stayed on the hills for three days and very small hairs had grown on the heads of Veena and her husband. On the
day of their proposed departure Rahul went to the cottage where Veena and her husband were staying and found the door locked
from inside. He was about to knock the door but somehow decided against it on hearing some talk from inside. A window was
left slightly open and he could take his eyes way from it. He found Veena was sitting on a chair and on her head shaving foam
was coated like a helmut. Veena’s husband was standing with a Mach3 razor in his hand and started shaving her head in small
patches. Veena asked her husband whether people will not notice that their head is shaved afresh for which her husband told her
not to bother. After all it is their head and their hair and there is no need to bother about the opinion or comments of others.
Further people need not know whether they shaved their heads on the first day of their trip or on the last day. Veena’s husband
shaved head very carefully and in different directions as well. After a couple of shavings he made sure that her head was real
smooth by running his hand over her head. Once assured that he did an exellent job he wiped the excess lather with a wet
towel. Veena could stop touching her bald smooth head and declared she loved her bald look and would not hesitate to do it
again and again. They decided that they would visit Tirupati and get their heads shaved atleast once in a couple of years. After
Veena’s head was shaved smooth her husband rubbed some oil on her head; which made it shine nicely. Veena looked very
beautiful with her gleaming bald head silk saree and gold nose ring, and a beautiful necklace. Her ears sported beautiful
jhumkas; which complemented her complexion beautifully. Then it was the turn of her husband and Veena repeated the
procedure and made it sure that his head also completely hairfree as her head. Rahul realized that he was giving too much
importance the possible comments of others and was suppressing his own likings and pleasures on some imagination. He
decided that both Sushmita and he would shave their heads on their next trip come what may.
After their dharsan everybody returned to Sushmit’s house where Veena stayed for a few more days though her husband had to
go back immediately. Veena explained to Sushmit’s mother that she vowed to balaji before her marriage that she would shave
her head if she got a husband worthy of her. Before the marriage was finalized she informed him about the prosposed headshave
and her husband was very much favourable to the whole idea. She also hinted to Sushmita’s mother in law that Nandini would
also get a great match if she or somebody on her behalf made a vow. This made her think about the whole idea but could not
make up her mind immediately. Nandini also liked the clean shaved head of Veena and could not resist touching her head with
her permission. They also became very close friends and Nandini also expressed her desire for a similar headshave if possible.
Veena informed Sushmita about the desire of Nandini and Sushmita was overjoyed to hear the news. Within the earshot of her
mother in law she remarked that she is not going to shave her head even if anybody requested. Sushmita’s mother in law heard
as it was intended and true to her nature she wanted to assert her position. She asked Nandini whether she would like her head
shaved at Tirupati next month since for the next three months there could be any marriage because of astrological reasons.
Nandini told her mother that she would shave her head only if Sushmita gave her company and got her head also shaved bald.
Sushmita’s mother in law asked her whether she would like to shave her head bald together with Nandini during next month at
Tirupati. Sushmita though was very much happy to hear, acted as though she was not interested. This further increased the
anxiety of her mother in law. She finally went to Rahul and pleaded that he should convince Sushmita to shave her head so that
Nandini would also shave her head. Rahul was delighted to hear her pleadings and considered this as a miracle. In private both
Sushmita and Rahul discussed the whole thing and chalked up their programme. Sushmita told her mother in law the she would
shave her head for the sake of Nandini but her mother in law also should shave her head along with the others. She also agreed
and it was proposed that all the four would visit Tirupati in two weeks and all the four would shave their head clean bald.
On the appointed day they traveled in their own car and reached the hills comfortably. Their they had their cottage booked and
after leaving their luggage they all went to the nearby tonsuring hall. Rahul purchased four tickets and all of them took their
positions in the small queue. The two barbers were already shaving two middleaged ladies and with their permission Rahul
started recording the head shavings on his Camcorder. The three ladies and one male and a child before them in the queue also
got their heads shaved completely and allowed Rahul for recording the same. They also posed for some photographs after their
headshave before his digital camera.
First to go under the tonsuring razor was Nandini. She was wearing a beautiful Salwar Kameez and sat before the barber for the
shave. The barber wet the hair with some water and changed the blade of his razor. He started at the back of the head and
scrapped a small patch of hair. A small bald are appeared which was gradually enlarged by the barber gradually carefully.
Butterflies were flying in Nandini’s stomach and she was dizzy with unexplainable excitement. The scrapping sensation of the
knife coupled with the falling hairs on her face and lap took her to the peak of excitement. The bald area suddenly felt cool and
she was trembling with excitement and happiness. The barber carefully shaved the head clean and ran his hand over for stray
hairs. Not satisfied entirely, he took some more water in his hand repeated the entire process of shaving all over her head. When
the entire head was shaved completely smooth Nandini could not wait rub her bald smooth head and was smiling happy and
exhilarating. She looked absolutely bewitching. Next in line was her mother whose hedshave was completed in six minutes with a
perfectly smooth finish. Since the barber has been promised a good tip by Rahul he took extra care to ensure the shave was
comfortable and smooth one literally. Rahul’s mother also liked her bald head very much and was wondering why she had not
done this earlier. Next Rahul sat down for his shave and thee recording was done by Nandini. Needless to say he also loved the
new feeling of his bald head and was feeling a new found freedom from his earlier notions. Finally it was the turn of Sushmita to
bow before the barber for the headshave.
Sushmita sat down before the barber who wet her hair with some water and proceeded tie her hair into two parts. But she had
different idea and she told the barber to shave the front portion of her head first and then the back portion. The barber selected
a small area in the middle of her head just above the ears. He started shaving in the line of hair growth ie. Forward. The long
hairs started falling in clusters on her face and finally in her lap. The newly denuded areas felt very cool. Bit by bit the from the
top of the ears the front portion of the head was shaved smooth twice and only the hair behind the ear part remained.
The remaing hair on the back portion of her head was long like a Tamil purohit and Rahul asked the barber to stop a minute and
took some photos. Then the barber resumed the shaving and slowly and carefully finished the process. Finally the shaved bald
was gleaming with shine and smoothness and Sushmita loved the exhilarating feeling very much.
Unknown to them a handsome young man who was standing behind them was looking at Nandini with unconcealed adulation and
admiration. He loved her at first sight and decided there itself to get to know about the family well. He was a computer engineer
from USA and his name was Ravi. He had come on leave to India on holidays and was smitten by the looks of Nandini
immediately. He struck up a conversation with Rahul and the family was able to get their phone number and the address where
do they live.
They had an excellent dharsan of the lord and returned to their home next day. Sushmita on before the trip had her left side of
the nose pierced was sporting nose stud on both the sides. Since Rahul loved the look he had many photographs taken with her
bald head. As soon as they landed Rahul took her for getting a driving licence with her smooth look. She also had to go for a
voters’ identity card with her new look. She also got job in an international organization the interview for which was attended by
her with smooth bald head. Her identity card photo also was taken with her current look and her seniors did not mind her bald
look at all. They also advised her to keep her passport ready since she may be required to travel abroad frequently. Rahul
suggested Sushmita to apply for the passport with the recent photos since there was no recent photos available. Sushmita
applied for the passport also with her bald photos and got her passport within a few days. All her documents of identity showed
with the clean shaved bald head.
Within a couple of days they received a call from the parents of Ravi asking Nandini for their son. They wanted to come and see
Nandini next day and asked for their consent. Rahul’s mother started explaining that Nandini had a headshave recently and if
they prefer they can come later. This was cut short by the mother of Ravi who laughed and said that they are aware that Nandini
had a tonsure recently and they have seen her smooth bald at Tirupati itself. Infact Ravi and his parents are also shaved their
heads and Ravi will come a freshly shaved head since wanted to keep that look for some time. Infact Ravi even suggested
Nandini can have fresh headshave if she wants and he does not like stubble very much. They had to meet immediately since his
vacation is going to end. Nandini’s mother was very happy and immediately agreed for their visit next day. She also repeated
entire conversation to Nandini, Rahul and Sushmita. They all felt very happy and Sushmita took Nandini to a beauty parlour run
by her friend. There she asked her friend to shave Nandini’s head real smooth. Shaving foam was coated on Nandini’s head like
a white cap and shaving was done very carefully. Other treatments followed. The beautician applied some paste containing
turmeric and sandal and some other ingredients on her head and face. After some time it was washed off. When the make up
was completed she looked absolutely stunning and the hairline was not visible at all. It looked as though Nandini never had any
hair on her head. With her gleaming smooth bald head, gold nosering and hoop earrings Nandini was a beauty incarnate.
Nandini suggested Sushmita she also get head shaved clean to give company. Sushmita agreed readily and she was also
shaved smooth. The only difference was Sushmita was sporting a nose stud on the right side and a nose ring on the left side of
her nose whereas Nandini was sporting a nose ring on the right side of her nose.
In kanjivaram silk with gold ornaments and beautiful bald head Nandini won over everybody and her marriage was fixed to be
held after three months. Rahul’s mother was ecstatic and vowed to offer her hair again at Tirupati after the marriage. Nandini
made a condition to Ravi that she would be going on her honeymoon only after offering her hair to the God. Ravi readily agreed
for a shaven headed honeymoon and started counting days. The marriage was held at Tirupati after three months and again
everybody became bald with smooth shaved heads as a mark of thanks giving.


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