Sunday, 6 September 2015

ex-Hair model Maya Part-I

It was late 11 O’ clock. Mr. Das was sitting in the chair behind his bed room, waiting anxiously for her wife. His 22 year old sister is in adjoining room, he knew it is the best time. He had planned for this for last couple of weeks, but today he knew he has to do it. He took out the pair of scissor and glanced at it. The door of the room suddenly opened, and entered Mrs. Das. She straight away went to the dressing, her long hair trailing behind her touching her waist. Maya, as her hubby called her jerked her tresses and took out a comb from the drawer, ready to pamper her hair before going to bed, a habit which she retained from her job. Maya separated her thick black hair in two parts bringing each part in front from two different sides. She checked the ends of her hair, trimmed a day ago the nearby parlor. She again checked the length and continued pampering it. The pampering would continue for about fifteen minutes which is very small if compared to her previous routine. Maya was a hair model, with hair up to her buttocks and sometimes touching her knee. She retired from the job after a month of marrying Mr. Das, a manager in a private shop during marriage and her classmate from school. It was well predicted that some day they would definitely knot ties and the day came when both of them were in pinnacle of the career. Maya left her job at the very first month on her wish, though never compelled by her husband or her in-law. She celebrated it by getting her knee length hair cut to a boyish style at the hands of Mr. Das.

The decision the cut the hair was sudden. They were in honeymoon, enjoying beautiful view of Kanchenjunga from balcony of their hotel in Darjeeling on a fine morning. Maya had sudden urge to do it and she gave a pair of scissor to Mr. Das, and turned her back towards him and pointed at the breast length. Mr. Das was taken aback, but he gently inserted the blades of the scissor in the mass and kaaaa….chchchch…….chchch, a long lock of her hair slides to the floor. Maya giggled at this, as Mr. Das continued cutting her hair, straight from left side to right, kaachch…chchchc…kachchch.chchch. He stopped only after a big mass of hair was collected in the floor. Maya immediately turned, chuckling, collected the mass and throw it in the air. Mr. Das was nervous. He then arranged a chair for Maya to sit. Mr. Das liked her in this hair, but he liked the cutting also. He then escorted her to bathroom with scissor in hand, and gently pulled the knot of her pajama, striping her of it, as she stood naked but covered by her Salwar. Mr. Das hand then moved to upper part, first pressing the hardened breasts and then removing her upper clothes too. The shower was switched on and they both shared a shower. After playing in shower for some time, Mr. Das took the scissor which he had bought and then turned Maya to opposite side. Maya curved her head forward, acknowledging the haircut. Mr. Das separated the wet strands with fingers, and then placed the scissors at the neck area slicing her hair in the bathroom. Maya got Goosebumps as wet hair slide touching her bare body. Maya’s hair was not looking something like bob, but he was not done yet. He kept on cutting at the back slicing and hacking, till he made the hair at backside little more than an inch. Mr. Das then left the bathroom, while Maya started washing her hair to remove the chopped tresses. Mr. Das returned after a few minutes, with his safety razor. He switched off the shower, and pulled Maya out of it. He then started ruining the razor at the back, removing the fuzzy hair. He cleaned his back, and reduced her hairline at the back. There excitement with hair came to end at afternoon after having a sissy sex. Mr. Das was missing something during the sex, but it was compensated with the feeling of her spiky hair.

Maya went to the parlor of the hotel that evening only, and got her hair cropped. She then started growing it but restricting it to waist length. They were having a good time in life till an accident in the shop where Mr. Das worked, a year ago. He was sacked and his career tainted leaving Mr. Das struggling for living, ending up in a low salary job in another company which gives the family barely something as savings.

Maya stopped combing her hair, as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Mr. Das was standing behind her with a scissor in hand…

ex-Hair model Maya Part-II

Maya turned around to find that Mr. Das is standing there with scissors in hand. Maya smiled, and then adjusting her strap turned around lifting her hair toward Mr. Das. Mr. Das put away the mass and sighed. He said,

“Maya, I am really going to give you a haircut”

“Yeah, I am waiting”

“Honey, am serious, this scissor is new and sharp”

The statement didn’t alert Maya, but the voice did. Still now she was acting according to playoff every night, where she gets a role play haircut with a blunt scissors. Hair has a special role in both of theirs life. She replied,

“Ah! I told you, am not getting haircut. I am supporting with every possible way, I fail to understand why you are after my hair? We discussed this last week”

“Maya, your hair has expenses you know that, it has to go”

“Oh! Why don’t you try to get a job, instead of dreaming about my hair? I have already reduced the amount of oil, conditioner, and shampoo”

“I am trying my best you know. Leave it. Who cares about savings?”

“You complain to me about hair cost, did you ever tell this to your sister? Huh? No, no because you love her, but not me. You bear her study cost, you bear her everything.  You want your wife hair buzzed. But don’t have guts to get your sister a haircut”

“Why are you dragging her to it? She gets scholarship and is not dependent on me”

“But, you take care of her; she doesn’t spend a single penny in this household…”

“It’s not possible, she is my little sister, I will take care of her. Infect she offered her portion in household which I refused, it’s not her fault. And regarding her hair, well she has her hair much shorter than yours, and I don’t think she uses so much hair product as you…”

“As I am an ex-model?”

“Huh, yeah because you were a model”

“Great! Anything else you have against me?”

“You are getting me wrong”

“I don’t care. You want my hair short. I will have it short only if Nita get a short haircut too”

Mr. Das didn’t reply for a few minutes, then he said, “okay Maya, be prepared, you are getting a very, very, very short haircut tomorrow morning and then left the room.

Mr. Das straightaway went to his 22 year old sister’s room.  Nita, academically talented has little interest of fashion and just keeps her hair in a simple style in simple length which is up to her mid back.

Mr. Das knocked at her room and gently entered it. Nita was studying then. He went near her and started hesitantly,

“Nita, ah I have to say…ah something…ah you will have to…ah…”

“Get a haircut?”

Mr. Das was surprised, he stammered, “yes”

“Yeah, I overheard the conversation between you and Maya, sorry about that, but it is justified when you are talking about such a topic” Mr. Das was silent. Nita then brought her braid forward and then pointed towards the table near her bed and said, “I kept the scissor and comb there, let end this”

Then they set the study chair in the middle of the room. Nita sat on the chair with a big towel on her backside, which Mr. Das immediately removed. Mr. Das gentle pulled out the clip which held her braid and opened it, spreading her hair, reaching her breast length, with a little brownish tint. The hair is not of that quality as Maya’s, it is thick but dry.

He started sprinkling water on her head, wetting her hair from scalp to ends. He then separated her hair in two parts with fingers and moved it to her front from two different sides. He started from left.

He picked up the left mass, clutched it at base and took scissor. He inserted it barely some inches above head, and kachchchch…chchch…chch, locks of her hair fell to floor through her sides. He did the same to right, snipping at the right. The hair spread in floor now gave an appearance as Nita had pigtails which were cut.

Mr. Das then took comb, and started combing her hair. The hair at front and back were long, but the hair at the top side, were too short, giving her appearance as if there are two bald patches on her head. After combing her hair and distributing it in all her sides, he bent her head forward, and started cutting her hair collecting with a comb. Hair rained at back, as her hair was cut in irregular length at back, from zero inches to one.

After that, he made a mark at length in side where the top of ear touches her head, and then went round, snipping hair below it. Hair fell to her lap when he was doing in front giving her a bang look, but the bang is too short.

Mr. Das then stopped, and went away. Meanwhile Nita started dusting the hairs from her cloth and face, but he returned with his safety razor. She didn’t say a thing but again sat on the chair. He then changed the blades at sprinkled water on her back and sides. He started with left sides, bending her head in opposite direction, placed the blades at part where her top of ear touch her head and pulled it, scratching the hair off. He ran it few more time. Then he moved to other side, did the same.

Now it was time for the back. He drenched it heavily, then kept the razor at top of her head, and ran it seven to eight times continuously. Nita moved in uneasiness due to scratching. Her head was completely white now. He then removed the hair in nape region making it complete clean.

Mr. Das then told Nita to get up, and helped her to dust herself. He then told her to have a shower, and started cleaning the mess.

Nita checked her new look in bathroom mirror. She couldn’t believe it is her. The hairstyle is making her look like she is employed in military. Tears came out as she thought about her hair, her pony which used to hang like that right from her primary school, but then she remembered the quarrel.

Mr. Das collected all the hair, and filled a plastic bag. It was only filled three fourth, but he knew the rest would be filled tomorrow morning only.

Next Morning

Maya was shocked as the first view she got after opening her eyes is the shaved side of Nita’s head. She couldn’t recognize her for a few moments. She recognized her only when she said, “Brother is waiting for you at living room with scissor and comb…”

Saturday, 29 August 2015

My First Head Shave by Anon

This is my story on how I became a baldie a few weeks ago.

I had been living with my mum and just seeing my dad at the weekends and occasionally one evening in the week. My relationship with my mum was not very good. We were constantly arguing about little things and she eventually told me that she wanted me out. My dad had always said that I could live with him if I wanted so I moved in. I did not change school so I did not lose any of my mates.
One Monday morning I finished styling my faux hawk hairstyle and went to meet Barry who I always walked to school.
After waiting about five minutes I saw Barry walking along with his hood up over his head.
Didn't think it was that cold to put a hood up. I thought to myself.
Morning!. Barry said as he arrived next to me.
Okay Barry, why the hood up? I asked, as we started to walk to school. You know I said I was getting a haircut on Saturday. Barry said.
Yeah, and I joked about you getting a buzzcut. I replied.
Well I didn t get a buzzcut, but went real short. Barry replied as he pulled his hood back to reveal his shaved head.
Oh man that s awesome! I exclaimed as I rubbed his head.
Yeah, its cool. Barry replied.
What made you lose it? I asked.
My brother was doing one of his mates and they said they would bung me twenty quid if I became a baldie. Barry told me. Before I knew it I was sitting there losing my faux hawk.
Wish I had been there to see it. I told Barry.
It happened so quick I didn't have time to call you. Barry told me.
We arrived at school and went to our classes and arranged to meet up at lunch.
The whole of that morning I could not concentrate on the lessons. I was just thinking of Barry with his bald head. Before Barry had got his head shaved I was planning to ask my dad if I could go bald for the summer the same as my dad was. My dad has been shaving his head for over 2 years now. Now that Barry had got his head shaved I was thinking of asking when I got in that afternoon.
Lunchtime finally arrived and I met Barry in our usual spot and sat down for lunch. We were joined by our mates Paul and Chris who both had the same faux hawk cut as me.
Are you going for the bald look? Chris asked.
Thinking about it. I Replied.
I m going to wait until my cousins wedding. Paul told us.
Why wait until then? Chris inquired.
Because I hate his religious mum and sister, and he has a boring cut, so I shall go bald on the day and see how they like it. Paul replied.
I might go bald at the end of term. Chris told us.
You will be bald before that. Barry told him.
After school finished for the day I met up with Barry again to walk home.
Are you planning on keeping the bald head? I asked.
Yeah, at least until the end of September. Barry replied.
I m going to ask my dad to shave my head at the weekend. I told Barry.
My brother will do it for you if he doesn't. Barry said.
If my dad won t do it then I will let him do it. I told Barry.
When we got to the top of my road I told Barry that I would let him know what my dad decided.
It seemed ages before my dad arrived home. He was moaning about the traffic and how it seemed to get worse. I got the tea out of the oven and we sat down to eat it. Dad, I want my head shaved on Saturday. I told him.
You want your head shaved? My dad asked, rather surprised.
Yes, and if you don t do it Barry s brother will. I replied.
What s made you want you head shaved? My dad asked.
My mate Barry had his done, and I want mine done. I told my dad.
I ll have to think about it. My dad told me.
Well don t think to hard because I definitely getting it shaved on Saturday. I said. What if you decide you don t like it? My dad continued.
It will grow out, more than yours does. I retorted.
Give it a few years you will go naturally bald. My dad told me.
I realised my dad was right. He started to lose his hair at 25 and his brother even earlier. So I will be bald at 14 then. I said.
Without me knowing that night my dad posted on the buzzboard and Wyatts clip board to see what reaction he could get about me having my head shaved.
The next morning all I could get out of my dad when I asked if he had made his mind up was You will have to wait and see.
Well I ve chucked my hair gel. I told my dad.
I can see that you haven t spiked it today. He replied.
Yeah, so that shows I m serious about having it shaved on Saturday. I said as I picked up my rucksack.
Wait and see what I decide. My dad told me.
I met Barry at the usual place and noticed that he had fine stubble on his head.
Thought you were shaving your head? I asked Barry.
My brother is away on a course and my dad won t do it. Barry told me.
Why not do it yourself? I inquired.
I m not that confident at the moment. Barry told me.
I told my dad last night that I wanted the shaved head. I said to Barry.
What did he say? Barry asked.
That he would think about it. I replied.
Offer is still there with my brother. Barry told me.
If my dad says no then I will be there. I replied.
As we got to school Barry reminded me that he was on a school trip that afternoon and was not back until Friday.
The rest of the week was murder for me. My dad still would not let on if he was going to shave my head on the Saturday. I kept on and on at him to see if I could get any idea if the answer was going to be yes, but all he would say was wait until Saturday and find out.
When I got out of school Friday I made my way home and was determined to get an answer out of my dad about what was going to happen the next day. When I switched my mobile phone on it came up with a message from my dad saying that he was going for a couple of beers with his mates and would see me later. He s determined to keep me waiting until tomorrow. I thought to myself.
Just after I had finished tea I got a text message from Barry asking if I wanted to go and have a game on his play station.
I sent one back saying I was on my way. When I arrived Barry s dad answered the door and told me that he was upstairs. I got to the top of the stairs where I saw Barry sitting on a stool in the bathroom with his brother, who was putting shaving foam on Barry s head.
Hi... be about five minutes. Barry told me.
Yeah okay then. I replied.
I hear you want to become a baldie. Mick said as he started to shave Barry s head.
Yeah, tomorrow hopefully. I replied as I watched Mick continue shaving Barry.
Well I m your man if your dad doesn't do it. Mick told me.
Thanks I ll remember that. I told Mick.
When Mick had finished I went into Barry s room and we went on his play station for a while before I decided to go home in preparation for my own head shave the next morning.
My dad was already in by the time I got home and in bed so I didn't get to ask about getting my head shaved the next day. I must have woken every hour that night. I kept checking the time and then dozing off again. I eventually fell asleep properly about five in the morning.
The next morning I woke suddenly and saw the time was nine o clock. I jumped out of bed and quickly dressed. As I walked out of my bedroom Barry was standing there with a camera in his hand.
I believe you asked for a haircut. Barry said.
Yeah, I want my head shaved. I replied.
Well we a spare appointment if you would like to walk this way. Barry said pointing towards the bathroom.
My heart jumped as I realised that I was going to get my head shaved. I walked into the bathroom with my stomach knotting up but also getting excited at the prospect of being a baldie. In the bathroom my dad was standing with a pair of cordless clippers in his hand. I sat down and put a towel that was on the stool over my shoulders.
How would sir like his haircut? My dad asked with a big grin on his face.
Shaved bald! I replied excitedly.
With saying that Barry took photos all round of my hair.
Ready to say goodbye, or do you wish to reconsider? My dad asked.
Just get on with the buzzing. I told him.
With that my dad turned the clippers on and took the first swipe straight down the centre. I looked in amazement as my dad deposited my hair in my lap, it must have been at least three inches long. My dad quickly carried on taking my hair down to mere stubble. The whole time Barry was taking photos for a website we were going to work on. When my dad turned off the clippers I couldn't believe the difference. I looked totally different and I couldn't wait for the final look. My dad wet my head and put the shaving foam on and left it for a few minutes before starting to shave my head with the grain. Afterwards he put more shaving foam on and shaved with the grain for a really smooth finish.
Like it? My dad asked.
It s awesome! I exclaimed as I rubbed my head.
You look real cool. Barry said.
When did you decide that I could have my head shaved? I asked.
The day after you asked me I got in touch with Barry to arrange it. My dad told me. You knew all along? I asked Barry.
yeah, I had trouble keeping it a secret. Barry replied with a grin.
If you want to stay bald I will teach you how to shave your head. My dad told me. No way am I growing my hair for the time being. I replied.
Barry and I made our way into town to meet Chris and Paul. I must have looked in nearly every window at my new look and a lot of people were looking at us. Paul and Chris were already waiting for us and both had a smile when they saw me.
We knew you were getting shaved. Paul told me.
Barry told us on Tuesday but were sworn to secrecy. Chris continued.
I have now been shaving for two months the same as Barry except when we grew it out for a couple of weeks and tried a Mohawk.
Paul got me to shave his head on the day of his cousins wedding as he said he would. Apparently his aunt did not like it at all and would not let hum go in any of the photos.

Chris is set to go bald the middle of this month when school finishes. His brother who is 16 is having his done for charity in a couple of weeks time.

A True experience from my anonymous friend.

                                 Every time I visit a barbershop, I feel like to shear off my hair to nothing, but thinking about facing friends, family and colleagues always restricts me from doing it. All the time I think of getting a head shave or buzz cut but never tried except in childhood. I don't regularly go to one barbershop, every time I travel miles away to find a well ambient barbershop. I love going to barbershop and I spend hours waiting outside and watching others get shaved and trimmed. Some days I even watch men's head being shaved live in barbershop and those days become memorable in my life. Most of the time I ask the barber to shave my head and soon after he takes razor I act like changing my mind and go for a regular haircut.

Summer of 2015 is approaching, Last week one day I left my office early than usual, I had my plans to visit my friends home, to trim my hair and to bar. After visiting my friends home, my friend accompanied me to the bar.  I had four pegs of my regular scotch and started driving back home waving my friend at bar. On the way I remembered about my haircut, usually I don't visit barbershop if I am drunk. That day I changed my direction to find a good barbershop. I really wanted to visit a new barbershop that day. It was becoming late night and most of the shops started closing there business. After driving quite long distance I finally found a barbershop. The barbershop was in the first floor of a road side complex, All other neighboring shops were closed and the road was silent with pale yellow street light. I could see a customer on the barber's chair from outside. I slowly moved in to the barbershop and sat in the waiting chair. He almost done with his customer. The barber was a short and fair man with curly hair. Soon her invited me to the chair and closely capped me with a nylon black cloth. With a unpleasant face the barber asked me
"How you are doing?"
I paused a moment watching my reflection in mirror and said
"Well, Let me have a head shave with the straight razor, I usually get shaved during summer"
Usually barbers will have a surprise look after I ask them to shave my head. But this barber didn't show any reaction. He turned back to load the razor. That made me more and more exited. After loading the razor, he started drenching my hair, the drenching was too heavy and started massaging my head. Usually I ask the barber, not to shave head as soon as he loads the razor. But that day I was enjoying and I was delaying myself to stop the barber. Soon the barber opened the razor and parted some hair in middle of my head with his two fingers and placed my the razor in head. My stop command and the shaving of a strand of hair in my head was simultaneous. I finally came back to reality(I was drunk and it slowed me in saying stop shaving head) and saw a visible portion of my scalp in my middle head. I actually don't wanted to shave head and I felt goosebumps in my whole body. The barber stared at me and asked
"you said to shave and what happened now "
I said " I changed my mind"
He felt irritated and asked " So you want leave like this."
I was still in the shock and started realizing that I need to shave my head completely bald. The barber was waiting for my reply. I didn't have the strength to see myself bald for real. I need to prepare my mind before shaving my head. I apologized the barber and asked him to dry my hair and leave me alone. Though confused, the barber accepted my request and did the same, while leaving the barber chair he remind me that there is no other way to hide the shaved patch of scalp and its better to shave head completely to hide the awkwardness. With a dull face I left the barbershop and entered my car. I saw my bald patch through side mirror of car and even felt the scalp using finger. I spend sometimes looking myself in mirror, took a no of selfies in mobile. I finally decide to shave my head and found that barber beginning to close his shop from inside car. I reentered the barbershop. The barber stared at my face.
I said "I am sorry for the trouble, please shave my head bald"
The barber asked me to sit down. He first took a clipper having some guard on it and started trimming the front portion of my head. He continued to back ans side I found all my hair falling he and there. That was a random improper haircut, buzzing all my hair to #3. Then he squeezed down a portion of shaving gel into my head and stared brushing to produce a thick lather. He opened the razor and stared shaving from middle, the white scalp was visible. He carefully shaved from middle of my head to back. After finishing he started shaving sides and side burn. At last he shaved the front portion of my head leaving me with a clean bald head. He re-lathered head and started shaving again to ensure a smooth shave. The cold that I felt after applying the after shave lotion was soothing. I rubbed my bald head with my bare hands. After uncapping me, I asked the barber to shave my stubble beard and thick mustache as I found this is the chance to experiment everything. He lathered my beard and mustache and shaved them fast. Stepping out of the barbershop realizing the fact that I was completely bald and the effect of alcohol made me fall into a magical feeling. I felt my bald head with bear hands by continuously rubbing it.

Stay tuned for the After shave experience 

A shave saves a relationship

This is a story of an young girl who married a military ex-service man. Anamika was a 18 year old virgin who had a lots of dreams about her husband. One fine day her step mother told her dad that there is a gentleman who would like to marry their daughter. Anamika's dad was a boneless man he would not do anything against his wife , her step mothers word was final always. So they arranged for a meeting the man who was going to marry Anamika was about to arrive her dreams sore like high tides of the bay of bengal . And finally the man 's family arrived and Anamika's step mother ordered her to come and see them. They were all impressed by her beauty she was a slim fair girl with a normal height and a long curly hair she has applied oil and plated it and kept jasmine flowers on it she had a small bindi in her forehead big coal lined eyes and sharp nose and glossy lips. Her beauty was undeniable then they introduced a man a tall rugged man with a salt and pepper hair that man was in his early forties their was a cruelty in his face and his past life was full of mysteries his 1 st wife died and no one knows how she died .
                     After this Anamika told her step mother she was not interested in marrying him but her step mother forced her to marry him. after a month they got married and Anamika realized she was prejudgemental about his character he was a nice man he took good care of Anamika. Later one day a young man came to their house. He was Anamika's husband's trainee in the military camp his name was Arjun. Arjun was handsome young man with an vibrant personality when Anamika's husband was not in home they started meeting each other Anamika soon fell for his charming character Arjun was head over heels in love with her. He gave her a fulfillment which her husband did not give. Anamika's husband decided to go to his friends daughters engagement meanwhile Anami called Arjun to her house they started an intercourse Arjun was brilliant in bed Anamika was filled with joy a joy which her monotonous old husband can never give with in a second things changed the old man came home and saw what was happening he pushed Arjun out of the house and went inside his room he dint tell anything to Anamika . That night Anamika was crying in guilt her Husband came to her with a kitchen knife Anamika was worried that he is going to kill her. He told her " I love you how can you do this to me I cant hurt you even now but never want this to happen again. Do you know why army men have a summer cut hairstyle in training because when you shave a young man's head you take his beauty from him that gives a sense of obedience and self surrender. That is what I want from you my love..... "  and he started shaving her head with that knife she cried yelled but it was useless she was shorn like a sheep he did not show any mercy until Anamika was fully bald then he said " I love you with this hair style but Arjun would never come near you if you are bald like this. when people in your family ask tell them we had a vow at a temple". And he left........ Arjun never came back to see Anamika...... Anamika has a baby now but still her husband shaves her head every 2 months after 2 years he let her have a flat top hairstyle ...... later he permitted to have a boy  cut with half inch hair........... and anamika never left her husband because no man will like her in that hairstyle .

Friday, 28 August 2015

Just a short little story to start off your week

A week ago, my mother forced my sister to shave her head. Jen had been a gorgeous blonde with the world wrapped around her finger. No more. Jen was now alone; only I remained faithful to her. I thought she looked horrible, yes, but also thought it was good for her. It would bring an end to her stupid ways. This did not mean I wanted MY head shaved. HELL NO!
Needless to say, when my mother told me I had to shave my head too, I was pissed, scared, and annoyed. And….excited. I couldn’t stop thinking what would happen. I had gotten so excited, so wet, so damn horny watching Jen’s hair sheared off. But yet, I didn’t want to be bald. I loved my black hair. It was shoulder length, generally curled in perfect ringlets, and soft. It accentuated my face, unless most long hair. It curled around my face, framing it and bringing attention to my brilliant blue eyes. I’d look ugly with a bald head. I just knew it!
Each morning I woke up, nervous to face my mother. I both longed and dreaded the day she said I had to get my hair cut. I’d wake, shower, dry and curl my hair, and head downstairs. At twelve, I still enjoyed wearing baggy shorts and t shirts. After a week of no further notice of a haircut, I thought my mom had forgotten. I began to relax. Friday morning, I was chipper and singing when I walked downstairs. Mom looked and me and grinned; instantly my spirit and mood crashed. IT was time. But she said nothing.
The day dragged by. I was terrified to go home. But, eventually, school let out, and I arrived home, fearful and nervous. I stepped through the front door and dropped my bag. Hungry, I went to get a snack. As I stepped through the push swing door into the kitchen, I froze. In the middle of the floor, there was newspaper laid out under a chair. Electric clippers, scissors, and a comb sat utop the table. I quickly lost my appetite and turned to leave. As I turned, I screamed. I ran right into my mother, who was grinning. She put a hand on my shoulder and said “I didn't feel like spending the money to do something so simple. So, I figured I would shave your head.”
I replied with a shaky voice,”Mom, please. I'm a good girl, I focus in school.”
“Jen used to focus too. Now look what happened to her. There is no need to be afraid Becky, I promise. It’ll look cute, and so much less hassle.”
“NO Becky! Sit!” Mother pushed me gently but firmly towards the chair. I made a rash decision. I bit her hand and tried to run past her. No way I was having my head shaved. Mother cursed and twirled around. I ducked as her hand swung out to grab me. I booked it to the living room and was about to open the door when she grabbed me. I screamed and cursed at her. She grasped my hair in one hand, my arm in the other, and began to drag me back to the kitchen. No matter how hard I kicked or how loud I screamed, she just kept plowing forward. She yanked me upright and said “Sit”. This time, I sat.
She picked up the scissors, snapped them in front of my face, then began her dirty deed. She picked up a curl and caressed it. Then, bringing the scissors so close to my scalp that I could feel the cold hard metal, she snipped of a lock of my hair. She dropped it to the floor in front of me before picking up another curl. She cut this curl off as well. She worked her way from the right side of my head, down around my neck, and up the left. I continuously cried and begged her to stop. But no pleas could change her mind.
Mother picked up a mirror and showed me her progress. I had a cap of long curls left sitting atop my head, but uneven jagged bits of hair everywhere else. It looked utterly horrible. I cursed my mother again. “You evil bitch! What did I do!!??” I hated her for what she was doing to my head. She simply laughed and picked up the clippers.
The hum of the clippers echoed in my mind. The steady hum was almost soothing. Mother pulled the rest of my hair up and pushed the clippers from my crown back. The vibrations of the clippers brought me to an instant climax. I’d never experienced something like this before. Tingling sensations erupted through my body. I let out a moan. It felt wonderful.
Mother made another swipe and pass on my head. Then another, and another. Soon, I had no hair left atop my head. Mother patted my head and said, “see, you look fine.”. I got up and left. I studied myself in the mirror in my room. My hair had been shaved nearly all the way. I ran my hands over my head over and over again. I couldn't get over the sensation of my scalp. I Loved it. I truly did. And, honestly, i looked better than Jen, but only because she refused to have any confidence. I ran my hands over my head again, then laid down to take a nap.

wife at barbershop

29 year old Mrs. Sinha is sitting in a barbershop, a local cheap one, wearing a yellow bottle green kuta; her mid length hair reaching up to her breast is hanging, behind the chair fluttering. She is staring at her as her husband as he slides his fingers through her thick, black hair pulling it and squeezing it. The barber standing behind him with scissors in hand, suggesting he is ready to butcher it. The husband asks,

“You sure honey? You don’t need to do it dear”

“Yeah, it is essential. You know my hair is getting to less care, I should have it chopped”

“Think again, you have long hair right from school as far as I know”

“It’s okay; I will grow it back after some time, after we settle a little, maybe after 2 to 3 years”

“Okay whatever”

He then turns to barber and told him, “give her a short nice haircut, she want something, which doesn’t need much comb, and if the visits to her can be less frequented” saying this, Mr. Sinha takes a seat in waiting area to see her beloved spouse’s hair being chopped in front of his eyes.

Mrs. Sinha is gently pushed to a comfortable position and then barber collects her hair into a bun, a medium one. The barber then takes out a red cape from a drawer, and covers Anita, as she closed her eyes. Her hair is then open all ready for the show

Mr. Sinha is sad. One of the two thing he saw when he proposed Anita is her hair, then at college, a batch mate of him, long, thick and jet black. He liked the hair first then started liking her too. They got married at 26, even though she has reduced her hair length to shoulder during marriage. His love for her had overcome his love for her hair, but it remained. He convinced Mr. Sinha just after a month to grow her hair again. She started growing it for two years. But the hair has lost its vigor, and it just reached mid back. It all changed few days earlier. Mr. Sinha has opened a new store in city centre leaving his old store at responsibility of his wife. A thirty day continuous store attendance prompted her to have her hair cut, as she couldn’t manage it well. ‘Short’ before haircut was added after a convincing phone call from one of her mother who convinced her that it is better to keep hair short, as cutting them would let her grow it again but if it is ill maintained, she would lose it after a year or two for once and for all.

Mr. Sinha was lost in thought when he heard the sound of blades of scissor clattering. Anita hair is all combed now. The barber had pushes her head a little forward, thus lowering her view below the mirror as her chin touches her chest. The barber has made a pony with his hand getting together all her hair near her shoulder and has places the scissor above it at her nape. The moment has come.

Kaaach..chchchchc.hchchch… the blades came into action, inserting in the mass, disjoining her locks from her head. The pony is too thick to be cut in one chop, so as he thought barber was inserting the scissor from different direction, trying to chop it apart. With every cut, more of her hair becomes free form the pony tails, hanging lose around her neck. After a good number of chop, the hair came lose.

There is smile in barber’s face, there is confusion in Anita’s face, but Mr. Sinha is gloomy. All the length she had acquired is gone, again to shoulders.

The barber then drops the hair in a bin, and reaches a drawer to pull out a different comb. Anita touches her hair at the back, squeezing it, turning her head sideways to get a peek at her back, but the barber is back again. He then again bend her head, and asks  Mr. Sinha, “ am clipping the hair at back short, with number two guard, or should I do it with…” Anita intercept at the middle, “do it with clipper, and I want the hair to be shortened much more at the back and at sides too”

The barber asks Mr. Sinha to which he answers, “do it, whatever she ask, use number one or number zero if she wishes” The barber removes the guard without asking, and then switches it on. He pushes it at the back and then told, “Am going with zero”

Chunks of hair fell on the ground as he applies the clipper on her back. More hair rains in front of Mr. Sinha as he continues doing it at the back. Anita was enjoying the moment, the sensation. After a few sorties, barber turns the chair, so that her right side was towards the mirror, and then clipped off the hair from left side till her top of the head. He does the same thing on other side of her head.

Anita’s hair is short at back and sides according to barber. According to Mr. Sinha, Anita has no hair at back and sides. The barber finishes the sides and back and then switches off the clipper, but this is not the end. The barber the starts wetting the areas he just sheared and then starts applying shaving cream. Mr. Sinha doesn’t resist as barber then takes a straight razor and scratch her hair off right from top of her head to back and side, leaving hair only in front. The first scratch reveals the virgin scalp of her wife which he never expected to see when he first met her in college. The white patch continues to increase till it spread throughout her back.

Mr. Sinha said, “Anita, how about shaving the head?”  Anita doesn’t replies. Barber after completing with razor combs her remaining hair in front, and stalls there. Mr. Sinha told, “Hey no shaving tomorrow, just give her a pretty haircut, she will have head shave in next visit” Anita takes a deep breath, as a sign of irritation and protest.

The barber then parts her hair in left of head, distributing it in two parts. He levels his scissor at the level of top of ear at left and cut off whatever left below it. To the right he does the same. He then brings all the hair in the front and cuts few strands which reach her eye at her forehead. Anita kept her eyes closed as locks of hair fell on the lap. The barbering was over now.

The barber reaches for another mirror, and shows it to Anita so that she can see her back. As Anita admires her haircut, Mr. Sinha squeezes and rubs his hand on her hair. He said, “I think volume is big” Anita supports him, “yeah, the mop can be reduced I think”

The barber just nods and then again takes a scissor and a comb. He starts doing pick and cut, to remove the volume. He gathers the hair with comb with back brushing and chops off whatever is gathers in the comb. He continues doing this, till he is convinced. Mr. Sinha is also satisfied.

The barber then takes a large brush and started dusting Anita. The floor which was already covered with Anita’s hair is getting more covered as chunks of hair trapped in the cape started dropping to ground. The barber dusts Anita’s face and then carefully opens the knot of cape, and then slides it away.

The barber then applies some powder ad combs Anita’s hair for last time and then turns the chair so that she can get up. As Anita admires her haircut, Mr. Sinha pays the fees and leaves the shop thanking the barber.

10 minutes later

Anita and Mr. Sinha are both in front seat of their car. Mr. Sinha confessed with difficulty, “I always thought you are beautiful with long hair, spread around your head, but, but I discovered today this hairstyle is much more beautiful and…”

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Neighbour Sisters

My name is George. I have a beautiful neighbour by thename of Jane. She lives with her younger sister Tina.Both of them have a very sexy body structure andfeminine features. One thing very common among thesisters is straight jet-black hair: Jane’s hairreaches down to her ass, and Tina’s hair reaches downto her waist. Since the time I moved in to this newapartment I have always fantasized about combing andcutting these girls’ hair. I always experience astrange feeling when I see these girls’ hairunbraided.
Normally once in 2 months they trim their hair. Theydo it themselves: Jane trims Tina’s hair and Tinatrims Jane’s hair. They only trim 1 to 1 and a halfinches of their lovely hair. Once I saw them trimmingthe hair through the window and masturbated at home.
Once I found Jane attending an interview in one of myclose friend’s office. I spoke to my friend and gother a job. She was very happy, and invited me to herhouse for dinner. I was very much excited and went toher house on that day for dinner. Slowly we startedtalking about so many things and I finally starteddating her. We even started having sex, when Tina wasnot at home. I used to caress her lovely hair whilehaving sex.
I wanted to trim her hair once, but I was hesitant.Finally when I was there at Jane’s home, Jane wastalking to her sister about trimming her hair. Iwanted to ask whether I could trim it but was verymuch hesitant. But I made up my mind to ask her. Thenext day Tina went to her friend’s house. I was alonewith Jane, and we were having sex. I told her I wantedto trim her hair that weekend, and I wanted to dosomething little more than just trimming the hair.Jane thought for a moment and told me she wanted tokeep her hair long, but as long as the hair is long Icould do whatever I want.
I waited for the exciting weekend to fulfill my dream.Finally the weekend came and I was at her home. Janetold Tina, "George will trim our hair." That was asurprise for me: I never thought I would also trimTina’s hair. Jane also told Tina that she was going tochange her hairstyle slightly.
Both the girls unbraided their hair, and a stool wasset up in the bathroom along with the scissors andcomb. First Tina took the seat. I asked her to bend inthe washbasin so that I could wash her hair. I applieda shampoo and washed her hair. Now her hair wastotally wet, and water was dripping, I slightly driedher hair with a towel and started combing her hair. Iasked her how should I cut her hair, Tina told me shejust wanted a trim – nothing more than that.
I told her that her hair was very thin towards theends (it was not that thin) and that I would cut 6inches of hair so her hair will be neat. She thoughtfor a while and agreed. I started combing her hairagain and took the scissors and started cuttingslightly more than 6 inches. All the cut hair startedfalling on the floor. I had a strange erotic feeling,even she must have felt wet. Now the hair was justabove the waist in a straight line. I asked her if shewas interested in having some bangs. She said no,first she would see Jane’s new hairstyle and decide.
Now it was Jane’s turn. I told Jane to bend over thewash basin, and I started washing her hair. I driedher hair slightly with the towel and asked her to takethe seat. I started combing her lovely hair, which wasdown to her ass. She asked me how I was going to cuther hair, I told her I was going to reduce her hairlength to mid back, and layer her hair, with somebangs in front. She told me "That will be drastic." Itold her that still her hair will be long, and it willbe easy to manage. Jane agreed, Tina was surprised.
I started cutting 2 feet of Jane’s lovely hair. Janehad tears in her eyes, but was wet under her panty.Now the damage was done, I was very much excited aboutmy long-time dream coming true. I wanted to cut thefull length, but this was only the start. I ensuredthat the hair was cut in a straight line. I startedtrimming one more inch of hair by dividing the hair in3 parts horizontally from the head. She told me thather hair looked short, I told her that it was still 2feet long from the roots. I started combing all thehair to the front of her face, so that I could layerher hair. I had read this in one of the web sites. Istarted cutting 6 inches of hair in front, the hairwas falling over her breast and down. It was very niceto see the hair falling on her breast and down. By nowthe bathroom floor was full of hair. Tina was stillwatching this. One of Tina’s hands was in her crotch.Now I told Jane that I was going to add some bangs sothat she would look better. I took one inch inside thehairline in the front of her head and started combingall the hair forward. The remaining hair was combedback and still the hair was long, to her mid back. Istared cutting all the hair above the eyebrows in astraight line. Cut hair was more than one foot. Now Itold her to set the rollers so that she will have somebounce. Jane was happy seeing the work. She asked hersister how did she look. Tina said that Jane lookedfabulous with bangs and layered hair.
Tina looked at her long hair in the bathroom mirror.She told me that her hair was always shorter thanJane’s hair. Now it’s longer, but Jane looked betterwith layered hair and bangs. In the meantime Jane gotthe rollers and was setting up the rollers in herhair.
Tina took the seat again. I knew what was going tohappen. Tina told me she wanted the same hairstyle asher sister, but the length should be another 6 inchesshorter than Jane. I asked her if she was sure, shesaid yes. Then I started spraying some water on Tina’s waist-length hair and made it wet, and started cutting her long hair, slightly above the bra line. Even this was almost 2 feet long. Now I combed all the hair in front and cut exactly 5 inches of hair and, same as Jane, took 1 inch inside the hairline in front of Tina’s head and started cutting it above the eyebrows. The bathroom floor was fully covered with cut hair. By now Jane had removed the rollers and was looking sexy.
I told Tina to put on the rollers for her hair whichwas shorter than Jane’s hair. Both the girls werelooking sexy with the haircut.
That night I had good sex with Jane.
I told Jane that next time I wanted to give both thegirls a chin-length bob, with the nape shaved. Janehas agreed. Now I’m waiting for the next dream day.


Hi guys. This is my 10th story. Hope you all enjoy reading all my haircut and hair job stories. Keep reading all my stories. This is the story about my aunt’s daughter’s haircut for the second time. If you have read the story HAIRCUT FOR MY AUNT AND HER DAUGTHER… then today am going to say how I cut the hair of the sister I have cut the hair on that story for the second time in her home. Enjoy this guy.
Her name is divya which I forgot to specify in that story. She had returned from abroad. My mom and me went to visit her and she said she have come for a week vacation and she will be alone in the home so she asked permission to leave me in her home till she return to abroad. She have returned from abroad after 4yrs. I was happy to see her and her structure. Now she had a perfect boobs hanging on the chest. I was feeling to press her breast badly and pinch her nipples nicely and wanted her to cry in pain. Once I saw her I remembered her haircut day alone. The hay I combed her hair did hair job, she sucked my **** and I cut all her hip length hair to shoulder length hair. I was very eager to look at her hair length now. But she have folded her hair and put a clip over it to the head itself so I couldn’t even guess the length of her hair. We all had our lunch together. Then mom said that sister want me to stay with her till she go to abroad and can I stay with her. I said I will the next second she stopped. Then mom left to our home by 3.40 p.m and she rang us saying she reached home safely and warned me saying should not trouble sister all and should adjust and should not get angry on her. I said ok for everything and hanged up.
It was evening 5 and she bought coffee for us and we both were talking for a while. I asked about aunt and she said she is happy in sisters home and I asked about her husband she said that he have go promotion to assistant manager in a hotel naming something she said but I don’t remember. I asked about her daughter and she said that she is doing well over there. And I asked about her profession and she said that its great but it’s a night duty for her. I forgot to say guys. She is working as a nurse. Till now I don’t know how to start about hair talks and she not removing her hairclip too. 
After finishing drinking the coffee she got the coffee mug from my hand and took it to wash. I just closed the main door and without knowing to her I followed her slowly. She entered the kitchen and started to wash the tumbler. I hugged her from back and holded her breast tightly and pressed her breast nicely. At once I caught her breast she dropped the mug in the basin and was enjoying what I was doing. Since I got green signal I was happy and was pressing her breast for some time and after sometime she just pushed my hand from her breast and smiled at me and again started to wash the mug. I was happy that she was ok with her breast got pressed by me. I just asked how her hair is. While asking I just went behind her and removed the hairclip of her. at once her hair rolled down and god it was kissing her butt. It was shinning in the tube light brightness.
She was stunned seeing her hair and she asked how it is? I said its awesome and inserted my finger inside her hair and spread her hair all over back and she was enjoying this. I was combing her hair with my fingers itself and she asked did I like it? I said yes I love and like your hair. She said “this hair is not mine” I was confused hearing that and asked what she was saying. She said “yes this hair I growed only for you” god hearing that I hugged her tightly and kissed her lips badly and she too responded back. I was biting her lips with mine. Then I pulled her tongue and I was sucking her tongue inside mine and we both enjoyed French kiss for a long time.
Then she said it’s enough and we both went to hall and she put her hair in huge bun and once she did I removed and she stared and sad ram keep quite. Then she came near me and I leaned on the wall and she came very close to me and said for my pleasure and to satisfy my fetish only she came to India itself. I was happy hearing this and my down was hard and she slowly caught my down and said “I want this pleasure from you. Will you **** me? I want you to **** me very badly. I want you to pour your ***** over me and make me fully wet.” I couldn’t control myself. I just want to take her to bed room and **** her badly but I asked what I will get in return? She said I will give what you want and she pulled all her hair front side and said this long hair in only for you. You can do whatever you want and if want you can cut it till my chin length. I was stunned hearing all her talks. I just caught all her hair and just kissed her lips badly and we were kissing for a long time.
Suddenly we heard a calling bell and she took the lips from mine and made her hair in a bun and went to look who it was. To our shock it was her husband’s sister and her kids. Divya’s hubby has sent her sister to spent time with divya. She said she will stay with her itself till she leave from here. We both were worried hearing this. Since we both know she spoke well to me. Seeing her bag’s we were clear that there was no chance of doing anything what we want. Days went on and she was sleeping with divya itself and I can’t even speak to divya itself she was always with her itself. It was 13th day for divya’s vacation and on 15th day morning for her flight by 2.30p.m. Still that lady was not leaving divya.
It was 14th day. Tomorrow she will be leaving back India I don’t know what to do itself. divya said that she having flight tomorrow by noon 2.30 for that that lady said that sending her to flight she will go to her home. I was fully disappointed. It was noon we all had our lunch and aunt was talking to neighbor out and I ran to kitchen. Divya was washing all the vessels and I hugged her from back and caught her breast firmly. She called my name. I asked what? She asked me to press her breast badly and pinch her nipples. For 2 minutes I got mad and she was moaning softly. When I heard that aunt coming I moved away leaving her and she too continued to wash the vessels. It was 3 that time that aunt got a call from her hubby that he is not feeling well and asked to come immediately so she said to divya that she is moving and said me to take care of divya. I smiled looking at divya and she too smiled looking at me. She moved with her kids by 3.30.
At once she moved we both got bonded each other and kissed badly. Divya asked can we go to bed room. I said sure. There we made love till 11.30p.m. I was all tired and divya was fully satisfied by me. We both were lying naked in bed and divya said she was happy this day and this sex are very much worth and she got all pleasure what she wants. I said but still am not satisfied. She smiled at me and went out and bought a comb and a scissors. I smiled at her and asked her to sit on the chair and then pulled her hair back. Then I kissed her top head and pressed her breast nicely. Then I inserted my hand inside her hair and touched her scalp and pulled her hair from her hair and she was enjoying that even though it was paining her.
I combed her hair with my fingers and she was totally aroused now. Her nipples were very erect and I could see her moaning. So I again left my hand inside her hair and was pulling her hair and slowly went near her neck and was licking her neck. She was fully aroused and she was rubbing her *****. I was pulling her hair badly and she was totally out of control. God she was moaning badly now and she said ‘ram please cut my hair fully now itself and drop it on my lap ram please soon cut my hair I don’t want my hair its all yours ram make it fall on the floor soon’. I said I want to *** on your hair. She smiled and turned and sucked my down in her mouth and gave a hand job. It was nice to see my big **** going fully inside her mouth and she sucking it badly. I was about to *** I just pulled it from her mouth and turned her and poured a load of *** on her hair and she turned and licked my **** to take the *** from the tip. Then I again turned and combed her hair with a comb and made my *** all over her hair. I combed her hair and the time was 12.45a.m. I said it’s enough to her. 
She asked what next plan is. I said hair wash. I smiled and hold her hand and took her to the bathroom and on the shower and us both got wet under the shower and made love for an hour under the shower. There I washed her hair thrice with shampoo. At last the water in the tank got over so we both came out wiping each other’s body and her hair was still dripping with water. I made her to sit on the chair and rubbed her hair with towel. Still her hair was wet. She was not having bangs. I went front side and took some hair and took the scissors and started to snip her hair to eyes length. Her eyes were seeing the hair being cut and her eyes were waiting to see her in short style. 
Divya asked that can she cut some of her hair. I said sure and gave her the scissors and pulled a big bunch of her hair and said her to cut how she likes. She combed that bunch of hair and started to snip from her chin and dropped on her lap. I couldn’t control myself. I went behind her and combed her long hair for some time and kept the scissor on her shoulder. Since we both were nude she could feel the chillness of the scissors in her shoulder. She said that ram I want my hair on my chin and not on my shoulders. I said we shall reduce again later and she smiled at me. I started to snip her hair from her shoulders and like rain little by little her long hair started to fall on the floor. I finished cutting half amount of her long hair and it was nice to see her hair now. 
One side was till her butt and the other side was till her shoulders only. Then I went front of her and rubbed my **** in her face and she slowly pulled it inside her mouth and was sucking my **** madly for 5 minutes and I said her am going to ***. She asked me to *** on her face and moved my **** inside her mouth very fastly. In fraction of seconds I cummed all my ***** on her face. All her face was covered with my *** and then I started to fall on her breast and I pressed it badly. She wiped all my face to her mouth and I was pinching her nipples. Due to my bites and pinches her breast was full of black blood clots and she was smiling seeing that. 
Then I went behind her and combed her hair nicely and pulled her hair front side and it covered one side of her breast. I started to snip her hair from shoulders. Now it was very nice to see her long hair falling on her lap itself. In few seconds her long hair was till her shoulders. Then I bought a mug of water and made her hair wet again by spraying water on her hair. Again combed her hair for some time and started to snip her hair again and now some 7 to 10 inches of her hair started to fall on her lap and at last I corrected her hair by neatly cutting it. The time was 3.20a.m. 
She hugged me seeing her hair on the floor and on her lap and seeing her new style in the mirror. Then I spread all her cut hair in the bed and asked to ly on that hair and we both again made love till 7 o clock. Then we both went to take bath and there again we made love for an hour and at last came out of bathroom by8.30 and then prepared our breakfast and had and by 10 we moved to airport and she promised that she will come back again growing her hair to get pleasure and she moved. 
Hope you guys enjoyed this incident... 

Indian Girl Haircut on Her Birthday

I would share how I received a haircut on my 24th birthday on 2ndmarch,2015 as a surprise from my boyfriend(bf) in a barbershop. I wokeup with a message from my bf to be ready by1P.Mand he would be

coming to pick me up. I became nervous as on every birthday of mine hewould have a surprise for me. I dressed up in blue top and white jeansand put on a little makeup. I kept my waist length hair open,as it was wetafter the shower.
I met him at1.05p.mnear my building. He asked me tosit on his bike and started to drive it at full speed. Suddenly hestopped his bike and we were in middle of a rural place. He got down onhis knees and proposed me for marrying him. I accepted his proposaland we hugged and kissed each other. Then he said he had a surprise forme. He would be getting my haircut and changing my way of dressing. Westarted on bike again and after going three or four kilometers hestopped in front of a barbershop.It was strange for me as here in Indiagirls usually get theirhair cut in parlours by female barbers.
It wasmy first time I was there to hae my hair cut. The shop was prettysmall with a glass on one side and a door. My bf opened the door for meand we both entered the shop. There were two barbers in their late 50’sand one was busy buzzing the hairs of a man and the other was occupiedby a barber reading a newspaper. Both of them looked up as we enteredthe shop. The unoccupied barber got out of his chair and greeted us. Hewas confused when I started walking towards the barber chair and my bfheaded to the waiting chair. I could clearly smell the lotion which mybf used after shaves. There were mirrors on every wall of the shopexcept the one which consisted of posters of different haircuts ofmales. There were different scissors, clippers and combs and a watersprayer on my station.
Then he asked me again “ are you here for ahaircut ? “,I said," yes “ and he started to raise the chair. He thengathered all my hairs and made a bun and then put a tissue around myneck and then draped the cape over me and fastened it back. He thenopened my bunn and started combing and asked me," madam kaise katwanahai ?“(how do you you want your hairs to be cut?). My bf said cut herhairs into a bob. Then the barber took the sprayer and started sprayingwater and combing it. Finally he bought scissors and then I could hearsnip ! snip and I could feel my head lighter. He completed cutting myhair into a bob within six or seven snips. Then the barber started torun his hands through my hairs. Then my bf said to cut my hairs fromsides and top and make them short to 1 inches with bangs over myeyebrows. He then bended my head front, my chin touch touching mybreast. He then started cutting my back hairs by scissor over combtechnique. I could only hear snip snip and could see my hairs fallingover my cape. I started crying. Then he tilted my head towards left andstarted cutting my right side hairs and then he tilted my hairstowards right and started cutting my left side hairs.
The barbercompleted witin ten minutes and my bf came again and ran his fingersfrom my hair and said ,"upar ke baal thoda aur chote kar dijiye"(makethe top hairs more shorter"), this time the barber took another comband spreyed water over the top and again started cutting my tophairs. This time I could feel the cool breeze over my head. Then he mademy head tilt backwards and started to comb my hair forward. Then he cutout bangs till my eyebrows and then my bf signaled him to make thebangs more shorter and he reduced the lenth of my bangs by one inch. Bythis time I dared to look myself into the mirror and found out my looktotally transformed that too of a boy. Then my bf asked the barber toshave my nape and make my sides look like “v". Then the barber dapedhis hands in water and put th water on perimeter of my hair.Then hetook a straight razor and started to shave me. The movement of therazor caused a sensation in my stomach and I could feel goosebumps. Hedid shaving my nape and I could feel the passing of cool breeze.Thenthe barber started to put powder on my back and brush me. Then heuncapped me and stared I stepped out of the chairs finally after 20mins and I could see the hairs which I lost just now .My boyfriendpaid and we left the shop. It was my first experience in a barbershopand I really enjoyed my haircut and the shave and hope again I willstep into the barbershop to have my hairs cut.

Self punishement of an Indian girl

One evening, I went to barbershop, but I couldn’t find the on duty barber. A man (who runs a grocery shop just beside the barbershop) told that barber have an urgent work so he took a break from his duty, he would be back after sometime. I thanked the man, and started browsing the magazines, in the waiting area. Just then a young girl of about 19-20 years with hip length hair entered the shop,
I was quite surprised as in my country girls generally don’t have their haircut in barbershops which are dominated by male customers. She saw that the barber’s chair is vacant and sat on it. I didn’t object, as it would be nice to skip turn if I can see the haircut of such girl. I was staring at her, when she caught me and said, “When will you serve your customer”. I replied, “I am not a barber here, but a customer”. She apologized for her mistake. I was thinking at the moment why did I tell her, I am not the barber, I could have easily given her a haircut, at least could have cut some inches of her long hair. Then she started conversation with me. I asked her name, she replied Piya, and I told mine. Then, I asked her, “When did you cut your hair last time?” told me she has her last haircut in barbershop when she was about 10years old. Then she only trimmed her hairs at home. I questioned, “Then why are you here in this barbershop,to have a haircut? It would be better if you go to some parlor or salon to have such long hair cut properly. These barbers are not good at long hairs”. She asked, “What made you believe that I am here for a haircut”. I replied, “what else can you do here?” she told that she I her for her head shave. I was surprised at hearing this; she explained that her marks in her last examination are really poor. She had vowed that, if she doesn’t come in top 5 in college ranking, she would just cut all her hair. This is a self punishment for her. On hearing this, I was speechless for a few seconds. She then said, don’t be upset it’s just hair, it will grow back. I pretend to be upset, but from inside I was very happy, that I would see a long haired girl getting her head shaved. I told her you are mad, she laughed at that, and said, “Yes I know, my father and mother also told the same thing”. Then she asked do you know where the barber is, I conveyed her message, given to me by that man. She was then a little distressed. She told,” the barber is not submissive to his duty, I am getting late”. Then suddenly she asked, “Can you shave my head”. I was taken aback; I stammered and said,” I think I can’t”. My inner mind was shouting at me “you should have said yes”. She showed a gesture of annoyance. Then again after sometimes, she told me, “just try it, it’s just a head shave, no need to keep a check on hairline, or length, just buzz it. And if something went wrong barber will fix it when he comes” This time I couldn’t resist; I got up from the waiting chair, went near her and covered her with a cape, lying close to the chair she is sitting. She said, “now you are a good boy.” I checked the drawers in the shop and found 2 pairs of scissor, 3 combs, 1 clipper, 2 straight razors, and a tube of shaving cream. I took the comb, opened her hair which was tied in a bun, and started to comb it and told her, “last chance for you to think, if you really want to cut your hair”, she said, “relax, hair is mine, you don’t have to worry”. I kept the scissor just below her shoulder and then ssccrruunnchh sccrruunnchh ssccrruunnchh with scissor. About 12 inches of hair was cut, and was lying in the floor. She shouted at me, “I didn’t ask for a trim Mr. Barber.” I replied’ “wait your highness”. Then I partition her hair and started cutting small bits off from her hair. Gradually her lap was covered with hair. I reduced her hair to chin length, though at some places it is close to scalp. I was feeling lucky that the barber didn’t come by that time. She again shouted,” by this time could have shaven my head myself. I ignored that. I then started cutting her rest hair close to scalp, which took a great time. After showing her the buzzed head, I told her, “it will now take just 5 more minutes”. She replied, “Buzzing could have been done using clippers in 1 minutes. I defended, “I don’t know how to operate the clippers.” after saying this I lathered her head with shaving cream and started shaving her hair. After this the whole process is complete. She said thanks and gave me two 100 rupee note, telling me salon would charge me the same, if she would have her head shave there. I didn’t take it and said this is a barbershop; here the fees would be about 30 rupee. She took a 20 rupee note and 10 rupee note. I took the 20 rupee note, and told her to clean the floor with me, which would earn you 10 rupee. She laughed and started cleaning with me. The dustbin lying in the corner was fully filled with her waist length hair. We exchanged phone numbers and she left the shop. The barber came 10 minutes later. He apologized to me, and told me to sit in barber’s chair. He quickly did my hair within 5 min. While paying him I paid him 50 rupee. He was surprised and told,” why are you giving me tip today? I have wasted so much of your time”. I just told him,” You have given me once in a life time experience” and left the shop. About 2 years later A message came to my cell phone ‘Again got poor marks, planning to get my head shaved again. Call me (piya)’. I told myself I am again going to have another wonderful experience.