Saturday, 29 August 2015

A shave saves a relationship

This is a story of an young girl who married a military ex-service man. Anamika was a 18 year old virgin who had a lots of dreams about her husband. One fine day her step mother told her dad that there is a gentleman who would like to marry their daughter. Anamika's dad was a boneless man he would not do anything against his wife , her step mothers word was final always. So they arranged for a meeting the man who was going to marry Anamika was about to arrive her dreams sore like high tides of the bay of bengal . And finally the man 's family arrived and Anamika's step mother ordered her to come and see them. They were all impressed by her beauty she was a slim fair girl with a normal height and a long curly hair she has applied oil and plated it and kept jasmine flowers on it she had a small bindi in her forehead big coal lined eyes and sharp nose and glossy lips. Her beauty was undeniable then they introduced a man a tall rugged man with a salt and pepper hair that man was in his early forties their was a cruelty in his face and his past life was full of mysteries his 1 st wife died and no one knows how she died .
                     After this Anamika told her step mother she was not interested in marrying him but her step mother forced her to marry him. after a month they got married and Anamika realized she was prejudgemental about his character he was a nice man he took good care of Anamika. Later one day a young man came to their house. He was Anamika's husband's trainee in the military camp his name was Arjun. Arjun was handsome young man with an vibrant personality when Anamika's husband was not in home they started meeting each other Anamika soon fell for his charming character Arjun was head over heels in love with her. He gave her a fulfillment which her husband did not give. Anamika's husband decided to go to his friends daughters engagement meanwhile Anami called Arjun to her house they started an intercourse Arjun was brilliant in bed Anamika was filled with joy a joy which her monotonous old husband can never give with in a second things changed the old man came home and saw what was happening he pushed Arjun out of the house and went inside his room he dint tell anything to Anamika . That night Anamika was crying in guilt her Husband came to her with a kitchen knife Anamika was worried that he is going to kill her. He told her " I love you how can you do this to me I cant hurt you even now but never want this to happen again. Do you know why army men have a summer cut hairstyle in training because when you shave a young man's head you take his beauty from him that gives a sense of obedience and self surrender. That is what I want from you my love..... "  and he started shaving her head with that knife she cried yelled but it was useless she was shorn like a sheep he did not show any mercy until Anamika was fully bald then he said " I love you with this hair style but Arjun would never come near you if you are bald like this. when people in your family ask tell them we had a vow at a temple". And he left........ Arjun never came back to see Anamika...... Anamika has a baby now but still her husband shaves her head every 2 months after 2 years he let her have a flat top hairstyle ...... later he permitted to have a boy  cut with half inch hair........... and anamika never left her husband because no man will like her in that hairstyle .

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  1. Anamika relationships is more important as it is clear Arjun was only seeing your physical body but your husband understands your mental health and has taken care of you with a child. Have good sex with him,put nose screws on both sides of your nose to make him attract to you sexually.