Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Someone was following was rekha.she was alone  following vikram, neither police department nor vikram knew this.she released her from the case and started following him.Rekha slowly reached his residence and waited until all the thieves left and slowly entered the house through the roof of the house.when she entered the house it was fully she lid the touch she had.she started searching for the evidence which she can prove that vikram is a criminal.

Finally she found a diary about them which was written by vikram.vikram wrote all the important matters and information about them and their threft on that diary.when she was about to leave.suddenly the light got on.she was shocked.
She could see the vikram and his assistants standing behind her.she tried to escape from them.but it all failed.
They removed her dress and started beating started bleeding all over her body.
Then vikram ordered his assiatant to fuck her.
One by one started fucking her.
Due to continuous bleeding and fucking, she fainted then, they tied her in the toilet and locked the morning when she woke up, she found her tied up in the toilet and she found her naked.she tried to loose the rope but she couldnt.
After some time, ravi and deva came and dragged her to vikram.vikram started laughing at her.and told her she would be punished for her act.
Vikram ordered his assistants to drag her to the street barbar and make her head shaved .
He also ordered them , she should be nude while getting shaved.
Rekha who was naked was dragged to  barbar who kept a barbarshop under a tree in the market.they ordered the barbar to shave her head.
When the barbar saw her, he was jaw was the first time for him to see just a beautiful naked girl who waiting for headshave.
When he was going to cap her, ravi asked him to shave without capping her.he agreed and he took a bowl of water and started applying on rekhas head.rekha had a thick hair just below her shoulder, since it was thick it was difficult for wetting .after 10 min he finally wetted her hair.
He then started massaging for 20 min.
After massaging, he took the straight edge razor and inserted a new blade and placed slowly on her head moved forward, scrchh scrchh a sound of razkr was heard.rekha felt that shaving had begun, in few moves a bald patch appeared on her head.she felt the breeze on her head, slowly after many moves , he shaved half of her head, then he again wetted her hair again and started shaving after 10 min, he shaved her head, deva rubbed her head and asked him to shave again, he again shaved rekha was like a cue ball.then they dragged her to vikram.vikram decided to pierce rings all over her body.he told to this rekha, she started crying, ravi went and called aasari and brought along with him
Vikram told asaari to pierce rings in her nipple , nose .he started his procedure soon the pierceing was done.
Vikram decided to keep rekha as his slave.he took a collar and tied around rekhas head and chained both her hands and legs and locked her in the basement.
Rekha felt she was too wrong.she started thinking how to escape from there
To be continued


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