Thursday, 27 August 2015

The girl from Bus

The girl was standing outside the barbershop. I knew she is going to do something special with her hair. She got in the bus at same stoppage as I, and for the whole 45 minutes journey, she kept torching her hair, an indication that she will get a haircut. I got down at same stop as she and followed her.
She is now standing in front of a barbershop, ‘King Barbers’ her hair appears to be thick and is braided. It almost touches her waist.
She is wearing modern dress, top and jeans. The green top looks beautiful in her 22 year slender body. She has well developed features, and is of fair complexion. She opened the door and entered the shop.
I waited near the shop, as it is common for woman to enter barbershop by mistake or to meet somebody, but she didn’t appear. I approached to the shop and peeked in. the girl was sitting in the waiting chair. She will really have a haircut.
My hair was buzzed just last week; I decided to have a shave so that I can enter the shop.
As I entered the shop, I saw the girl was sitting in barber’s chair, caped and her hair is open. One of the barbers greeted me as I entered. The girl’s hair was black, but looked dry. It has little wave.
The barber took the mist sprayer and started wetting her mass. Considerable amount of water is required when so much hair is to be soaked. The barber then took scissor in hand; I expected a trim, but…
The barber placed the scissor at neck at cut straight ruthlessly and rapidly. I made the eye contact with the girl; she was not nervous but was determined. The falling locks hooked my eyes, and the floor behind the chair was covered with her locks.
The barber then picked up a manual clipper, and pulled her head backward. Put the clipper in front after back brushing her hair, and ran it backward to her top. Mass of black hair fell on her lap and floor. The girl has closed her eyes tightly. He continued doing as more hair fell. Virgin white scalp of her begin to appear now.
The barber then moved sideways, and clipped her sides while bending her head in opposite direction. Her head was becoming more and more white. Only her back hair was now remaining. It looked like a tuft. Her head was now bent forward, and her remaining hairs were being clipped.
By the time he completed, the barber was done with his customer and I was called. I sat opting for a shave. The girl’s hair was all clipped, and was all spread on her cape and floor.
I relaxed in the chair as the barber started applying foam on my face after her buzz is over and she was being dusted and uncapped, but she was still not done. She to head was also covered with foam. New blade was inserted in the straight razor.
Her head was bent forward; barber touched the razor at top of head than started running it in all direction. The whole time girl has kept her eyes closed. After her shave was over, she was wiped with a towel.
Both of us completed at same time. She got up from chair, started observing herself in mirror, smiling and touching her shining head. She paid and left very fast.
I asked the barber, “why on earth she has done that with her hair?” the barber calmly replied, “it happens sometime”
I tried to follow her, but I lost her.

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