Thursday, 27 August 2015

Tie it or lose it

I know it has to be done now; we have to do it now. The shop was closing now; Rani was
serving the last customers. I signaled the Radha to be prepared the customers a man in 40s
and his wife probably were browsing through sari. The lady’s eyes were on Sari but the
Man’s eyes were fixed on Rani, actually not Rani, but her dangling ponytail, which has
reached to her waist now. This was her 10 warning. Something has to be done.
Rani joined this shop, ‘The Sam’s Shop” eight months ago. Before her I was the only worker
here, I recruited her as my assistant and Radha as janitor. Both came from village
background, with little exposure to city life. There was simple rule in my shop, you keep
customer happy, you have to maintain dress code and you have to be punctual. Both followed
the rules well except that dress code one. They were told to keep their hair in bun or cut it
short. 20 years old Radha learnt fast, but 21 year old Rani tumbled. Being young I forgive
them very often. They are actually a little older than my daughter. Radha on my advised
decided to cut her length off; Rani too agreed for haircut. But Rani said, she is going to get
married in two months, so can’t cut it now. I loosed the rule for her. Her problem is that, she
doesn’t like bun, so except the peak hours. She keeps her hair down in pony.
Two months passed, she took one month off for marriage and honeymoon etc.  When she
went she promised to come back with a bob cut. She came back, with kumkum in head and
long hair as expected. She kept saying weeks after weeks she is going cut it, chop it, but
nothing happened.
Number of male customer started increasing, but number of couples started decreasing. And
the couples are our target. Because the females (wives, sisters etc) selects the most expensive,
but the male (husband, brother) pays the price. So when the male’s mind is distracted, it’s
something which the female dislike.
One month back I started giving her warning about her hair, even warning to reduce wages.
She improved but she is a person of habit. Today morning I warned her, I will myself chop
your hair if I see them loose. She maintained a bun for whole day even during afternoon
when it was dip hour. It was quarter past 9, fifteen minute to close the shop. She opened her
bun. Just then the couple entered. The couple browsed for few minutes then they left, without
buying any.
It was 9p.m. As planned, Rani was sent up floor to switch off lights, us, me and Radha waited
in the ground floor to ambush her. She came back, searching for us in the hall shouting our
name. She came near the centre where we kept a chair. We then launched the attack. I
gripped her by hand forcing her to sit on the chair, and Radha tied her with the chair
through the waist. We then tied her hands and legs to chair. I told Radha to call Ravi.
Rani knew what was happening; she shouted at us, she warned me she would report it to
police. I knew she would never do so. Because, Rani respects me. I was the one who gave her
job, who gave her the city life. Ravi arrived in ten minutes with his kit. Radha removed her
“Head Shave, that’s all we need today Ravi”. Ravi took out the cape, and tried to put it on
her, but she resisted. I told him to do without it. Ravi took out his mist sprayer, but then left
it. He was rather bewilder, how to cut her hair, as she was constantly moving her head. I
believe he never forced shaved a 21 year married woman. As her hair was already in pony,
I held her pony; she now couldn’t move her head, because I held her with her hair. Ravi
inserted the scissor in the base of pony at her neck.kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach……
chhhhhhhh…ch. The pony was in my hand. Tears came in her eyes. She ceased her motion of
head. I gave the thick pony to Radha and told her to pack it.
Ravi then took out clippers and searched for a plug point. Rani first cried seeing the clipper,
begging us not to buzz her hair. As no plug was found in vicinity smile came her face. Just
then Ravi took comb and Scissor in hand.
Ravi started cutting large chunks of her hair. The locks fell on the floor, some on her lap. Her
Salwar Kameez was covered in her hair. He then took out his razor, changed blade.
Ravi requested Rani, “Sister, your hair is already cut short, it has to be shaved anyways,
please don’t raise the time, please don’t move, it can really hurt you”. Rani stopped her
motion, as Ravi started running the razor from top to front of
head.Sscccccccccccc.scsccccccccccccc.scsc. Her virgin white skin of head became exposed. Her
sides were shaved last.
By the time Ravi has finished, she was tired of crying. Ravi dusted as much as possible with a
brush, her neck, her face. Once finished, Ravi was paid, and sent away.
Then I and Radha opened her ropes. She was very much depressed. She hugged Radha and
started crying again. She told me, she is resigning from here. I laughed at it. After she left,
Radha cleaned the place. I packed all her hair with the big pony and sent it to an
organization who accepts hair.
One week later, she came back. Her head had little stubbles now with kumkum in middle of
her head.

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