Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Ipl headshave to ritu (loss of bet )

Hi, I am ritu and my husband was suresh, we live in mumbai, my hubby was hair fetish and asked me to get my haircut shorter.i had a midback length shiny hair , I love my hair so much and so I didnt want to cut and my hubby love to watch day, when we was watching ipl , an arguement started between me and my hubby and finally it resulted in bet.he placed the bet that if he wins he will shave my hair and I want to maintain short hair only throughout my life.if I wins he should leave his fetish, but unfortunately he won, I couls not believe this and I started crying .my hubby told me that my head will be shaved in few days, I went to our bed room and cried for one night.the next day, my hubby consoled me and told me its just hair and it will grow, with half heart I accepted for my shave.he took his laptop and showed some videos where women were shaving their head.i was excited on seeing.i started imaginating about shave, soon the day came.It was Wednesday, 16th October, 2013 about 11.30 AM, I was in the kitchen preparing launch, he came, hugs me from behind,

kisses me & whispered” Have you remember honey, the barber will come today in the evening for your haircut”. I was totally
blushed but replied “let me complete my work darling, we have enough time”. But he said warmly “Please do shampoo your hair
today honey.” And at about 12.30 PM I went to the bathroom, shampoo my hair thoroughly, I was nervous but also excited
thinking about my haircut while shampooing my thick black long lush hair (my hair was in between mid back & waist). After half
an hour of bath, first I dried my hair with a towel, applied lots of hair conditioner on my long hair and brushed my hair
thoroughly. Then we took our launch but the whole day I was only thinking about my haircut in the evening, I was really nervous
but also very excited. In the evening we took some snacks & coffee together and then I took some light make up, brushed my
hair & tied on my back in a high bun with a elastic band & as desired by him I wear a pair of mini skirt and short top. Then he
had made some arrangement like placed a chair near to the wall electric socket and wash basin and arranged all the haircutting
equipments in the table. My nervousness & excitements were climbing high as the haircut time was approaching. Suddenly the
calling bell was started ringing; I opened the door & found a guy (may be in his late twenty or early thirty) with a small bag in his
hand, smiling at me perhaps he knew everything about my haircut, I was totally blushed but still asked him to take sit. My heart
was racing very fast, like a superfast train because of nervousness and excitement. In the mean time he came and introduced
the guy as the barber. The barber looks at me & about to say something, but he intervene excitedly “As I told you earlier the
head shave is for my wife only, she wanted to shave her head completely bald since her school days, she want to enjoy this
experience. She is always asking me for her head shave since our marriage, let her enjoy this experience…. But please do shave
her head slowly and carefully, we don’t want any nick or cut or even any sign of hair on her head”. I was blushed completely &
felt embarrassing but did not react (I had never asked my husband for my head shave from my side, when he suggested I just
accept it). The barber requested my husband to makes ready some hot water and towel & he went to the kitchen. In the
meantime the barber asked me to sit in the chair, I was really nervous but without thinking so much, I had removed the elastic
band tied on my hair, and sat on the chair contently. The barber started to brush my hair, in the mean time he came & placed
two small towels on the table and stands beside me in my left. The barber brushed my hair for few minutes and then plugged his
clipper (With no Guard) in the wall socket, moved to my right and asked “Shall we start……? Are you ready…..? I could not able
to reply; my mouth was dried, swallowed thickly but nodded my head a little to give signal. He switch the clipper to life, and I
felt the bare cold blade of the clipper on my forehead, the barber slowly pushed the vibrating clipper from my forehead to crown,
he made another pass of the clipper from my forehead to crown, he continued to sheared the top portion of my head. Oh….My…
what happened to me, I was enjoying the weird sensation of the clipper and taking each passes of the clipper so delightedly. My
long hair was almost raining into my lap, the barber was deliberately helping the hair to fall into my lap right in front my eye. By
that time the barber has already sheared the entire top portion of my head and then bent my head slightly towards left and
started to shear the right portion of my head carefully, especially around the ear. When the right portion of my head was
sheared completely off, he moved to my back, bent my head so that chin touches my chest. I felt the vibrations of the clipper in
my nape, I was jumped in excitement……..Oh… … What a sensation! I love it! He slowly meticulously swept the clippers on the
back side of my head from nape to crown, I felt my long hair falling all around me as he made pass after pass with the clippers
on the back side of my head, When the back side of my head was sheared off completely, he moved to my left, bent my head
slightly towards right  and placed the clipper near my left ear and carefully swept the clipper from around my left ear and started
to shear the left portion of my head, all of my hair was fallen all around my body but mostly into my lap and ultimately on the
floor. I sat contently in the chair as the barber ran the bare clippers all over my head, shearing all my hair off. The weird but
wonderful sensations of the clippers gave me an erotic, sensual, sensation while shearing all my hair off, and I just love it! I felt
my head very lighter and cooler as all my hairs were completely shaved off. Suddenly the sounds of the clipper stopped, I
wondered but to my excitement it started again and ran all over my bald head for the second time. Then the barber cleaned my
sheared bald head with his both palm and placed a hot moist towel on my bald head and started to press the warm moist towel
gently with his both palm telling me this will soften the roots of the hairs and he will shaved my head very smooth with the
straight razor without nick and cut.
After few minutes, he removed the moist towel, from my head & spread lots of shaving cream all over my bald head & lathered it
in to thick white foam all over my head with shaving brush; my head was totally painted with thick layer of foam. Then he picked
up the straight razor loaded a half blade & started to shave my head with the straight razor with quick small but careful stroke.
First he shaved the back side of my head then the top portion of my head followed by left portion of my head and lastly right
portion of my head. He again applied shaving cream, lathered all over my bald head with white shaving foam telling me this time
he will shave against the hair growth to shaved my head very smooth & this will remove every sign of hair from head. He
replaced the blade of the straight razor with other half of the blade and shaved my head against the hair growth with slow long
stroke checking the shaved area in between with his finger for any sign of hair and in few minutes my head was shaved for the
second time. The barber repeated the whole procedure once again and shaved my head again against the hair growth for the
third time with slow long stroke of the razor checking the shaved area repeatedly with his finger for any sign of hair and shaved
my head for the third time. The slow long stroke of the razor, the thought of being completely bald drives me totally crazy;
Oh…..My, the whole process was so erotic, so sensuous…., pure ecstatic I was completely mesmerized. I was taking each and
every stroke of the razor delightedly and in few minutes my head was shaved completely smooth. I stood up for a moment and
remove the long hair from my dress and again sat in the chair for after shave treatment. My husband handed over a plastic bag
to the barber and requests him to pack all my hair neatly. And finally my husband gave me the after shave treatment, first he
rubbed the block of shaving alum with cold water on my freshly shaved smooth bald head, then cleaned with a dry towel and
applied after shave lotions and finally massages with some type of aloe oil on my freshly shaved smooth bald head, while the
barber carefully arranging and packing my hair neatly in a plastic bag. And with few minutes of after shave treatment my head
shave was completed. I stood up caressing my freshly shaved smooth bald head with both of my hand; my husband pay the
barber with good tips, the barber was becomes very happy and left our home.
As soon as the barber left our home, my husband hugs me, kisses me and told “Hey honey you are looking absolutely stunning in
smoothly shaved bald head with this earring” and started caressing my freshly shaved smooth bald head passionately for a long
time, he kisses me, kisses my bald head passionately and he was also totally thrilled……………...on that night.
My husband continued to shave my head with a multi blade safety razor, applying shaving cream on my bald head regularly for
few days till last time on 3rd November, 2013. And my head shaving was become a part of our married life during those days…
Now I am in a grow mode, I will grow my long. But yes that experience was an amazing experience and yes we may repeat it
after couple of years and my husband will also cut my long hair and shave my head completely bald again


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