Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Fate Of Jaipur Kingdom

The kingdom of jaipur was a rich country
 It was ruler by king nadhi varman.he married 3 princess and all of them were beautiful and their name was rudhra, devaki, keerthi.
All were fair with milk white skin .their beautiful asset was their hair.
Rudhra had a knee length thick shiny black hair who loves to style it and take care of it.she was tne first wife and chief queen of the country
Devaki had a hip length welwety cascade brown hair.
She too like her hair.she was second wife of king
Keerthi was a younger one and she had mid back length hair.she is fashion lover and often like to change her style
One day, the knigdom was suddenly got into draught
The king ordered his ministry to take relief measures flr it.
They rushed and relief measures
But soon the kingdom was struck by another destruction.
The kingdom was struggling from it.
Then another , kingdom started to ruin and people stated leaving the kingdom.
King nadhi varman was very much worried and decide to find the solution for this difficulties
He sent men to all direction to find a solution about this
Soon his men found a wiz who can help him out.
King along with theirqueens went and met him.
He heard his talk and mediated for few min and found the solution with his super natural powers
He told the king that he and queen needs to do some precaution in the ancient temple in the country forest
Soon they arrived the forest temple
It was a very old temple of goddess kali
He told the king and queen alone along with them inside the temple.
He told the three queens to sit in front of the goddess kali.
He went to the temple well and took a bucket full of water
And poured on the head of three queen
Queens were shocked
Then he told rudhra to remove her dress.
She obeyed and removed , tears started rolling from his eyes.soon she was naked then he told her to bend his head.
She obeyed.
He took the razor knife from his pouch and placed it on the centre of head and started shaving her head, rudhra could feel that he has started in the middle and she could not control her feeling and started sobbing.she felt the breeze on her head, she saw a large pile of hair of hair falling from her head.soon he finished the one side
At that time she looked wierd with one side hair and one side bald and one side with hair but she was beautiful.
Then he finished other side and rudhra was bald now completely.
Then he took a small knife and make a samll 9cut on rudhras hand and dropped her blood on her shaved hair .he asked rudhra to pray to kali for help.
He then took the red sendhur of kali and applied all over the body of rudhra including her head
He made her to meditate in front of kali.
Then he told devaki

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