Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Reena And Her Mother -3

Reena closed the door of her hostel room and switched on the fan. The heat was unbearable. She lay down on the single bed laid out in the room and closed her eyes. Memories of the past few weeks flooded her mind. She had crossed such a great distance physically and emotionally in such a short time. Just last Saturday she had been a 16 year old virgin with hair down to her thighs. So much had happened since then. Her tryst with Arun in the movie theatre. The shearing she had received at the behest of her father. The discovery of her fetish for haircuts. Shaving her mother, watching her sexually satisfy herself with Ravi, and then barging in on them threatening to reveal it all to her father. She still shuddered with delight when she thought of that day.  
When her mother had opened the door, both she and Ravi had been naked, and her mother's pussy was clean as a 12 year old. It was obvious what work Ravi had been doing on her. Her mother had opened Reena’s clothes and asked Ravi to shave her pussy clean as well. Ravi had been delighted to fulfil her wishes. With both the mother and daughter freshly cropped, shaved, and fully heated up, Ravi had his work cut out for him. Reena had stopped counting after her fifth orgasm. The threesome had been at it for more than six hours. Her father had knocked on the door once to inform them that he had some urgent work at the bank so he was going out. That had been the cue for raising the noise level. That day Reena had lost her virginity in all her holes. Surprisingly her mother too was a virgin in her ass and her mouth. Ravi had made sure he rectified the lack of experience immediately. She had even sucked her own mother's pussy, licking her clitoris with her young, wet tongue. Her mother had returned the favour, sucking her clitoris with such passion that she had multiple orgasms, while taking it from Ravi in the ass. Ravi too must have cum all over her at least ten times. That guy had the stamina of a horse. Not that she knew what fucking a horse felt like. She giggled at that thought. 
But of course like all good things that night had ended and the next day had come with its own temptations. Now that she had been fucked and knew what it felt like Reena wanted more. At first she had thought of approaching Arun but she hadn't liked his behaviour on their first date. She decided to call one of the boys from her school. Now that her hairstyle was sexier, she had been getting a lot more attention from them. Many of them had come up to her on the first day asking if they could touch her nape. When they found out about her plans to maintain the shaven nape style some had even recommended particular brands of shaving foam and razor to ensure her shave was comfortable. Reena loved flirting with them. She could easily call them home now because her mother was in on the secret and approved of it. That day had somehow created a new personality in her mother, risk loving and defiant.  She had finally selected Anupam from her class. He was the topper and somewhat shy and bookish. She was sure that he would be gentle with her and would not tell anyone about the deed. Boy had that been the wrong decision. 
Apparently Anupam's gentleness was just a show. When he realized that Reena was seducing him, he had gone into a frenzy tearing off her clothes and ramming his penis inside her. No foreplay, no cuddles, nothing. The act had almost bordered on rape. Once he was done Reena had even given him a second chance but he came faster now than the first time. She barely had a chance to even feel him inside her, much less have an orgasm. Once he was done she had quietly escorted him out. And then he had gone about boasting to everyone that he had fucked Reena Sharma, the most desired girl in their class. That had been the worst thing. Her reputation had been ruined. Boys in her class had tried to grope and feel her up her skirt, pressing against her when there was a crowd or if she was in a line. Even the other girls had supported them. The worst part was that she herself didn't see anything wrong in that. Every time she was felt up she had to remind herself to be outraged in order to meet social proprieties. Left to herself she really didn't care who touched her and where. It was this whore like acceptance that shamed her the most. Finally her father had admitted her into an all-girls boarding school far away from home where no one knew about her. So here she was. From a virgin to a whore exiled from home. All in the space of a few weeks. 
Suddenly someone was banging on her door. She got up to open it. “Wait just a minute. What is wrong?"  It was a group of seniors. “Come out fachchi*. The introduction session will start in a few minutes." (*meaning first year girl). Saying this the seniors moved onto the next door, banging on it equally loudly. Reena groaned inwardly. She knew what ‘Introduction’ meant. They were going to be ragged. Which basically meant doing weird things on instructions from their seniors, while they would watch, taunt, and make fun of them. It would be random, humiliating, and in this unbearable heat, absolutely painful. But if she didn’t go, the consequences would be even more painful. Reluctantly she made her way down. 
When she reached the courtyard downstairs, all the junior girls had assembled into rows while the seniors were sitting on the stairs in front. The courtyard was surrounded on all sides by rooms, with the only entrance/exit being a door which was now locked. So for all intents and purposes they were prisoners. They couldn’t reach the outside world for help and hence had to follow the instructions of their seniors to the letter. Thank god these are girls, Reena thought. They aren’t going to be brutal on us like the boys. Soon everyone was downstairs and the introduction began. They began in order, and each girl on her turn had to shout out her name, her place of residence and a set paragraph in Hindi as instructed by the seniors. Any girl who hesitated, stopped for a while, slurred a bit, or deviated in any way was called up in the front. When her turn came, Reena was so bothered by the heat that she never noticed it. Immediately she was called up in the front. There were already 8 other girls standing there. 
Once the introduction was done, one of the seniors got up and introduced herself as Sonia, the dorm student in-charge. Effectively she was going to be their mother for the next two years. She then pointed to the 9 girls standing out in front and called them fools because they couldn’t even introduce themselves properly. “If you aren’t even capable of introducing yourself properly to the world then how will you live in it?"  She shouted at them. “How the F*** do you expect people to respect fools like you? You know what happens to idiots like you?" She went to the nearest junior, grabbed her ponytail, and pulled hard on it. When the junior opened her mouth to scream, she received a tight slap across her face. “Shut up!! Learn to bear the pain. Idiots like you will feel pain that is much worse than this outside." The junior remained silent, but it was evident that she was in pain. Her hands were tightly clenched into fists to prevent them from going up and removing Sonia’s tight grip. Tears had begun to fall from her eyes. “As your mother for the next two years it is my duty to ensure that all of you are ready to face the outside world. It seems my duty begins today by training these idiots, and putting them on the path to intelligence." 
Then she addressed the girl whose hair she was pulling so brutally. “What is your name idiot?"  “M..Ma..Mansi" she replied in pain. Sonia slapped her. “Is this how you address your mother? From now on I and every other senior out here will be referred to as maam. Do you understand?" She increased the pull on Mansi’s ponytail. Then she shouted again. “Now, once more, what is your name idiot?" “Mansi… maam" she replied, her tears falling faster as the pain grew worse. “Mansi, do you know how the outside world will treat idiots like you if you remain as you are?" “No maam." Another slap. “Fool!! They will treat you like a slut. A filthy whore-bitch. To be used as a piece of meat during sex and thrown away. Do you understand?" “Mansi didn’t know what to say so she remained quiet. “It looks like Mansi likes the thought of being treated like a cheap prostitute. Well, let’s give her a taste of the real thing. Girls bring out Mr Mojo." Saying this she let go of Mansi’s hair and stood back. 
Two other girls, obviously her flunkeys brought out a fat cylindrical rod of what seemed like shiny rubbery plastic. It had a handle with a switch at one end. Reena didn’t know what it was to be used for, but Mansi began to shake in horror as soon as she saw it. “Oooohhh looks like Mansi the slut already knows what Mr Mojo does. Don’t tell me you are an actual slut Mansi. That would be so much fun." Sonia remarked. “Now strip" another shout. Mansi shook her head to refuse. “Strip yourself or we’ll do it for you." Mansi realized that she was powerless and so began to slowly take off her clothes. Sonia growled impatiently. “Looks like you are also a lazy slowpoke apart from being an idiot slut. Girls strip her." She instructed her batch mates. Before Mansi knew it her clothes were torn off. One of the girls produced a pair of scissors which were used to cut her bra straps and the waist band of her panties. Within 5 seconds she stood fully naked in front of them, trying hard to hide her privates with her small hands and the pitiful remains of her torn clothes. “Now Pooja, will you please switch on Mr Mojo and give it to Mansi. We’ll see how much of a slut she is." Sonia addressed the flunkey who was holding the rod. Pooja flipped the switch and the rod began to vibrate. She went over to Mansi who refused to take it, earning another slap from Sonia. “You bitch. How dare you refuse Mr Mojo? He has been our silent partner for all these years. You better take him yourself and start playing, or we’ll be forced to make you play with him." Mansi remained silent. “Do you want what happened with your clothes to happen again?" Sonia asked. At this Mansi looked around fearfully and took the vibrating rod. “Now play!!" another shout from Sonia. Mansi stopped attempting to hide her privates, letting go of her torn clothes, and took the rod close to her vagina. 
Suddenly Reena realized what she was going to do. My god, she is going to shove that rod inside herself. Reena had heard some girls mentioning dildos before but had never seen them or knew what exactly they were. She was seeing an actual one being used for the first time. Sonia was making Mansi masturbate in front of the entire hostel. Somehow the thought seemed both exciting and terrifying to Reena. She imagined being in Mansi’s position, clothes torn off, vibrating dildo in hand, and two hundred girls gawking at her. The thought sent chills of excitement up her spine. She closed her eyes lost in the thrill of her imagination. 
“Stop!!" came a sudden yell from Sonia. “It seems another one of our idiots is enjoying herself a lot." She came and stood by Reena. “Why were you smiling idiot?" Reena’s stomach coiled up in fear. She didn’t know how to reply. “Ah...It seems this idiot is foolish as well as rude. I think we’ll teach her a lesson before any of the others." Saying this she moved her hands to the back of Reena’s head and then jumped back in surprise. Then she went around to the back and removed the long hair from the crown to reveal her shaven nape, now covered with a 2-day stubble. “Wow, our new rude idiot loves to experiment on herself. It seems we have a willing guinea pig today for experimentation so we’ll be having a lot of fun." She gave a wicked smile to Reena and turned back to her batch mates, to discuss what to do with her. Reena could not make out anything from their hurried whispers. Then Pooja left the group and ran upstairs while the rest of the girls just sat there, gazing at Reena and giving her evil grins. 
Soon Pooja was back holding a long coil of pink plastic rope, which they used for drying their clothes on. Three other girls came and grabbed Reena to prevent her from running away, while Pooja and Sonia began their work with the rope. Reena was too fascinated imagining what they would do to her to put up much of a struggle. Soon she was trussed up in the spread-eagle position in front of everyone. The girls had used iron hooks coming out of the ceiling to attach her there. It seemed like they had done this before to other girls too. Once she was securely tied up, the girls stripped her, tearing her clothes apart without care. Her bra and panties were cut away too. Then Sonia went around her giving her a casual once over. "Hmm...Girls it seems that this idiot likes to have a clean pussy. I like that. Cleanliness is next to Slutiness as we say here. But it seems she hasn't had time to clean herself up in the recent past." It was true. While Reena had kept herself clean shaven after the incident with Ravi, she hadn't had time in the past few days to maintain her smoothness. Hence fine stubble covered her pussy and underarms. "Girls I think we'll help her out." Saying this Sonia disappeared from view. Reena was unable to move her neck and so couldn't see what Sonia was doing behind her. But suddenly she felt an intense pain in her head. Someone was pulling on her hair. 
Sonia had tied up Reena so that she couldn't move at all and her hair was suspended above her head. This not only allowed them a clear view of her shaven nape but also allowed them to apply varying degrees of pressure to the rest of her hair, to cause varying degrees of pain. Right now she had put a plastic rod inside her hair and was twisting it, turn by turn, causing Reena's hair to bunch up closer together and cause it to pull at the roots. Every twist increased the pressure and made Reena feel like someone was pulling out her hair by its roots. "This pain is nothing idiot." Sonia came in front of Reena to explain. "Right now we have only twisted the rod in your hair six times. The pain you feel isn't much. Infact this pain will help you deal with what we'll be doing next." Saying this she announced, "Girls I said we must help our idiot sister maintain her cleanliness. In front of you are the tweezers. Please form a line, pick one for yourself, and come and help her out." Reena couldn't figure out what Sonia meant but she found out soon enough. 
Each girl of the first year batch came up one by one, tweezers in hand and plucked at the stubble growing on her body. Each time a girl came up she would pull out a hair on her body causing a sharp sting. Each girl plucked one hair, and the line kept repeating once every girl was done. Reena didn't know which was worse, the pain in her head or the stinging on her body. She tried to be strong and stoically bear it the first few times, but soon her body gave up and tears began to fall from her eyes. All around her the seniors kept laughing at her pain. Reena did not like this. Her painful public humiliation was not at all like she had imagined. This was too painful to bear. The line must have repeated ten times, before Sonia inspected her all around and declared her to be clean. 
"Now, we must ensure that such things don't happen in the future. So as your mother I am going to give you a permanent solution." Saying this she brought out a weird looking machine. Some of the girls obviously knew what it was since there were audible gasps from the crowd. "Yes, we will be electrolysing her body to ensure that she remains clean always." Sonia jeered. Then began another painful process while the pressure on her head remained. 
After a while her head was unable to keep up with the dual sources of pain and her whole world seemed to shrink down to a single point inside her, where Reena retreated. She could no longer tell what was going on or what was done to her. She didn't even know if she was alive or inside a dream. Her mind flew away to safety. 
When she woke up, she found herself back on the bed in her room. The pain in her body remained though it was faint now, the lingering echoes of past torture. She went to the bathroom to see herself in the mirror. She found that she was completely hairless from head to toe. Even her eyebrows were gone. On her head was a colourful tattoo of an eagle, flying. Reena was horrified and fascinated at the same time. She hadn't imagined her seniors would be so brutal, but at the same time the tattoo on her head was too beautiful to hate. 
Just then she heard a sobbing coming from one of the cubicles. She went in to find a girl holding a hanky to her face and crying. She too was bald like Reena. Another ragging victim Reena assumed. She went to console her. It was Mansi!! Cute and petite Mansi was now bald!! Not that she still didn't look cute; Reena felt surprised at the stirring inside her and quickly suppressed it. Then she put her arms around Mansi to support her but looking at Reena only started a fresh round of sobs. 
Slowly and painfully, with Reena's encouragement, Mansi recounted what happened that night after Reena blacked out.  


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