Thursday, 27 August 2015

Life with keerthi on lonely island

I finally decided to take a long overdue vacation and took my wife on a romantic getaway to Andaman . I had been really
busy with work , and it had begun to cause a bit of a strain on not only me but my wife as well. The sun and
lure of the beautiful island seemed to be the perfect remedy.
The island getaway was perfect! It had been too long since I had spent any real quality time away with Keerthi, and we
both warmed quickly not only to the island sun, but to each other as well. We enjoyed our time on the beach and in the
Just looking at Keerthi, I can’t believe how I could ever let myself get distracted by anything enough to take my mind off
of her. She has a firm athletic body from her aerobics class, a beautiful face, and thick jet black hair that reaches to the
bottom of her cute little butt. While I find everything about her sexy, my biggest turn on is her long sexy hair. I have
always had a “hair thing”. As a matter of fact, when I first met Keerthi in office, her hair was what attracted me first. My secret
fantasy was actually to give Keerthi a short haircut myself while we were getting it on. Once, after quite a few drinks, I had
actually confessed my fantasy to her, only to be told to forget it. For one thing, her hair was her most prized
possessions, and she was not about to cut it and even if she ever changed her mind. I had passed it off as wishful thinking and didn’t give it much more thought. During
this getaway however, I began to feel that temptation creeping back in. One afternoon, I had to go pick up something
at the store and happened to see one of those cheap haircutting kits on the shelf. I quietly slipped it into a drawer
when I arrived back at our room. I was planning on mentioning the subject of a haircut to Keerthi, but
as luck would have it, she had one too many and crashed out and started sleeping while sitting in front of the TV. She had her beautiful hairhanging over the back of the sofa and I couldn’t help but be tempted to touch it!
I settled in behind her and began to brush her hair, thinking surely she would wake up. Evidently the things had really
kicked her butt because she just sat there. I continued brushing beginning to feel more tempted and very excited. I got
the kit from the drawer and once again sat down behind her. I enjoyed the feel of her silky hair as I continue to brush
out the long strands. Finally, the temptation and the booze got the best of me and I picked up the scissors from the kit
and placed them about halfway up her hair in back. Slowly and deliberately, I worked them until a two foot section of
et black hair fell away. About this time, Keerthi groaned in her sleep and leaned even further back. After feeling reasonably
sure that she was still sleeping, and having had another drink myself, I decided to go a little further.
I laid the scissors almost directly on her crown and took off a section about the thickness of a quarter. I don’t know
why but the contrast between the white of her scalp and the jet black hair was really an attraction and again I went
back to work. Within seconds another thick section had been removed and now Keerthi had a bald spot about three inches
wide right on top of her head. I decided that now was a good time to awaken Keerthi and I got her to groggily move to a
chair. She had no idea what was up even as I tied her to the chair arms. She grinned sleepily and mumbled something
about me being kinky. It was about to get really kinky as I plugged in the clippers and turned them on. She jumped
when I placed them at her forehead and ran them straight back. She was unable to get free and I again ran the
clippers across the top of her head leaving a wide swath of white scalp. I continued clipping as Keerthi sat there watching
her long locks fall in her lap and to the floor. She was speechless and in shock. I continued until all that was left was a
stubble about an eight inch long. After waiting a few minutes, I stood behind her and began to caress and kiss her
head. The more I breathed on her bare scalp the more relaxed she became until finally she also began to become
aroused! I released her from the bonds and she melted into my arms asking me to continue kissing and massaging her.
It turned out to be one wild and crazy night.
The next morning she about fainted when she looked at herself in the mirror again and she really let me have it for
what I had done to her. I couldn’t blame her if she left me right then and there but by mid morning we were once again
in each others arms and now She is the one who is talking about another haircut… this time going all the way with the
razor! I don’t know if I would recommend giving in to temptation like I did… I think…no I know that I was damned lucky,
but I’ll never ever forget it …
that night on our on temptation island.

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