Wednesday, 26 August 2015

punishment mottai for love

iam chaturya completed my ug waiting fr results & sis is prarthana completed her pg ,my sis works in reputed mnc @

Bangalore,a personality twice came to our house a sml town @ andhrapradesh tat iam ur daughters subordinate iam interested in
marrying her so please bla bla bla but my sis was nt interested initially she scolded him fr doing the same all this went
off thn here comes my mom she hav come to know tat my sis is nw committed wit him so she took a decision to keep my sis @
home for some days with out any job & also to punish her soo she made up a plan for that which i even dont know,
my sis came home for a recent festival my mom said we have to go tirumalla for darshan extend your leave 3 more days she
said .... so my sis did the same also booked tickets online ,we have started tirumalla reached tirupati from there we took another
bus reached tirumalla 7 in the early morning we also got cottage atc near by the temple entrance so got fresh up while my mom
said my sis tat we hav sml job u get fresh & take rest for a while we will be back so me & my mom started from the cottage we
took a local cab to go some where mean while my mom started to reveal things to mee "" you a alone my daughter please listen to
my words ur sis is committed tat north Indian guy which ur father dosent like even he is scolding me he said if some thing happens
we have to commit suicide all family he is saying i was jus shoched listning to my mom words so what r u going to do so amma i
have asked she replied that your sister is going to be tonsured there hereafter iam planning not send her to Bangalore your father
went to banglore to convey company people that my daughter is no more going to attend the job aswell as to speak to that north
Indian guy .so we have been to near by shop bought a barber razor (lalwani brand) then we have come back to tonsure hall near
atc cottage mom went bought 3 tokens all headshave went to a barber said some thing gave some money to him as well as tokens
& half blades then doubt arised asked my mom why did u go for 3 tonsure tokens she replied me yes u me & ur sis has to be
tonsured so we cud convince our relative that its a vow other wise a question may arise that why did only she got tonsured so
listen to my words she said i wept for a while then we went back to cottage , my sis was speaking to that boy which my mom
noticed & signed me ,then she in a loud voice asked to get ready for tonsure hall my sis asked why so she replied for 3 cuts atleast
should be given to god & some how iam going for gundu she said my sis asked why amma your doing gundu she said tat its a
vow .............
so we went there once my mom said my sis to wet her hair using near by tap & sit infront of barber no : 3 she said there doubt
arised & askd her bak why wetting to 3 cuts do what i say mom shouted wet your hair she said once again
mom said the same to wett hair so we three wetted our hair i know whats going to happen but cudint open my mouth so 3 f us
wetted our hair especially my wetted my sis hair with more water she went to the barber no 3 to whom my mom already spoke he
was tonsuring some other man then his wife went sat opposite side said for 3 cuts he was working at tat time my mom signed him
he asked my sis to sit she sat facing her back as b4 women sat for 3 hair cuts he asked her to turn this side she just turned the
other side & sat well he took a small cup of water & pored on her head so suddenly raised her head & said its not a full tonsure
only 3 haircuts like the b4 women he nodded once again she bent her head once a sudden he took razor he already loaded @ the
time of that mans tonsure which wsa bought by my mom & scrapped on the crone of my sis head a white patch appeared she got
up touched that portion & cried a lot scolded tat person he replied that your mom said to do so mean while she turned to to argue
my mom slapped her twice & said her to sit reluctantly she went to near by mirror to see that portion of hair was crying all the pupil
were looking at us my mom went there its no use crying go & sis there she shouted caught her hand made to sit once again she
was weeping turning trying to get up again barber said not to move i have started let me complete other wise sm hurt would
happen there u wont get hair again he said mean while she turned back asked my mom why did u do this she tried to pleed
seeing me she said go back to cottage other wise mom i too going to shave she said then barber started his work
completed all her back she was still crying ones a suddden stopped crying sat quetly obeyed barber & turned her head so the
task was completed he cleaned she got up then we come to notiece 3 to 4 small cuts wit lit bleeding &she sat at the open place
touching her head weeping then mom said mee to sit i sat i obeyed her silently he asked my mom whether headshave for this girl
also i replied yes he said me to sit properly not to move wetted my hair mean while loaded the razor kept it in a openen in a smally
bowl of dettol water started to portion my hair into two halves & notted then he bent my head said to pray he also said goivinda he
started ohh my god a cool breez from some where touched that 1st stroke place then he was too fast completed by turning my
head as he wished at last once again he did it for the second time my nape fore head then my ears & cheeks he shaved said to get
up continued by my mom she sat meal while i went to my sis to console but she in return consoled me i have notiece some hair
left behind ears work @ my sis was not good so i said sm how we are done up with the thing let u finish it cleanly i said she
nodded touched my head again for sm small things were done by barber for my sis then we went back to cottage there som
arguments fired then have been to darshan we also returned as we reached bak to our place my heart beat rised to to face my
friends neighbors so went home my father scolded see due to you even your sis also has been punished so u need not go any
where just sit @ home ...........................................


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