Wednesday, 26 August 2015

indian wifes forced nude headshave (true story)

i am prethi. I am living chennai, working in a private software company named Sutherland

in velacherry. i am 24 years old married to a south indian orthodox brahmin family 2
years before(arranged marriage). my husband is living in abroad (Saudi Arbia) my mother
in law said i must be pierced nose. since 2 yrs of marriage life we have done it. so i said
ok went to our native place for my nose piercing in district of tirunelveli we left on friday
all our family members gathered there all were came to see my nose piercing function.
fially all set to do my nose piercing my mother in law said that i must give my hair to god
before nose piercing. here comes the sad moment i have upto knee lenth and denied to
do it. My Mother in law forced me to do it in front all. As per the customs i must remove
all my underwears i denied as fast came mother in law and my cousins removed all my
dress incuding panteas, i was made totally nude. and made me to sit in front of male
barber who is aroun 25 years of age. i was crying a lot. Barber asked are u ready my Mil
forced me and said ready. he divided my hair into two parts completed wetted my head
sharpened his straight razor and started shaving for my forehead. after 10 mins i was
completely shaved. then my mil said as per customs u have to shave your whole body. i
denied and how can a male barber do this for a female? Mil shouted and said shouted
and said u must do or else get divorse i have no option rather than doing it.and MIL
pushed me to the barber who waiting then he removed my eyebrows and then asked me
to raise my Right hands he saw a bush of hair and wetted with water and rinsed for for
few mins. same way the left hand also. after doing that he strted shaving from
chest,Breast removed the public hair and here comes the climax he made me to stand
and checked whether i have any hair in the below part. i have lot of hairs and he was
suprised how i maintained these many hairs for such long days rinsed the part throughly
well and took the razor and instructed me not to move if i move may cut. then he
removed fully. then he asked me whether i have any hair at the arch hole. i nodded and
said yes from my eyes. he told me to kneel down and buldge your buttocks so that he
can do properly. he ran the knife throught that parts i was screeming like anything since it
was paining a lot. then the shave is completed. my mother in law took me river banks
which is of 15 mins walk took me totally nude i was crying and she was holding my both
the hands tight. then i bathed and asked for dress to wear. she said wait darling after
nose piercing u can wear. i shouted and said noway . my mother in law gave me slaps on
my bald head and cheeks and said do what i say.i obeyed her words and went nude
behind her. all my family members were looking at me. i was feeling to face them becuse
i was nude. then the nose piercing started the man started to put hole my right nose
before that my mil brought sandal paste to apply in my bald head. then my nose piercing
function was over all were looking at my naked body and some laughing. then i wore new
dress which was given by my mother in law. went to temple and good dharsan and
returned home the very next day monday before leaving to office i forget that i was bald
and started to comb.I was late office by 1 hour on that day. late due to late night sleep.
all staffs saw me coming in with covering my head with dupata. removed dupatta and
saw my head shaved completed and asked what happened to your hair. i said due
customs while nose piercing we have to shave our head completely.then all then touched
my head which was shinning later all started call me mottai and saved my contact
number as mottai prethi. nd my neighbours saw me evening when i am returing from
office what happened to u asked once again i gave the same reply to them. on
wednesday all my friends came to see me they were all shocked and called mottai mottai
mottai was the noise around my house. all toched my bald head nice and soft head. I
hate my bald head.


  1. Preethi you need not feel sorry or ashamed as you were asked by your mother in law and had husbands sanction. Enjoy rettai mukkuthi

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